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Dream a Little Dream…

Oh Louis Armstrong!You make me fall in Love every time I listen to this song.=)

Due to the varying time zones,the deranged self woke up at 6 a.m. to gape at the 83rd Academy Awards.With half-shut weary eyeballs I managed to screen the Ceremony which ended with The King’s Speech winning the Oscar for the Best Picture.(Bummer!No!I cheered on for Inception,

a)I am Christopher Nolan buff,and the entire concept of the movie seems to exude transcendental movie making,

b)Because I have not watched The King’s Speech yet).

What I liked most about the Ceremony was the introduction of younger actors hosting the show.That was probably the primary reason that I watched the Live telecast in the first place.Novelty it appears is revolutionizing even the traditionally devoted Academy Awards.Just like the entrants this year including Inception,Black Swan,Alice in Wonderland and even Toy Story-III for that matter.Novel ideas coupled with a tinge of realism seem to offer the perfect recipe for an Oscar Nominee.

But what relevance do the Academy Awards have to my today’s post,well the last segment where the children sang Judy Garland’s famous “Somewhere over the Rainbow”,it struck me that as we grow up we let the Power of our dreams die.Gradually the Dreams that we dream are replaced by reality,and eventually we start laughing at the naivete whims.Looking at those children exuding innocence and eyes full of dreams as they sang,I felt like pursuing my childish dreams again.Maybe I may not succeed in achieving them all but at least I would be content that I gave it a shot.=)

So,Dream a Little Dream and dare to achieve them.=)



The Only Constant

A wise person once told me:“Change is the Only Constant”.

And I had an epiphany.We are not accustomed to change.We cling on tightly to our mundane routines,to the limited people we interact with:Family/Friends/Colleagues/Classmates et cetra.We try our best to stay in our comfort zones,and when involuntarily we are dragged out of our bubble,we grumble and moan.In today’s times of Loans and Insurances,everyman can secure even his Future from the unexpected complications.


What I am curious most about is when was the last time we junked our mundane routine to experiment something new?When was the last time we did something impromtu?Seized the Change?When was the last time we accepted and embraced Life with its changes and consequences?When we Learn to accept the changes that Life proposes,I suppose we shall hold the Key to the Door of A Happy Life.

Say what?

Of Failure and Learning…

Just last week I wrote a post regarding,Failure,and fear of failure.And how this fear hinders a Person’s growth majorly.Today,however,I shall share with you Failure from an all together different perspective.

Failure I have always believed is the essence of Success.Success has no value without it.Just like a Hero no stature without the abhorrent and repugnant Villian,similarly Success would simply have to meaning without Failure.

The key here however is,whether or not we learn from our Failure or not.Do we simply keep on committing the same mistake again and again?And end up whining because we failed to procure the desired result?Every bump on the road has a lesson.In order to equip ourselves with Happiness,we must first and foremost learn from our mistakes and implement the corrections as well.

Also,I read in the Speaking Tree(Courtesy:Times of India),that Failure must be welcome with Open Arms,as we welcome Success.Failure is inapt Guru.It has lessons that Success can never teach.And if we start accepting Failure equally as Success,then we will be able to live a life with unadulterated joy too.=)

Failure also is a sign that further hard work is required for our goal.And if we are dedicated enough the Goal is not merely a distant dream,I believe,it is OURS.And even if it not,in our Hearts we are satisfied that we did the Best we could.
Till tomorrow,

Don’t be disheartened,failure is not an obstacle,but a Guide on this journey called Life.=)

Be The Banyan Tree

When on a Highway,I always tend to notice the tall tree,and how they are incapable of providing the most basic aid to any living form.They bear no fruits,the wood is of low quality,their incapacity to provide shade and provide shelter to animals.While on the other Hand,the under the Banyan Tree is the resting haven of living being of all sorts.It does not attain the inept height that the Taller Trees boast proudly of,but it renders to all folks,provision of food to birds,aids in developing Ayurvedic medicines and properties that wield cures for many diseases.And if I am not wrong,it is under the shade of the Banyan Tree that Lord Buddha attained Nirvana.


Standing tall at times means standing alone,the one who is the snob,the one with the ego,may stand tall for quite some time,but consequently loses the essential meaning of life.No one wishes to be with a person with an insurmountable pride.While on the other hand,a good-natured,flexible natured person attracts not merely people but opportunities alike.She/He is pleasing to be with,and goes a long way in terms of leading a happy and supple life.


So,who would you rather be?


I’d be the Banyan Tree.

[oooh!that rhymes.=D]


Band Baaja Baarat!


