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Wake Up,Neha!

Wake Up,Neha!


Taking it easy,the Siddy Way.

Does it ever occur to anyone that sometimes we relate to a movie, or a character from a book,and we go Wow!This completely defines me.Well,for me that movie is Wake Up Sid.I mean barring the gender of the protagonist,OBVIOUSLY.With my oh-so-cute face,I suppose I can be compared to the charming personality,i.e.Ranbir Kapoor[barring the gender,of course,again!].

What my fundamental point of this entry is,keeping the commentary and comparison of the physical appearance aside (between ‘Siddy’ and me),the concept of perplexity.We slog and tire all of our tender years of play,and suddenly one day we have to wake up to an alien concept called ‘REALITY’.It is expected of us,to have mushroomed out of our comfort zones to conform into a ripened Adult.

It starts off with the a casual nagging from your relatives,neighbours,friends of parents about what your ward has planned for her future.And very proudly,as soon as the question ends,they end up bragging about their dexterous children,one of which has to have graduated from a top-notch College/University/B.School and the other on the realms of becoming a lawyer,doctor et al.And,then again,to obviously demean,they would repeat the question with the add-on burden of pressure.And the parents,further ahead,would scold their child to be more like Mrs.Khanna’s daughter who is perpetually loaded with 5 kilograms of books on her back and has one in her hand which she continuous to thoroughly examine from behind that enormous frame of hers while galloping towards the bus stop,which was an aftermath of 10 hours of constant studying.And this instance is merely a citation of the brooding I heard of an eleven year old whom I met in the park in my neighbourhood the other day.And,this mole perpetuates to transform into a monstrous mountain of torment for the juveniles.

My relation to ‘Siddy’,is simple so.I am completely clueless.A recent graduate from a Private University,I dropped a  year to ponder about what path should I pursue.The Road Less Travelled,is certainly the most impractical option in a country that accounts for one sixth of the world’s population.Every road is densely filled with thousands of applicants striving for those hundred somewhat seats.The cherry on my cake is however,my passion of worrying.I will not simply worry over the mere fact that I have to make it through a certain institution of my choice,my worry goes beyond the two-year post-graduate course.It is whether I will be able to make it in this so-called BIG,BAD WORLD,obviously,without a man[that seems to be the easiest way out for  a girl,I’ve noticed these days apparently].Moreover,the chocolate-chips on the cherry,is my forte of indecisiveness.With my first year at college starting off dreaming about my passion of Fashion,those thoughts meandered off quickly as the second year of college began,and with my socks pulled up tight,I wanted to pursue something,SERIOUS[don’t take me wrong me,fashion is a strictly serious profession,but as I said I am quite the indecisive type],and oft I would land in the la-la land of making it at Stanford Business School,ironically however,I never was,nor still am,sure as to which subject I wanted to study,Finance/Human Resources/Public Relations et al,all of which,still,are outlandish subjects to me coming from a Humanities background.Surprisely,this dream extended till the end of my third and last year,where everyone wished me luck,and friends calling to check,how thoroughly my preparation for G.M.A.T. goes.And I simply reply[even today],it goes well.

Having sitting idly at home for more than two months my concerned father coagulated the courage to ask me,why am I not serious about my ‘future’?Oblivious to the seriousness of the subject,matter-of-factly,I replied,”I am.I am going to work for two years,avail the Reliance scholarship and be flying off to Stanford consequently.”And the look on his face was priceless,and incomprehensible,of course.He managed to persuade me towards another ground of studies altogether,and I am grateful to him.But,alas,it was too late to grab that oppurtunity.And till today,I am constantly harassed over the lack of decisiveness and of the year that is wasted.Fortunately for me,my father and my sister have been my spinal support through the traumatizing nagging.

The pests of my life,do not realise that this year is a great teacher wrapped in a pack of 365 days to teach me a great lesson I have not yearned in a span of fifteen years of my learning,the dire need for constant introspection.I fell prey to pressure,conformity,financial crunches,astronomical hopes and aspirations[which I still believe are not unattainable!].But now,with an enormous span of time in hand I am learning more about myself.I do break down,often I must accept,but as Thomas Wayne tells a petrified Bruce in Batman Begins,”Why do we fall,Bruce?,So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”This year I am learning to pick myself up,MY way.

I might still be quite clueless about life,but of one thing I am absolutely sure,I will leave a mark,and will leave a pretty good one.So World!Wait up,Neha is on the verge of waking up.


About theresolutionprojectblog

In this eternal spasm of timeline,we barely devote time to ourselves.My voice seems to possess multitudinous opinions which get buried under the passing time.Captivated with the immense flow of relevations that life proposes in our path.I'm merely a learner who is transitting at every phase,grasping the lesson that life proposes.While life reveals my fate,I am Neha Sarna,just living my ounce of life.

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  1. you are unafraid of hard work unlike ‘siddy’! 🙂
    you will succeed whatever you do…..i am a witness of your extraordinary confidence. All the best!! 🙂

  2. i love what you’ve written !! great writing, neha sarna 😀

  3. I can totally relate to this one. Only, I dont think I will ever wake up. Lol. Glad you are babe.
    And so true about the constant introspection. I love you =)

    • I know what you mean.There were so many To-do Lists trashed,revolutions postponed(Yes!mighty revolutions!),buh the part that scares me most is the monotony of a single profession burdened for life.That is probably the root of cluelessness.And,I still have not COMPLETELY,but on the verge I surely am of waking up.=D.
      And your comment is necessary for all my writings.So thankoo.
      P.S.:I love you.MORE.

      • I always knew you had creative interests and m so happy to see not an ametuer but an almost ripened writer who is on her way to creativity…. All the best

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