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Because I Am Not Well…

…So today I am simply going to leave you with a thought to ponder over,do you love yourselves completely?Don’t tell me,it’s for you.And if don’t,then question yourself?Why?Your flaws?If you don’t like something,work on it,and if it is irreparable,then accept it.

Remember,it is an amalgamation of these flaws and the virtues you possess that make the unique individual called you.=)


Jai Bharat!

Today,I was not awoken by the glistening morning light making past its way through the window like any other day.Today,I woke up with the chords of ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha,Hindustan Humara.’It was a liberating feeling if I may I add.

The year 2010 has heralded a new era,an age of scams,of surging corruption,battle between Political Parties for the love of the ‘Gaddi’ and not the Indian masses.It heralded an era of price rise and dispassion and even hatred towards the Government.

The United Progressive Alliance-II could not even stand at the pedestal of standard it promised the country in 2009 during Election.The loyalty the masses possessed for the mighty Congress in the days of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi is completely marred today.It was called for,with the whooping billions of dollars lying around in the Swiss Banks,and lack of implementation of the promised policies,and the love of power and ‘paisa’ it has become a dastardly state of affairs.

Yes!I admonish the institution of Politics completely.(This is solely my opinion,you are more than welcome to oppose it.)

But,that does not and can not extinguish the vigor and love I feel for my precious Bharat,and evermore my ‘Dilli’.The once called ‘Sone ki Chidiya‘, barring all the brutal scars of monarchy and corruption,is rising from the ashes left by the British Empire and needless to say,She has tremendously proven its mettle in not less than 65 years.It is fast heading towards the stature of a ‘Developed Country’,with the expanding economy and social and financial infrastructure.

It does not end there,the diversity of the geography encompasses the diverse cultures,all fusing to become a common entity called ‘Bharat’.There might be  cultural and demographic melange from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat,the soul is still very much Indian.May it be the famous ‘Ashoka’s Pillar’ or Gautam Buddha’s Nirvana in Bodh Gaya or even Akbar’s ‘Din-e-eLahi’,they all sought to prove that India was destined to become a Secular State not one marred by religion,caste or creed.

If there are corrupt ministers,there is also the powerful media and the indomitable Citizens.The Jessica Lal case,S.P.S.Rathore case and in coming days the Aarushi case(let’s work for it people!) were all brought to justice with the aid of the media and the collective strength of our nation.

Ending it abruptly,my point is,today when I awoke,I awoke a free citizen,a girl unshackled from the clutches of constant societal torments,I awoke an Indian with the religion called Humanity.With the glistening morning light,and the strains of ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’,I woke up with a heart full of admiration and pride to be a citizen of an esteemed nation called India.

So the thought for the day is,even though,we liberally enjoy the so-called freedom of ours not less than 70 years ago it was not so,be grateful to your nation,always be in awe in of it,support it in its testing times and be proud to be privileged.

On the 61st Republic Day,this is me wishing you all a life in a Sovereign,Socialist,Secular,Democratic and Republic state.Trust me,it is all worth it.=)

I Had a Bad Day Again

I love 3 Doors Down,and this song in my constant companion on those wretched days when everything seems to go against me.This year heralded a jinx I still pray would end soon.I had a temperature of 102 degree Fahrenheit to go anywhere.The second week of this month,I met with an accident,and hurt my left foot pretty bad,and if think it ended there,amuse yourselves with my misfortune,the third week I burnt my other foot,and today,it just crossed the moronic jinx crossed its limits.


The day began civil enough for my mundane routine.I woke up,took my dog out for a  walk,came home,had my customary orange juice,read the paper,took a shower,and as I was about to leave my house for an urgent meeting,it dawned on me,that my dog was not out playing in the garden,he had run away!To my misery,with one foot severely burnt and the other injured,I ran around the neighborhood like a maniac only in vain.After 48 precise minutes of toiling,I found him in the Park just behind my house basking in the Sun,all calm.I was not exactly relieved at first,I was furious,and the agitated me tried to coax myself to start the day again.And I did manage to calm myself for a brief period.

After bolting him inside the house,I came back to sit in my car,tied up the seatbelt,switched on the radio with my favorite channel and finally put the gear into reverse,I couldn’t even register till 10 seconds had passed that I banged MY car into MY garden.Oh!the neighbors had quite the show today.

And albeit just half the day has passed I hope this was the end of the jinx.The thud against the crushed rose bushes infuriated my Mommy,with my Daddy cursing himself to let me drive.As for me?I was too abashed to face them.After bringing the car back to a much safer place,I could not even cry then.Completely crushed and dismayed,when I reached my room  I discerned that my dog had pooped in my room.I burst out.I just could NOT take it anymore.

