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Of Procrastination…

Dear Me/My Mind/My Heart/My Will(Whatever it is that controls it),

Do you not understand,that when I finally sleep at night?I am disappointed with myself,for putting off what I could have accomplished today.

I do sincerely understand,that you are acing it et al.But there are bazillion tasks that are left mid-way,unfinished,unresolved.And yes,you too do not like it.

So,from tomorrow,eerr,I mean today,NOW,do start cooperating with me and lets just be completely glad at sleep time that the day was fully lived.

Thank you,

Much love,




The Longest Yard

Adam Sandler at his best.Are you a fan?I sure am.

Since childhood,I have a weird fixation for the idiot box.Not one day has past that I have lived without it.[Minus the Boarding School days,I ended up doing quite a chunk load of productive work as a consequence].

Yes,the movie is being viewed in tandem with this particular point.

I do recommend it if you have not already viewed it.

Back to the point,The Longest Yard,is a coming-of-age movie about an ex-N.F.L. Quarterback,who endures the physical and mental brutalities of prison only to learn familial bonding with his teammates in the cell.

Well,the lesson I derived from the flick is this:it is hardest mile to cross,is essentially the last one leading us to our Victory.So,however long the yard might be,if you have the will,Victory can be within our reach.=)


The Glass Half-Full

Has it been one week?Where have I been you ask?Hhm,I have been lazing around,not really.Well honestly,I have.Coupled with my motivational ennui of course.

Do excuse me if you missed me?(You did,didn’t you?Well,I hope you did.).=D.

Please do pardon my tardiness,I am usually like this if I may say so.


But mostly,motivationally challenged.

Today,was no Bright-Sunshine-y Day.

Instead,I decided to perceive it as the day bringing forth the bundle of opportunities.86,400 opportunities to be precise.

But like I mentioned,it is the perception that altered it all.

The idea behind this succinct post is to let you all be aware of my lack of perceiving the glass as half-full.I am more of the pessimistic kind.

But,today,I decided to change that about myself.Taking one step at a time I shall one day,see the Glass Half-Full.So,do tell me,you is your Glass(of water/soda/alcohol et cetra) perceived?

Befriend Criticism

Even before you stereotype my new friend as a pejorative one,I must ask,do you usually accept  the supposed “derisive comments” commensurate with the supposed “compliments” you receive?Honestly speaking,most of the times I don’t.

Criticism for me can put simply so:the first shot of tequila,where the throat burns benumbing the brain.In case of Criticism however,the burning does not limit itself to the throat,it stretches will to the bottom-most pit of the stomach,the lurching is merely a knee jerk reaction signifying my abashment.Oh!And did I mention the boiling pot called the Brain?It most definitely is reacting to the criticism in its shell without mouthing the curses.

Like my daily dose of epiphanies,I gradually learnt that we have much to learn Criticism than Compliment.Criticism provides oneself with the facets of scope to improve oneself.Criticism is like the sharpener,which utilized correctly can trash out the junk leaving the pencil with a pointed tip to reap the maximum from the mere pencil.(Please do excuse my lousy examples!).

So,my Mantra for today is simple so:scrutinize the critical remarks and opinions and work on them,endure the pain to procure a Better Human Being.In my own way,I call it Befriending Criticism.

Hope is a Thing With Feathers…

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune–without the words,
And never stops at all,”

One of the most neurotic woman of her times,she was infamous for her aberrant behavior.Years after her demise,her sister found the treasure which would immortalize the closet-poetess Emily Dickinson.With her uncanny metaphors and fluid language enthused with layers of meaning,she is one of my Most Fav.Poetess of all times.

This post is probably a continuation of the post from DAY BEFORE.

As per my mundane routine of reading the news paper early in the morning saturated with news of corruption,Wiki leaking,and the N-Catastrophe in Japan,I flipped for my healthy dose of Editorials,where a particular write-up struck my eye entitled “Tragic Triumph”.The sub-heading read,“Can there be a silver lining to Japan’s dark cloud of devastation?”

And as I mentioned before,there is.A silver lining that is.

Japan might be juggling with the cataclysmic circumstances,the World stands like a spinal-cord in order to aid Her brother in need.From prayers to alms,from twitter to facebook,the World is on its look out to do its bit.

Hope is not merely a reconciliatory force,it is/it ought to be a drive for the fallen to rise from the fall again.The light at the end of a tunnel.It is the dawn after a dark night.The greatest disaster I read,would be one where all Hope is lost.

Unfavorable circumstances are an incumbent part of life which every living being has to endure.And there are two simple methods of facing them:

a)you simply succumb to the problem,and

b)you brave the adversity to the best of your abilities.

