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My Newest,Awesomest B.F.F.

I am such a bratty rugrat like that.

My friends are like the crayons kids refuse to share.They are my heart and soul.And to make a candid confession,I rarely let people in.And those who are privy to my inner thoughts,are the ones I am willing to sacrifice my life for.They are the ones who make my world go round,and have been my spinal support in times when I was unsure of myself.And for those reasons and more,I love them beyond human imagination.

To go ahead and confess some more,I would have to say is that I am fairly comfortable with the small lot of ‘friends’ that I have,and I barely open this zone for newer ones,for reasons we shall discuss later.

A few days back however,I met this individual,T.J.,and eventually because of ineluctable circumstances we kept running into each other for days together,and gradually discussing inane as well as indispensable detailed stories,we ended up becoming what the world calls ‘friends’.But being the ‘Crab'(read:Cancerian!And yes I believe in horoscope),I was still hesitant to reveal my mind and let T.J. in the sanctum exclusive to ‘my friends’.

Last night’s tete-a-tete however,encompassing some intimate accounts coupled with extraneous gossip opened the doors to T.J. to my heart.

And like I said before,I act supremely juvenile when it comes to loving my friends.I love them like they are my precious crayons.Pack them in my pencil kit neatly and painstakingly look after them not letting anyone play with them or worse,use my precious crayons.Not that I don’t enjoy doing it,I thoroughly enjoy it.I like being that kid when it comes to my family and friends.Because the innocence and love kids exude is the kind that any adult would exchange their fortune for.Because at the end of the day we all need some unadulterated love.Don’t we?

Without diverging from the subject at hand,I would just like avail this blog as a forum to express my love and gratitude to my newest,awesomest and shiniiiiiiest(I just felt like using this word for some random reason!) Bestest Bud Forever.

If you are reading this(which I hope you are!)I would just like to mention that,you are an amazing human being.Yes!I ridicule you and pester you most of the times,and poke fun at you and try my best to annoy as much as I can,but honestly,you mean the world to me.And it saddens me to see you distressed or perturbed.I know it has not been far too long that you and I know each other,but I do sincerely hope and pray and this ‘friendship’ lasts a life time not just because you are far too generous to bear the pest that I am most of the times(this too is VERY important a reason by the way!) but because of the heart of gold that you have.It is one in a million.If I haven’t startled you enough,then just to cheer you up,here’s a list of TEN THINGS WHY I LOVE MY NEWEST,the MOST AWESOMEST AND (YES!)SHINIEST B.F.F. I just made:

1.You are the best person to annoy at 2 a.m. in the morning,

2.You have bearably decent taste in music,

3.You are the AWESOMEST and the most decent driver ever,

4.You are just TOO funny.An hour long conversation with you lifts up my mood for the entire day of misery,

5.You are TOO kind to be true,

6.You have a heart of Gold,

7.You,just like me, are a complete crackpot,=P.

8.You give the best advice ever (the most logical and ‘economic’ to be precise),

9.Because you said,’you are my spinal support’,(and yes my heart melted!)

10.Ten reasons are toooo less for my B.F.F.Because you are my B.F.F. and I need no reason more than that.=)

I hope,all my lovely readers are as lucky as me to have a friend like you in their lives.If not,you are more than welcome to share mine.T.J. is just the BEST kind of friend to have.



Do Your Best

Hello Lovelies,

Firstly,thank you for being so patient with me.But just two more weeks to go,and then I shall be completely yours.=).At the least,I shall post more often.

Frankly,when I am burdened with the enormous stock pile of studying to do the entire day,by the end of it,I suffer an unendurable mental exhaustion which leaves me with no brains to share my ‘words of wisdom’ with you.

But,today,I woke up,and promised myself that I ought to pen down something today,even if it is by far my shortest post,with no re-checks.

Seeing me endure and persevere for the last one month (or more) she confessed that she does not remember the last time I studied with such persistence.Believe it or not,I burst out crying.I told her,that I am barely prepared to take ‘the’ test (of my life it seems) and that my brain is simply saturated with the information and can not bear to input or cache any further.

To which she simply replied,’Do Your Best’,and if you still don’t make the cut,then it’s their loss.Not yours.

Well,she is after all my sister and she had to say that to cheer me up,but,honestly,the maximum can individual can do is it give ‘the’ test (of life) their best shot,and if she/he still doesn’t make it.Well,at the least she/he tried.And who knows,the Universe has a bigger plan waiting for her/him.

