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Carpe Diem

Hello My Lovelies,

How art thou?I hope all goes well at your end.Me?I am just fine.Birthday month coming to an end.And the merry making as well.The birthday fat needs to be rid off come August.If only I could eat without so much as gaining a pound.Alas,the whimsical fancies of a girl.

Anyhoo,I believe all of you have watched ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.Well,if you have not,I suggest you should.It is a movie that inspires you,a movie you can connect with,a movie which shall make you laugh,and if you are the ‘senti-mantal’,yes,’senti-mantal’ like me,then it shall also make you cry.

I do not want to ruin it for all those who have not watched it yet,just leaving you with a thought,Carpe Diem.We as human beings,have big dreams we wish to achieve,and in the struggle to achieve these big dreams TOMORROW,we forget to live our today.So,now onwards,I am going to:”Live like there is no tomorrow.”Will you?=).

Hence,Bucket List coming verrrrry soon.I suggest you make one too.

Mucho love.


To New Beginnings and Newer Endings

Hello My Lovelies,

The Birthday week has been insane,the amount of hogging that has been done accounts for six months of rigorous working out.Believe me,I just finished a ‘one kg.’ cake by myself in a week itself.Oh yes!I rant too much.

Anyhoo,tomorrow is a BIG DAY.I start college.Why the glee?You ask?I start college exactly after one year.One year of struggle,one year of pitfalls,one year of stumble,one year of introspection,one year of maturing,one year of picking myself up,and at last closing the chapter of the YEAR THAT WAS.

I start college tomorrow,and yes,I am quite excited,and frankly,quite nervous,new Campus,new Course,new friends.We as human beings are afraid of changes in our lives.Newness tends to baffle us.That is why probably we  make ‘plans’ for our lives.And I am no exception to my own rule.It scares me as well.But,with the lessons that have inculcated this past year,I realize,newness may propose good OR bad,but until I give it a try,how will I ever know,whether it was good OR bad?Life,I also learnt is no fun without the ‘Bad’ elements in it.It tends to spice up this journey called life.It is the ‘Bad’ that teaches us the lessons,it is the ‘Bad’ that we toughens us.So,should we not embrace ‘Bad’ as much as we are pleased with the presence of ‘Good’?

So,yes,I am quite excited about tomorrow,whatever comes my way,Good or Bad,I shall embrace it with open arms.

With a new beginnings,ends a chapter of my life,that I hope I shall not have to experience in my life.And even though,the mere thought of it shakes me up,I believe if it does come along at some juncture of my life,I shall be if not absolutely,then mildly prepared to deal with it.Like I said,the ‘Bad’ toughens you.

Cheers to New Beginnings and Newer Endings.=).


The Birthday Post

Hello My Lovelies,

For all those who do not know,it was my birthday day before.Being the youngest in the family,and frankly the most pampered,my Birthday connotes Diwali,Eid and Christmas all packed in one day.This time around,I wanted to conduct an experiment and put it forward for your perusal.What would that be you ask?The past year,when the year round I was sitting at home,I learnt to live with myself happily,and was quite content with it.I started going shopping alone(for all you girlies!you know it is impossible!),and even started watching movies alone,a typical American trend,but I am quite alright with it,thank you.The experiment however,was to ‘dine alone’.That for an insane person like me as well,is quite scary.So,I had been dodging my friends’ call from a week before my birthday.(And yes!they are quite angry still!).

Alas,the experiment has been postponed for some other occasion.Not that I didn’t have fun.My agenda for the day was such:

1.Go to Bangla Sahib,

2.Have Absinthe,

3.Eat lunch alone,

4.Buy myself a birthday present,

5.Dinner with Sis and her BFF.

Apart from 3 and 4 I manage to cross the rest,well Sis’s BFF could not join us,but the day turned out to be quite a good one.

Ah!Now the important section,this past year I thought had been quite the trying one.At the end of one year,I realize however that,it was a Lesson God intended to teach.I stumbled and fell,yes,indeed,but at the end of it all,I learnt to pick myself up as well.