And if you think,that there is no moral for the day,there very well is,Daddy summoned me.Terrorized regarding the final verdict,when he saw me crying his anger melt into concern and he gave me the best advice:

“It might seem like a series of rainy days,but the taste of sweet sunshine is not without the essence gloomy clouds.”

The silver lining for the day was,even though I lost precious Zukey,I found him safe and sound,and even though I banged my car,I didn’t hurt myself at all(I have to pay for the wreck though just in case you were wondering!).

A wise friend once advised, “no matter however miserable the day is,if you learn to derive happiness out of it,my dear friend!you have in this span of 21 years you have finally learnt to live your life in the true sense.”

Not the I am saying,I do not curse the day anymore and got back to my blithe mode instantly,no it does not work that way with me,but instead of the grief and misery I am going to reflect on today’s silver lining.So,honestly,tell me,don’t you always succumb to the tumultuous situation?So my (experimental) Mantra is when I will sleep tonight,I will reflect on whether the day was as bad or could it have been worse?Was it all that bad?Will I laugh at it in days/months/years to come?Maybe.So,why whine and ruin this moment when like I said before this moment will last merely a moment let’s utilize it and not waste it away with whining?

Say what?

Sundays and Laziness

The weekdays are booked for School/College/Work,the Friday nights for parties,Saturday noons for Brunch with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend.But how do you spend your Sundays?

Mine,is much of a custom.This is the only day,I like to lay back,sleep a little longer,succumb to laziness,shopping,try to finish the book I was reading all this while,get a Spa,or a  regular hair-oil massage(courtesy Mumma,and her unconditional love for my oh-so short hair),Spa,mani-pedi et al.Whatever it is,it is a SOLELY Me day.Oh!And day dream,that occupies the largest chunk on Sundays.Yes,back to the point,it feels good to pamper myself at least one day of the entire week.

So,the lazy girl is inquisitive do you have a ‘Me’ day once in a while?Oh!and since this is the day,I introspect,I like doing anything and everything alone.It is liberating,trust me,to go on a long drive,shopping or even watch a movie alone(though most people would consider me the creepy loner,but it is ‘Me’ day,and I don’t care).

So,I am off to my essential Sunday nap ( =P ) leaving you not with a moral,but a mere question,when was the last time,you had a ‘Me’ day,a day spent without your parents,your friends,your boyfriend/girlfriend and did the well-deserved  soul-searching,that you had been putting off all this while?


Of Driving and Epiphanies

Don’t get me wrong,I have a tendency of deriving inspiration from the oddest of sources.Today,it was from driving.Driving towards a destination.Still puzzled?Let me elaborate.I had been planning to meet with a dear friend for ages,and for the past six months the impending plan was constantly being postponed.Jinxed were we?Maybe.So,when this friend finally decided to come visit me in my town,I was obviously ecstatic.However,with my luck,as it works,was not in my favor.A five minute drive from my house,and all the roads were jammed.

I took the shortest of route only to discern that I would be stuck there for hours on the go.Through some wrong cuts and much perseverance I managed to exit the hapless route.My second attempt using a different route was not of much aid either.Mid-way,all I could gather on the road was cars being turned around to go back to the earlier route.After feckless wastage of fuel and time,determined to meet my dear friend,I took the longest route possible.To my surprise,the road was not cluttered at all.Rather it was a smooth drive at 80km/hr.(Yes!I am a hopeless driver!)

After 45 minutes of lingering around the short-cuts I had an epiphany,that life is a drive in itself as well and a test to check how determined are we to reach our Destination.In today’s times of microwave society,to reach the desired Destination instantly,we blindly follow the fast-paced herd,without even so much as giving a thought that the short-cut will only so much aid for a certain while.Eventually,we would end up losing a great deal of ourselves,our Foundation,our Principles and even Ourselves.But as long as we take the righteous path(road),we may take time to reach our Destination,but we will reach it appeased,and not at the cost of immolating the essential values of our lives.

Moral of the day,righteous may seem like a detour,always stretching your limits,at the end of the day,this is what it does.Stretch our limits in order to procure a better path,or in the case of our lives,a better tomorrow,as well the self evolving as better human being.

My verdict:was the 1 hour drive to a 5 km. distance to meet a long-lost friend worth it?Totally!We talked,gossiped,laughed,reminisced and promise to meet more often.Life too,when choosing the right path,as Robert Frost says,may be the one less traveled,but “that has made all the difference.” Right?

So,till tomorrow,ponder over this one.

Count Your Blessings

I think about it often,but not often do I acknowledge them.Yesterday I received a text message on my phone from a dear friend,it goes like this:

“If you have food in your fridge,clothes on your back,a roof over your head,and a place to sleep,you are richer than 75% of the entire world.

