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United We Stand

What amazes me about India is its invincible strength to stand together.

It is a general opinion amongst the masses that only Cricket unites the nation and no such affair can ever fill its shoes.This last decade however,India decided to prove that ours is essentially still a democracy and no one challenge it.Neither the Government of India nor the Judiciary.

The notorious murder cases of the 90s including the Jessica Lal Murder case,the Priyadarshani Mattoo case and even the S.S.P.Rathore case,whose judgements were were not accepted by the Aam Aadmi,were proclaimed in order to change the unacceptable judgement.The 22nd century heralded an era where the Aam Aadmi decided not to sit back and suffer beneath the Mighty Autocrats in the guise of Beaurocrats,Government Officials and even the Plutocrats.The Aam Aadmi since the day of the Independence has been constantly tested and when He was saturated of the angst,He decided to simply remind these Autocrats their function in the system.

Anna Hazare is just another Aam Aadmi who wants India to be rid of the Corruption that has erupted recently.Whether or not his methods ought to be accepted is a personal stance that we are permitted to take.What is essentially more significant however is the cause he is supporting.It not only displays one man’s fight against Corruption,it exhibits India as a collective identity beyond the diversity that is usually under scrutiny,and its strength and capacity to stand together for a cause beyond Cricket.

I firmly believe that the political parties should change their political agenda ’cause We Stand United and diversity can’t break us anymore.



About theresolutionprojectblog

In this eternal spasm of timeline,we barely devote time to ourselves.My voice seems to possess multitudinous opinions which get buried under the passing time.Captivated with the immense flow of relevations that life proposes in our path.I'm merely a learner who is transitting at every phase,grasping the lesson that life proposes.While life reveals my fate,I am Neha Sarna,just living my ounce of life.

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