And if nothing works pray and Hope for the best.For it is a simple cure to the problem pervading your life.=)

I must end this post with the inspirational lines from the write-up by Mr.Jug Suraiya:

“Today,Japan is once again a deeply wounded victim of malign forces.Will it once again overturn disaster into remarkable victory?It can and it will,because it must.Not just for its own sake,but for the sake of the single fragile and yet indestructible bond that links humankind together:a bond and a lifeline called hope.”

Happy International Womens’ Day?

I have the worst timing in the world.And now it cannot be restricted solely to my jokes.This post was intended to be penned on March 8,2011,so do accept my sincere apologies.

I remember this quote from Simon de Beauvoir’s ‘The Second Sex’,”A woman is not born but becomes a woman.”Bewildering as it sounds,even in the 22nd century,it stands true.

With the escalating rate of female foeticide/infanticide not just in agrarian states of Haryana and Punjab but in the posh belt of South Delhi.With the escalating rate of rape and assault in the city as well as day to day molestation.’Saddi Dilli’ is the most feared destination for all us female inhabitants.

Restraining myself to the capital city would do injustice to all the complacent women of the small,unknown villages scattered over the country.I reckon going to a village called Byasi where I learnt that girls usually walk 5-10 kilometers in order to reach school and after they reach back home while their brothers are busy playing they provide aid to their mothers in the household chores.Yet,some girls are not as lucky either.

The parda-laden women hiding the scars enduring the wrath their husbands lay upon them so conveniently is not merely a myth,but a shattering reality.My latest find,is from ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ where some men with monsters beneath hide under the garb of ‘softer’ exterior.

It truly devastates me whenever the gender is discriminated against.A girl who has a boy friend must have a ‘loose character’ while a boy/man with many is worthy of a pat on the back.Silly example I know.(I always wanted to mention this one somewhere.)

The funny thing is really,on the day when the world celebrates Happy International Womens’ Day,the men whine that the entire year belongs to them why celebrate this day?Ridiculous? True!

I have never been a big fan of Womens’ Day,but this year,it proved to be an irony of sorts.The murder of Radhika Tanwar was not a shock.Yes!curse me if you please.I was not really shocked.The sorry state of affairs in the country’s capital has resulted in a pitiful state of my mind.

Radhika Tanwar’s murder on Womens’ Day is symbolic of the state of women in my beloved city.The beloved capital is symbolic of my beloved country.Yet I acquisce my heart and soul that we do not suffer as much as we read about in feminist texts or even the books penned by the Arabian princesses.

Do excuse me for I did not intend to mock this day.I am merely an agnostic when it comes to Womens’ Day.

My silver lining?As mentioned yesterday,they did manage to find the psychotic murderer.

The silver lining however lies in the fact that even though as women we need to prove our mettle in quadrople than men,the world is progressing.If there are ghoonghat-laden women there are also women who manage their home in tandem with their hectic jobs.The rate of girls’ being educated has increased drastically,where they are not considered as the traditional liability but an asset.The abject state os affairs is not an illusion but nor is the progressive womenfolk.

From the Chief Minister of the capital city to the C.E.O. of a multinational,women are leaving their indelible mark across the entire country,across the entire globe.

“A woman is” surely “not born but becomes a woman”,to shoulder the responsibilities that no ‘man’ can.

Cheers to Womanhood.=)

The Week That Was…

The second week of March 2011 shall always be remembered.For all the wrong reasons.

The week began with a high fever.And then there was “Happy International Womens’ Day”(I shall deliberate a post tomorrow on this particular subject) marked by Radhika Tanwar’s murder.And then the atrocities Japan had to suffer in the name of earthquake and tsunamis and now nuclear emergencies.As the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan describes it as “the biggest crisis Japan has encountered in the 65 years since the end of World War II.”

The second week of March 2011 shall always be remembered.For the killer of Radhika Tanwar is behind bars.And the whole wide world has joined hands to pray,contribute and aid to the best of their capacity to help Japan in this hour of need.The twitterati that I am,seeing the President of the most powerful country in the world extend alms also proves that the world is one big family.And that even though mankind spends billions of dollars every year to procure cutting-edge weaponry,at the time of need,mankind is not far behind to extend its aid.Even though all that we can do right now is Hope and Pray,the silver lining lies in the simple fact in the dramatic exercise of Trust,Japan does not fall flat on its face,the rest of the world has her arms open to catch Japan.

R.I.P. Radhika,

Prayers for Japan.

P.S.:The moral of the day,have faith,the silver lining is exists in our perception.

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