If you have money in your wallet,a little change and can go anywhere you want,you are among the top 8% of the world wealthy.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness,you are more blessed than the million people who won’t survive this week and die.

If you can actually read READ this message and understand it,you are more than fortunate than the 3 billion people in the world who cannot see,don’t know English or suffer from being mentally retarded.

Life is not about the grief and the miseries,or whatever else that does not matter,it’s about a thousand other reasons to be happy.”

For a split second after reading this message,I closed my eyes and thanked  God.And prayed for all of humanity.

There are people in this world who have all the luxuries in the world and are not satisfied and are perpetually melancholic,and also people in the world who have meagre commodities which merely suffices their basic needs and still are in constant blithe mode.

We usually tend to take the most essential people/things in our lives for granted.For instance,when I was at my Boarding School,I yearned to be in the comfort of my home,where I don’t have to tend to laundry,and other so-called trivial details of my life,I languished my mother’s unconditional love and Papa’s constant advice he showered me with,I missed the juvenile bouts with my siblings.Howling over the weekly five-minute call,I repeatedly told them how much I missed them.But as soon as I would step back in at home,I would become the Tantrum Queen that they did not deserve.I was quite the brat,I know.=P.

And writing this in secrecy(don’t tell Papa),I usually take my telephone,my wallet,my clothes,my shoes and all the other stuff in my room for granted too.Nothing of the sort,that I lose any,but I misplace it in my OWN room.One of the shoe must be in my sister’s and other in Mumma-Papa’s room.Or even my beloved iPod,the last time I checked,it was in my dog’s bed.(Yes!I am grossed out too!Any idea how to sanitize it?).I sincerely wish that every non-living thing could be given a missed call to find it under the clutter I call my room.

I know I am not really much of a help in counting my own blessings,but I am learning to practice what I preach.

I set my room everyday(trying to!),greet my Daddy with a warm tight hug every morning,and thank him for all that I have.(I am still but unemployed).And not just the material prospects but the unconditional love that they have showered me with,every tantrum they bore graciously,and loved me even though I take them for a ride sometimes.

Same is the case with my friends,my unacceptable behavior of not keeping in touch too often or misdeeds done which hurt them,put me through some brutal well-deserving tests.In case,you are reading this,I am trying to improve,I will not take you for granted EVER,you mean the world to me,you are the umbrella when it rains and the companion when I am alone.I dearly love you.

Today,when the Sun rose,I thanked God for the bright sunlight on this chilly winter day,and prayed that all,my family,my friends,the readers of this post,and the rest of the world be as blessed as I feel today.

So,thank you all for checking in today,see ya tomorrow.

Much love and Blessings.(I feel saintly with all these Blessing dispensation,=P)

Of Novelty and New Year

This past year,I resolved to indulge in the inspiring world of blogging,however the indolent self usually won over the passionate one.The New Year had begun,resolutions made.And within a day itself all of them broken.Yesterday though,when I was scrolling through the blogroll,I stumbled upon an inspiring post(READ here,ITS NOT TO LATE TO SIGN UP) which rekindled my passion to pursue my resolutions again including posting more often.

The novel idea,is a story in itself.The year 2010 wasn’t exactly a blessed one.Major setbacks were witnessed,precious time lost,and hopes shattered.The silver lining was nowhere to be seen,and all that remained was gloom ( I am a natural pessimist !).However,with time,a lesson was taught,that courage is truly tested in times of challenge and controversy.(Martin Luther King, Jr.).Gradually,I made my peace with the particular situation.And it was not without the awe-inspiring blogs that I read once in a blue moon.One day,therefore,I had an epiphany,to post each day,a lesson learnt and gradually include occurrences which include practicing such lesson.

I am BIG on procrastinating,so in all probabilities the ‘Things to Do/Accomplish This Year’ list has  in all probabilities been catching dust.But,I suppose not anymore.Third week of the new year/decade is dusking away.Yet Today seems different from any other to postpone it.Perhaps,Today is too optimistic to not start off at least one of the many ‘to-dos’.Today is enthused with power that Yesterday yearns and Future can’t have.Today just brought in a package of Hope for all of us.And today tells that He is empowered with 86,400 opportunities all meant for us to be  harnessed.Today also shared a secret,and is generous enough to let me share it with you,it says My list will not die Today.=)

So,the Young Grandma says:do something APART from the regular routine;call an old friend,help a stranger in need,get your haircut REALLY short(I did today!),read a book you have wanted to for so long,fall in love,complete your assignment(that IS out of the ordinary for me!),hug your daddy and tell him you love him the most,whatever it is that makes you happy TODAY,don’t leave it for tomorrow.

Till tomorrow,Live your ounce of eternity today as much as you can.=)


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