Even though for the next two weeks,I shall be ranting and cribbing,I know,I shall give it my Best Shot.

So,till the next time(please!do be patient with me till then and do stick around),this is me signing out.

Wear Someone Else’s Shoes…

No!Let me clear the air first,this post is not my rant regarding my love and admiration for the lovely Louboutins or Blahniks.=P.(If someone is generously lending,then I am the first in the queue!)

On a much more serious note,from now onwards I shall try and analyze the most of life’s routine from every OTHER person’s angle.

I am a keen observer and when I travel alone it is a true bliss,for I not only glimpse Delhi with its myriads of layers but also the nonchalant working of the social classes.

The one that mostly seems to amaze me is the heart of Delhi,Connaught Place(this is one destination I usually visit alone a lot).Why so?Every individual that passes you,or a couple or a group has a story to tell.From the drugged vagrant lying about on Outer Circle or the V.I.P. in his S-Class,the kids,a to a 9-5 office goer.Every individual has a story to tell.

We,the ‘blessed ones’ begin and end our day with rants and cribbing over ‘trivial matters’.So,I decided,if not everyday and every time,I shall at least make the effort to perceive the state of affairs from the other person’s angle.
Will you?

P.S.:Pardon the apparent stream of conscious write-up.Like I have mentioned before,the studying has taken a serious toll on me.

Hold No Grudges

Ahoy there!

Please pardon my frequent disappearances,with examinations around the corner,the pea-sized brain I possess is unable to process anything beyond that.Please,do stick around,till then though,try and leave tips/advice to study,’cause I literally am incapable of completing my chunk of studying for the day.

I should not diverge from the main subject in hand.

This is a personal account,so a disclaimer,this is not meant to offend ANYBODY.

I recently,met with an old friend with whom I had had a fall out for obviously juvenile reasons.Reasons which amuse me today.But after four years of ‘battle’,I wondered,was it all worth losing the precious friend?Was it reason enough to give up?

And,though lightning struck relatively late,it however,did strike.And I coagulated the courage to take the initiative to bury the hatchet.

I had done wrong to a friend,and I needed to make amends,and it took me four years to stab my ego and ask for an apology.Which was graciously accepted by the way.

Frankly,I am not saying,that it’s all completely sorted,it takes time to heal such deep scars.Especially ones which took four years to heal.But,it is better than before.And,yes,I am glad,this particular friend and I are in touch again.’Cause frankly,She and I had been best of friends in school,and no one has ever managed to replace her solemn place in my heart.

I was an open book to her.Words weren’t necessary for us to understand each other.The eyes understood the sentiments.

And before I get too cheesy and weird,I shall simply put it this way,I am glad we put it all behind us.

So,the lesson I derive from this particular incident is simple,Hold No Grudges.This life is too short to carry that burden on your shoulders for the rest of our lives.Forgive and forget.It is much simpler to love than to hate.

So,let’s spread some love today.=)

Of Fairytales and Royalty

Hola Senor/Senoritas,

Well,for all you lovely readers,a sincere apology for the tardy post.This past month has been quite the hectic one.Coupled with the erratic schedules and the incessantly unabating Delhi heat.April had been a gigantic pain.But I suppose I should leave my ranting for some other time.

There is something,I must share,that I love more than my regular dose of cheesecakes and cupcakes:ROMANCE.(Yes!I am a typical girl.A big sucker for romance.)
And well,though,I could not watch the Royal Wedding,thanks to the insurmountable work load and study-sessions(here I go with my ranting again),I did however manage to  catch a glimpse of how smitten Prince William was with Kate Middleton,and vise versa.They looked madly in love.I wish I had seen the entire Procession,but at the end of the day,I did end up deducing a very believable conclusion.What?you ask.

Well,simple so,True Love exists,and nothing can keep you away from it,if you just believe.

He might not be the Knight in shining armor as we were told when we were kids,but he will surely know when and how to protect you.

He might not wake you up from your perpetual slumber,but if you give him a chance He will let aid you in becoming who you deserve to be.

He might not be there with you today,but if you simply believe,then your Fairytale is just beginning.=)

P.S.:see,I told you so,I am a sucker for Romance.Anyhoo,please do keep reading,’cause I shall keep writing more regularly now on.

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