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The Diwali Post

So,like always,let me first begin with a BIG FAT apology.Why this time?The lack of imagination for the title.The brain nerves are busy serving the child in me who erupts just as when I fall ill.Okay.That was just a sad joke.

The following is a poem I had written some seven years back when I was in class ten(this reminds me,I feel terribly old when I reminisce from a timeline close to a decade or even five years for that matter.Boy!I can go on with the ranting!),yes,so this poem I had written when I had first fallen in “love”.I have to warn you,it is quite cheesy,pretty juvenile and well,quite 16 year old-ish.




When you wake up in the morning,

with the thought of somebody making you joyous,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When you see the bright sun

undo the curtains,

the sparkle makes you enraptured,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When through the course of the day

you dream and do nothing else,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When you tuck yourself to bed,

you’ll think of somebody to wish good-night

with all your heart,

you’ll know you’re in love.

This was just a brief,

but the best part lies ahead,

when you gape at the stars

in search of a dazzling face,

see the brightest star close to the moon,

when you are part of the crowd

that’s busy in its own commotion,

and you are dreaming of a face,

thinking of  a memory,

and laughing with your own self,feeling supple.

When flower shops and greetings 

are your frequent haunts,

When from 12 in night till the morning light

you talk,and not want to stop.

These gestures are small,

you need to fall for them,

fall in the pool of love,

and you will realise

you are madly in love.

When you’ll realize you’re in love,

you’ll see the pretty face

and feel two hearts simultaneously beating within you.

You’ll feel the completeness,

you’ll know you’re in love.

On the day these signs are scrutinized by you,

your soul would engulf love,

and that day come to me,

and tell me that you’ve finally fallen in love with me.

See,I warned you that it is quite juvenile.Yes!I was a kid back then.

Anyhoo,so if you haven’t already left (because of the lame poem),I bet you must be wondering what does a ‘po-yam’ like this be significant to the Diwali Post?

Well,this is also a special Post Out(Read:Shout Out) for my dear friend,R. who is going through a tough time.And the comparison drawn shall be clear by the following:

I had an epiphany last week,that on this auspicious day of Diwali,it is also so that it is a Moonless night,and we Indians light ‘diyas’ in celebration of Lord Rama’s return from fourteen year long exile.

Life like the day,rather the method of celebrating Diwali are quite similar.Even in the worst of times we need to light our diyas of Hope because life isn’t perfect.What makes it worthwhile is to look beyond imperfections and learn to live happily nonetheless.

So,I hope you had a safe Diwali.Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead.

And a special hug for R.I love you,and I am ALWAYS here for you.I hope you liked the surprise.





Be The Miracle

“It was the best of times.” Now it is the “worst of times.”

So,if you have been following the blog lately,you are very well acquainted with the fact the tragic affairs I have been enduring for quite a while now.Today,frankly,was no exception.I followed the same old drab routine that I have been following since August 9,2011:

Wake up,

Go to college,

Come back,

When alone:recapitulate it all,cry,and then go into a shell of abject despair.

Today was rather worse than other days,I don’t know how,it was simply that I was sadder than I usually am.Or maybe this is the pattern:that an individual gets dragged a level deeper into the black-hole of misery.I don’t know,maybe.All I know is,I was supremely sad.Today,was like someone shoved a pencil inside my chest and in order to derive sadistic pleasure out of it,was slowly rotating it to puncture the insides.

So,you get my point,I was enormously sad today.


I spoke to my friend,and she told me,it is only me who can pull myself out of my own misery.

Not that she did not want to help,and not that other people have not given me similar dose of advise,and not that,she simply said it,and I got back to my feet again.Not at all.

It just sort of struck me,while I have been wallowing in misery,I have been wasting my life with invaluable tears and thoughts.My Mom died at a supposed young age of 62.Noone could have imagined this.And no I am still not used to the void in my chest.But amidst all the gibber that I have been penning(in this post),what I want to point out is,we can’t take life for granted.When this year began,I had a list of To-do,New Year’s resolutions to accomplish,I barely accomplished anything,I was also supposed to list down ‘100 Things To Do Before I Die’,and then cross of each crazy-ass task that I wanted to accomplish.How conveniently we procrastinate,and leave the task at hand to tomorrow,without so much as a guarantee that there will be a tomorrow or not.In wait for tomorrow,we forget to enjoy the bountiful bliss called Present.

