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Monthly Archives: November 2011

When You’re Down and Low…

My Mum always used to tell me when I was a kid,”My love,you aren’t the only one whose sad in this world,but whenever you get sad,try and make someone else smile.”

Inanely I would throw a tantrum at my Mum,and then coax me by saying,”just hug someone who you think looks sad”.And when I recapitulate,I must have hugged umpteenth neighbors,friends,teachers,class mates et al.And just smiled.I cannot recall one incident when the Hug was not reciprocated,nor the smile returned.

So,now that we’ve grown up,why has it become so hard for us to share others’ sorrow and melt them with a simple hug.No,we do not lack the innocence of our childish years,what we lack as grown-ups is the vision to see this World as an unadulterated bundle of joy.

So,even though I can’t do much,but next time I see someone sad,I intend to simply Hug,Smile and say,”It will be alright.”And just like that,if we believe,it really will.

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