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The Longest Yard

Adam Sandler at his best.Are you a fan?I sure am.

Since childhood,I have a weird fixation for the idiot box.Not one day has past that I have lived without it.[Minus the Boarding School days,I ended up doing quite a chunk load of productive work as a consequence].

Yes,the movie is being viewed in tandem with this particular point.

I do recommend it if you have not already viewed it.

Back to the point,The Longest Yard,is a coming-of-age movie about an ex-N.F.L. Quarterback,who endures the physical and mental brutalities of prison only to learn familial bonding with his teammates in the cell.

Well,the lesson I derived from the flick is this:it is hardest mile to cross,is essentially the last one leading us to our Victory.So,however long the yard might be,if you have the will,Victory can be within our reach.=)



About theresolutionprojectblog

In this eternal spasm of timeline,we barely devote time to ourselves.My voice seems to possess multitudinous opinions which get buried under the passing time.Captivated with the immense flow of relevations that life proposes in our path.I'm merely a learner who is transitting at every phase,grasping the lesson that life proposes.While life reveals my fate,I am Neha Sarna,just living my ounce of life.

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