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Of Crushes Crumblin’

Hello My Dearies,

My sincere apologies,yet again,I was stuck up with the admission tamasha.Oh!by the way,three years down the line,I shall be a Law Graduate.And frankly,I did NOT see that one coming.’cause that was not part of ‘The Plan’.I am not quite sure that it has quite sunk in yet.

I never actually thought I would write about it,but I suppose,with the last post,I feel quite relieved when I share my personal experiences.Well,I ‘had’ a huge crush on this boy.And,eventually coagulated the courage to ask him out on a date,only to find out that he got back with his ex-girl friend.Yes!that left me devastated.If you did not know,I am excessively emotional.For all those who know me personally,know that I conceal it with the tough exterior,but inside just like a crab (FYI:I’m a Cancerian) I am supremely sentimental.It pained me so see the love in His eyes for someone else,my heart bled at each gesture of affection he bestowed upon Her.And it further hurt me to be feeling like this,for two human beings perfect for each other.

I am a juxtaposition,I know.

Even though it still hurts,I have not lost my faith in love.

It baffles and amazes me both at the same time,how is it that two people can fall in love with each other at the same time.Considering there are more than 6 Billion people in this world,it is sort of MIRACULOUS.Isn’t it?

Even though I still cry under my pillow each night,I still believe that this Miracle is waiting for me somewhere down the road.

Even though I am reluctant about giving it all,I still believe that I will do it one day,and do so happily.

Even though I am frightened,rather terrified to get hurt,I still believe without vulnerable,without risking it all,without losing some,without being left abashed,without getting hurt,I will never truly understand the true essence of LOVE.

Say what?

Till the next time,

This is N signing out,in her search for true LOVE.=).




“Please Don’t Pity Me”

Hello There,

Today’s post is based on the incident that took place last night.

The end result of my behavior at the said state of affairs left me completely abashed.And no I shall use no defenses to excuse myself from taking the blame for the deed done.

What happened you ask?

On my way back from a ritzy Delhi Market,there were cardinal red lights,and like my luck always works,I had to halt at almost all such intervals.For all my precious Delhi folk know about this,I hope,and for those who don’t,halting at a Crossing implies not merely waiting for the annoying Red Light to switch to Green,but also destitute children importuning the slightest act of generosity they can be bequeathed with.Yesterday,instead of the incessant begging this particular kid with an amputated arm was selling Gajra (a.k.a.flower garland).No one paid heed to the poor chap,so out of ‘sympathy’ I decided to give him a Rs.10 note.As I handed him the note,he immediately took out one strand of Gajra from the stack in order to hand it over to me,which I blatantly refused (please know I have extremely short hair and Gajra-s are usually meant for the hair!).The kid-with-the-amputated-arm did not appreciate my ‘gesture’.Admonishing me politely he said,“Ma’am!I don’t want your pity,I want a hard day’s pay.I might not have one arm,but I most definitely have the Will Power as its replacement.”

The half an hour long drive back home,was probably the longest I have ever traversed.It made me ponder as to why we ‘pity’?Probably because an amputated arm/leg is a cue to our superiority?We ‘pity’ people because it makes us stand at a better stance than them.We as human beings in order to feel good about ourselves confuse pity with generosity.We tend to ‘pity’ people below our own financial standing,we ‘the taller’,’the thinner’,’the fairer’ folk tend to ‘pity’ the ones who do not possess these physical attributes of ‘beauty.’

The lesson I derived from the hour-long introspection yesterday was the one of Acceptance.We need to start accepting these so-called man-made ‘flaws’.We as human beings are all flawed,physically and/or mentally.No body is perfect.The least we can do is give every one a chance to prove their mettle,and if people are in genuine need of alms,then do it out of love and not pity.Do it for the sake of ’empathy’ and not ‘sympathy’.

So,I shall end the post here.

Do,pardon the stream-of-consciousness write-up,I ought not to pen a post with The Blackberry by my side.The incessant BBMs really do spoil the chain of thought.=/

Please do give this one a thought.

Till the next time,

This is N signing out.

Paint It Red

Hola Senors/Senoritas,

Como Esta?Que Pasa?Mi?Muy bien,gracias!

I ought to stop flaunting my Spanish skills.=P.Okay,you caught me,this is ALL the Spanish I know.But why the sudden love for Espanol?Last night,when I was flipping through the channels on the television,I stumbled upon a music video,and quite intrigued by the concept I googled it.Only to find out that the song was from a yet to release movie called ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.’

The connection you ask?The music video is shot amidst the famous Spanish festival of ‘La Tomatina’ held every year on the last Wednesday of every August.Five friends on a trip thoroughly enjoying life and moreover each others’ company and living the moment.Sheer bliss I would like to call it.

How is the insanity of ‘tomato tossing’ relevant to the Mantra for my lovely readers?Well,the answer lies in the title of the movie:‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ .Even though I am a staunch believer of reincarnation,I am of the belief that is our ONE chance to life.At this one shot of life that we have,it is certain that we shall win some battles and lose the other,but whether or not we make the most of it,and live each moment as destiny proposes is what makes it worthwhile.

It took me a few years frankly,for this fact to sink in,but I am glad it eventually did.Probably that is the reason why I am insanely in love with this track from the same movie:’Der Lagi Lekin‘,which completely defines my current mental status.It is one of those songs which you think was penned just for you.=).

And well,I am saving every penny I can to attend next year’s ‘La Tomatina’.Even though it is too soon to ask,but would you like to join me?

Last night ‘Ik Junoon‘ was perpetually left on replay mode.So,if haven’t seen the video already or heard the track,do check it out.



I am DYING for the movie to release soon.I need all the respite I can get right now.

Till the next time,

This is N signing out.

…Till We Stop Trying…

Hello My Lovelies,

Been long eh?Are you still mad at me?Well you ought to be.I had been out of the circuit for quite a long duration.Haven’t I?Will examinations suffice a good excuse?No!you say?Hhmm,in that case,the burden and pressure of results?No to that as well?Well,ill health?Are you melting?Well,I really have not been keeping too well.’Photodermititis’,in humanly terms it is the inflammation of skin due to excessive exposure to the sun.Excessive not so much in my case,exposure yes.And for three weeks,my skin burnt like that of a vampire’s.So,please excuse me?I do solemnly pledge to be more regular.Now that the exam shenanigan is done with,I am absolutely free.Here for you all,24*7.=).

Well,the past two months have been quite trying.The burden of the books and my pea-sized brain are not exactly the perfect match.The torment my poor brain underwent this past two months is unexplainable in words.Because my brain is literally incapable of remembering any word (since it is already overloaded with excessive information).I know,I can go on and on with my rants.Anyhow,getting back to the point,even though these past two months have been quite burdensome,the valuable lesson that is taught was this that:“defeat does not occur,till we succumb to defeat itself”.It is only when we stop pushing ourselves that extra mile that we lose.It is not the moment when we lose,but the moment we stop trying,is where we lose the actual battle in life.

So,even though,for the past two months,you must have noticed me cribbing and ranting(yes!you have been quite supportive,much grateful!),I did not cease the effort.

So,as the day before the dreaded result shall be declared,I just wanted to take out time,and leave a Mantra for all my readers.One that is bound to procure success.

Please pray for me?And that I score well?

Till the next time(quite soon to be precise).

This is N signing out.

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