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Befriend Criticism

Even before you stereotype my new friend as a pejorative one,I must ask,do you usually accept  the supposed “derisive comments” commensurate with the supposed “compliments” you receive?Honestly speaking,most of the times I don’t.

Criticism for me can put simply so:the first shot of tequila,where the throat burns benumbing the brain.In case of Criticism however,the burning does not limit itself to the throat,it stretches will to the bottom-most pit of the stomach,the lurching is merely a knee jerk reaction signifying my abashment.Oh!And did I mention the boiling pot called the Brain?It most definitely is reacting to the criticism in its shell without mouthing the curses.

Like my daily dose of epiphanies,I gradually learnt that we have much to learn Criticism than Compliment.Criticism provides oneself with the facets of scope to improve oneself.Criticism is like the sharpener,which utilized correctly can trash out the junk leaving the pencil with a pointed tip to reap the maximum from the mere pencil.(Please do excuse my lousy examples!).

So,my Mantra for today is simple so:scrutinize the critical remarks and opinions and work on them,endure the pain to procure a Better Human Being.In my own way,I call it Befriending Criticism.


About theresolutionprojectblog

In this eternal spasm of timeline,we barely devote time to ourselves.My voice seems to possess multitudinous opinions which get buried under the passing time.Captivated with the immense flow of relevations that life proposes in our path.I'm merely a learner who is transitting at every phase,grasping the lesson that life proposes.While life reveals my fate,I am Neha Sarna,just living my ounce of life.

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  1. Agreed! Your critiques are your best buddies.
    Nice post


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