So,unabashedly I am penning down my to-do before the year end(December 31,2011):

1.Lose considerable amount of weight,

2.Study for exams,

3.Fall in love,AGAIN(irrespective of your BIG FAT ego),

4.Acknowledge people a little more,

5.Get a job(anyone looking for a freelance writer,message me),

6.Write a personal ‘thank you’ note for all those you stuck by in your lowest hours this year,

7.Start my Book,

8.TRY to be happy,appreciate each moment of your life.

9. This is one,sort of private,just pray that this ‘wish’ of mine comes true,

10.“Be the miracle that you want”-Bruce Almighty(reminded by a friend last week).

And yes,life will bring many more hurdles my way,but well,I can either look at them as barriers and cease to walk,or consider it a hurdle and cross over.It is just a matter of perception.

And also,a BIG thank you for all you lovely readers,for bearing with me patiently.I highly appreciate it.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

With ineffable contrition my fingers are pressing the smooth LED-lit keys of the fancy Macbook Pro to pen an entry for the Genius behind the said technology.

Being an ardent fan of the Apple Franchise,recollecting my first Apple product,it simply brings back fond memories from School Days.What is the bulky,monotoned Classic iPod 30 GB today,was the swankiest ‘MP3 Player back.And my bad,it was a dastard sin to call an iPod an Mp3 player,or even dastardly a sin was committed when someone called the latter an ‘iPod’.

It was “too cool” to own an iPod with its patent half-bitten Apple on its back.Yes,I admit I derived pleasure out of showing off my swanky iPod,and its oh-so-cool technology,but more than just the surface superficial show off,I suppose,the iPod has been like a friend,it has cheered me up with the Shuffle when I was low,it has been my sole companion in my many futile attempts to start exercising,it has been there.ALWAYS.And yet,with time,I replaced my Dear Friend,with newer versions of the iPod.

Yes,I am selfish.TOO selfish.

But more than simply the ‘iPod’,I believe I have always been awe-struck by the Genius who had the capability to contrive such brilliant technology.I suppose I have Googled him with every Apple product I purchased,read his story a zillion times,taken inspiration from him another more zillion times,but yesterday,when my Internet Browser said “Steve Jobs,1955-2011”,I could not hold back my tears.Legends like him shape the Present,they mould the Future,legends like him are the Heroes I had imagined had the capacity to fight mortality.

When I read,that he is no more,the moment suddenly flashed back to the one when the Doctor had come out of the “Emergency Ward” on August 8,2011 to inform me that my mother is no more.Words are so easily defined,you just manipulate them to frame meaningless sentences,but words do not hold the power over the whirlpool of emotions brewing inside us.No word is capable of filling the void that My Mother has left.So,when I found out about that the Hero of our Generation,the one who shaped our Generation (figuratively of course) is no more,I succumbed to misery again.

I felt the pain,his family,miles apart,people I never have,and perhaps never will,must be feeling.Sometimes,I wish I could be a kid again,where my mother would tuck me at night,and at such occurrences simply lie,that He will come back,and the naive me would believe it.

Steve Jobs,is a Legend.

From the iPod to the Mac,from the iPhone to the iPad,he is the reason the iGeneration came into existence.

An earnest salute.

Yes,mortality may have trounced his flesh,but Legends like him live on,with us,in us.

They are the Makers of History,living on forever in Her Chapters.

Like,I said,I am TOO selfish,an ode to Steve Jobs became another cry about ME.But like him,my mother shall always live on,in my heart.Yes!they say,that I am tormenting her soul by wallowing in misery and crying each day,but some day,not today,some day,I shall learn to live with Reality in peace.Till then,pray for me?






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