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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Take A Moment

Good Morning My Lovelies,

This chilly weather has taken a serious toll on me.Yet,in comparison to other climatic conditions in Delhi,this has and always shall be my favorite.=).You can bask in the glistening sun,laze around,coop up in your quilt and gorge on Winter delights like ‘gajar-ka-halwa’ for instance,or for me,head to the American Diner,and have a scrumptious English brunch.But that’s just me.=)

The other day,when in the routinely fashion I was heading home from College,from one of the Crossings I could overlook a Park,where kids were all merrily playing and enjoying and the aunties basking in the sun and knitting,this particular kid caught my eye,who just lay on the grass with eyes shut.Even from a distance I could make out that he is unbothered by the chatter around,and is in a complete state of Bliss.And it occurred to me,how often is it that we put our rat-race-paced life on Hold to just stand there and enjoy the World?We are immensely burdened by our own expectations that in order to achieve our dreams ASAP we unconsciously bog our main goal down,to ENJOY that dream.

So,if you’re reading this,try and take a moment to see how blissful this life is,and the World shan’t feel like the wretched place we so conveniently call.



The One That Shines At Night

So,in the dreary cold while walking my dog,when I looked up,I saw the moon,and came up with a juvenile verse.Thought I ought to share with my lovelies.


In the night,

when the stars are bright,

I stare at you and the

darkness ceases to frighten me.


You are but a spot in the sky,

but O Mighty One!

you diminish the darkness,

and leave a speck..

of Hope?


Life follows your footsteps,

and changes with days,

It does not always diminish darkness,

but those days are worth the wait.


I am but a naive soul,

seeking your guidance,

to conclude this night,

to proceed to the next break of dawn.


Yet,stay with me,

for like the day breaks,

the night is just around the corner,

and with it,

my tiny speck of Hope.


Much love.


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