Don’t be.

I just saw the movie today.And I can’t remember the last time I watched a  Rom-Com.And boy!did I fall in love with Love again.

Love, I feel is surreal,it transport you to a parallel universe where only you and your beau exist.Ah!the Paradise.

The heart skipping a beat at the every sight of Him/Her.The smile that is solely meant for you.The very embrace that soothes you in the most excruciating circumstances.The morning wake up calls to the endless late night conversations.Thinking of reasons to bring up His/Her name in EVERY conversation.The dullest of flower,the stinkiest of junkyard seem pleasant and appealing.The World becomes a dancing arena.Memories that bring smile on the face when not in sight,yearning to be with the beau.And the endless list of reasons I am forgetting right.
I looove LOVE.

My verdict:MUST watch Band Baaja Baarat.If you are a Girl then most definitely with your Boy,if you are a Boy,your Girlfriend has ALREADY made you watch this movie.=P.


Lesson for the day:Believe in True Love.It is amazing.And if has not happened yet.Wait for it.The Magical World is waiting for the Right person to shower you with abundant and bountiful love.


Till tomorrow,

Toooo much love. ❤ ❤ ❤

“We Are the Change That We Seek”…

Yes!I admit it.I am a Barack Obama fan.Be it Twitter/Facebook/Wikipedia,I keep myself updated with his inspiring speeches and Official Agreements.Oh!How I pined to meet him when he was in town last year.

Anyhoo,keeping my obsession with Mr.Obama aside,and getting back to the famous quote,I would like to ask myself (and you all may proceed with the same):how many times do we blame the political system for the repugnant sociopolitical circumstances prevalent in today’s times?Or,perhaps,how often do we blame the external circumstances for the problem that has recently erupted?How often do blame The Family/Friends/Beau/Pet/Time et cetra for a misdeed that is ours to blame?
I do not know much about you,but honestly,I do it quite often.Most of the times,it is poor Pet that suffers.

Whenever in doubt,I Google “Barack Obama quotes” and instantly find myself rejuvenated.

And the following is my all time favorite:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. “

We cannot keep blaming the entire world for the teeny-tiny problems of our lives/nations.If we want a Change,We/I must ensure that We/I put a Dent in the Universe to prove our/my point in order to bring about the change that we/I seek.I completely agree that it is easier said than done,so I devised a plan of my own.

Start small.

If you have a Problem with your Professor,bend YOUR attitude to adjust to his.If you have a problem with your Parent/Friend/Beau,you can either voice your opinion and take the thunder or like I said before,bend a little.If (like me) you have a problem with the Political Scenario of the Country,VOICE YOUR OPINION,there are newspapers/journals/magazines thriving on people’s opinion.Start small like I said.With the rise of New and Free Media,utilize the opportunity to its greatest potential.Make YOUR VOICE COUNT.
It is the little things that sum up to become the BIG things right?

So,if you have a problem,you can either blame it on me?[I’d take it graciously!=) ].Or work it out,because if you believe in yourself hard enough,you shall know that YOU & ME,collectively,are the CHANGE THAT WE SEEK.

Of Failing and Trying…

While my Momma would oil and braid my hair,she would share her words of wisdom throughout my toddler years.And this is by far the oldest adage that Mums all over the world have shared with their children.
Everyday I wake up,with a plan set the day before,the miniature goals to accomplish,the tad bit details of life I can mend and work them towards my direction.But in the tedious detailing of my life,I forget the bigger plans I had set for MY Life.The vision that envisaged a broad spectrum of options converged to a handful to tasks to accomplish for the fear of losing always set in.
Does that happen to you a lot?
Does fear take a toll on you often?
Well,it sure does to me.
The fear of losing before taking up a chance,the fear of rejection before a proposal,the fear of risking it all?
Or in simple words put,the fear of living a life?
Well,I have been of the notion of living life with calculated and consequently yielding risks.Life,however has a different rhythm.
Life itself is the most intriguing teacher of all.She is spontaneous,She teaches Her lessons in tandem with the examinations she conducts,the most valuable lesson of all that She has taught me is what my Momma has been telling me since ages:“Be Not Afraid of Failing,Be Afraid of Not Trying.”
For Life merely a journey,the ride can only be made worthwhile if we take chances now and then.Right?
So,In a few days,I shall be posting my Bucket List inspired by well,The Bucket List and The Buried Life,one of which includes getting a tattoo done before my Birthday.And I am open to suggestions.So,please help.
Mucho love.
Till tomorrow,
This is me signing out,and you,be open to taking chances.=)
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