Some of the most amazing things that happened to me this past year include:

1.I fell more in love with my BFF,A.,she is the most amazing thing to have happened to me,she gets me no one does,she is there when I need her,no questions asked,she forgives me easily,and with all my flaws she accepts me and loves for the way I am,I love you TOO much A,

2.I finally learnt to drive,and now I know for a fact HOW much I had missed out till now,well,like it’s said,BETTER LATE THAN NEVER,

3.I started blogging,it is relieving to yearn that we aren’t the only ones struggling with the kind of issues we have in life,the purpose of my blog to leave a Mantra for every one else,and yet it happens,I end up assimilating and inculcating valuable lessons from peoples’ blogs,

4.I lost most of my puppy fat,(mind you!MOST of it,not ALL of it,!).Yes!I know,I still have a long way to go,but it feels good to have finally embarked the journey after 21 years of my life span.People keep asking me how I managed to do it,whether I joined a Diet Course,worked out,did something ‘special'(yes!they use this specific word!),so in this regard I can only say,THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS TO SUCCESS,if something is worth achieving,there is just one way,hard work.And trust me it pays off,

5.I patched things up with S,she through out school had been my Soul Sister,and I managed to ruin it all.We literally grew up together.Went through the ‘wannabe-ish’ phase together,grew out of it together,learnt of fashion and other unmentionable subjects too together.She understood me like no one did,or still does may be,and for all these reasons and infinite more,I love her,and I am glad we patched it all,

6.I shall start College again,after exactly one year,I am quite excited and nervous,and well Law School,who would have thought I would end up pursuing Law,but yes,it indeed feels great,

7.I became much closer to Ronny and A.J,it is sad how people lose touch and forget that they had spent quite an amazing time just a few years back.I did too lose touch with most of my friends,I tend to go into my shell quite often,but thanks to technological advancements and in my case,my lovely Blackberry,I got back in touch with Ronny and A.J..Ronny was my roommate in school,and much more.She is one of the most kindest and generous souls I have come across in my life,she has stuck by and motivated me through some of the trying times and done so with a smile,I just wish she wasn’t as far away as she is,’cause waking up every morning and knowing that there is someone to look out for you is the most blissful feeling,ah well!we have our ‘what’sapp’.And about A.J.,I have always admired her for the person that she is,unfortunately we weren’t as close friends in school as we are now,sadly,she is miles away too.I am glad that this person,whom I dearly admired is finally a close friend.

8.My ‘newest’ and most ‘awesomest’ friend,J.T.It is rare that one comes across individuals with a heart of gold like his.Even though I have known him for barely three or four months,I feel blessed to have him in my life.It is a general perception that people are losing faith in mankind and there is a gradual decay of humanity,but coming across individuals like him reignites my faith.Yes,I agree,I barely know him,but I am going to make sure that I am not letting him go out of my life.That is why it is called Best Friend Forever,=),

9.I finally learnt to fall in love with myself.We are our biggest critics and it is quite upsetting how we expect people to accept us the way we are,when truly put even WE don’t accept ourselves.But this past year,I made a deliberate attempt to appreciate myself with all my flaws.

Yes,this last year has been quite the trying one,however I decided to concentrate on the ‘Blessings’ Good Lord showered me with.

There is a gigantic list of ‘TO-DOs’ for this coming year.Gradually as I keep crossing it off,I shall share the experiences with you.

Till the next time this is N signing out.

Food For Thought

The general ideology regarding the consumption of food lies in the elemental need to quench hunger.Hitherto,this is what I knew,alas,after a thoughtful conversation with a dear friend and some deep soul-searching,I came to a conclusion that this is not what we essentially pursue.In today’s time,however the ‘want’ has been elevated to a much higher decree,replacing the fundamental of ‘need.’With no offense to the growing economies world over,the accelerated growth of the plethora of industries the root cause as well as  mere aftermath of this excessive demand for ‘more options’.
I recently had this epiphany,when I was simply discussing my diet switch from non-vegetarian to a vegetarian one,and a friend told that we must consume the amount our body requires.So taking this process of consumption one step further,I accomplished the fact that we eat more than we can chew,digest and expel.Resulting in the cataclysmic growth of debris in our vicinity,in the name of fat,lack of space,pollution and the distinguished ‘further increase in greed’.The ‘want’ for another bigger house,a bigger car,a new,further-equipped mobile phone et al,this perpetuating desire for more foretells a gradual yet inundating doom.
I don’t classify these wishes and desires for a needed growth catastrophic,I simply say,that we must only eat till we can chew.We must simply abstain from this luring greed.We must keep growth in mind,we must grow too,but with due regard for our fragile stomach.
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