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So You Don’t Like To Vote…


…Well,then don’t THAT person who just sits back and comments and criticizes the Government.YOU don’t have the right to.

Usually,I let people have their own opinions and keep mine to myself,but when it comes to voting and apparently,the educated masses restrain themselves from wielding that one right that can procure a significant change in their community,town,city,state,country.And yet,when that ONE day comes in five freakin’ years,people just enjoy the day as a public holiday.And all the chances of WE,THE CITIZENS making a difference become grim.Its a fading dream to be honest.

So,yes,for all my lovely readers,we have State Elections in my State of Uttar Pradesh,and out of the lakhs of voters who COULD HAVE voted,till the time I was there,only 154 had.I’d say I’m ashamed at such a turn-out,which I honestly am,but shocked,not so much.

In a country like ours,each morning,with a cup of jo in one hand and the newspaper in the other,we ruin the beautiful day ahead by playing the blame-game and cribbing over the fact how inefficient our Government is and that NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

So,it sincerely disheartens me,that when this AAM AADMI(common man) is such a great sufferer,churned between politics,inflation and other predicaments,why is it,this AAM AADMI not wield the Power that HE has?

No,voting does not mean your candidate’s victory is certain,but at least you did your bit,and FYI,each droplet of water contributes to the vast pool of ocean,so your vote is not insignificant.

Shall simply leave you with a thought to ponder over…

Be The Change,you want to see.


Its All About the Money,Honey!NOT.


So,I was simply scrolling down the ‘Draft’ section of the ‘Dashboard’ on my wordpress account when I stumbled upon this title-laden/content-less post.And it struck me WHY I had left it there:to set it as a reminder when I’m experiencing what they call ‘writer’s block’,or what I call:’uninspired’.

So,if you’re an Indian,you all know the drill.”Competition is stiff beta!/It’s a rat race,and you NEED to outrace them all/you won’t make it if you don’t work hard”.And then the drive to achieve our DREAM is put on a back bench in our minds and we race,yes,we all do,competing with each other,to acquire the ‘naam’,so that our parents can have an ‘ooncha naak'(be proud) and boast the fact that ‘humara lal'(beloved child) is a “doctor/engineer/lawyer” and earning a “handsome” salary.Years and years have the generations meekly quashed their dreams to conform to their parents’ dream.I have seen some succumbing to the pattern to such an extent that the drive to live life is at its bleakest hour.

In the last decade or so,however,there has been a silent revolution in our country,where kids have relinquished the ‘safe choice’ of a ‘secure future’ with a ‘secure profession’.They have not given a damn about whether their dreams leave them impoverished,they have taken the plunge and gone out to seek what they were truly passionate about.Music,art,cinema and the en vogue photography,radio-jockeying,make-up artists,mass media and the endless list of professions I can’t think of right now.It took a while for the parents to let go and I bet one helluva of a struggle for these newbees to set up professions in India which the orthodox community affirmed would “stand no chance”(add the perfect little I-told-so-grin with it).

Not to offend them at all but:YOU WERE WRONG.
I agree the path that your heart and soul are set on may not be the easiest way around,but the passion and drive is what shall make the chase worthwhile.Money is necessary for the essentials I agree,but that solely shall not be the driving force and the centre of your life.You don’t want to end up resenting yourself,giving up on the one person who could help you achieve your dream:YOU.


Today,the entire world may revolve around M.O.N.E.Y. but true happiness is not based on how fat your wallet,it is based on what you are truly passionate about,and whether you are willing to chase your dream or not.


And well frankly,what fun would life be if it didn’t have a few twists and turns eh?



Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Even before I attempt to begin,I must sincerely apologize for the sluggish attempts of updating my blog.It can duly be blamed on the ill-health.*PINKY SWEAR*,no lying.

I hope you stick around though.(Pretty please?)

The onset of the month of February signals the much awaited Valentine’s Day,and all I can see around is some precious l-u-h-v-i-n-g(Yes!that’s how I pronounce it).Ooh!its the most amazing time of the year,for the lovely couples,it is a day of celebrating,not just WITH each other,but celebrating EACH OTHER,and their presence in each others’ lives,for all the lovely Singles’ it is all about acknowledging themselves and hoping to meet the ONE.

I am an over the top corny,mushy,chick-lit/flick digger love junkie(Ask my friends,they shall vouch for the fact.=D).Ergo,Valentine’s is no less than a Diwali or a Christmas for me.Call me crazy but I firmly believe that LOVE makes our world go round.We might have all we ‘want’,but it is that one thing we truly ‘need’.It is that magical place where everything seems like a possibility.It is what makes you feel valued,that there is someone out there,looking out for you.

Love engulfs all pain and suffering.It makes the world a better place.It creates Hope.It is the soul of humanity.

So,how can I not love LOVE?

Even though I did have an extravagant V-Day(because of ill-health),I am glad there is a day to celebrate Love.Show the people who matter that you care,that you appreciate their presence in your life.Just a hug,or a call or a message would suffice.Let nothing hold you back.Believe me,it is totally worth it.=D.

I shall end the haphazardly written post with a quote I read on a fellow blogger’s page:

“When love is not madness, it is not love.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Have an absolutely loved year ahead.


‘Cause Perfection Is Overrated

Hello Hello!

It seems like eons have passed that I last penned something.And not that I was suffering from a writer’s block,not at all.The reason for the unforetold hiatus was first,ill health,and then,moronic internet issues.But,I really did miss writing all this while.It felt as if all these days were somehow not lived to their max. potential,and before I go on further in digressing from the topic at hand head into my predictable poetic trance(yet again),let’s first discuss,what amazing weather Delhi is blessed with these days.I’m basking in the glory while it lasts.Even with what seems like perpetual ill-health now,I am enjoying every moment of it.For it is just fleeting(and I get back to my poetic trance again!The weather does this to me,not that I am complaining.=D).


So,just the other day my friend and I were flipping through one of the many fashion magazines we end up hoarding each month,and were blatantly criticizing the ‘Perfectly-shaped models(READ:ghastly skinny),and so the conversation further reached a point where ‘Perfection’ became the subject of debate.In today’s times where every human being has access to social networking websites like facebook and twitter,clicking pictures and instantly uploading them has become a growing trend.Consequently,we have become more vain,more self-absorbed and frankly put,if not out-in-the-open,well then closet critiques of our own selves.I for one believe that if I don’t like something about me,I try to change it,but yes,critiquing has reached a whole new level with us being put under the microscope,and each part/aspect diligently dissected.The worst part of it all is we deliberately let ourselves endure such torments.Its all very hurtful.And we all succumb to this cycle,whether we accept it or not.

And so I found  the answer to this ever-growing entangled web of predicament was when I watching GLEE the other day,when Rachel spoke of getting a nose-job done,because she was quite displeased with its natural structure and shares it with the rest of the club,their Teacher-in-charge Will Schuester clearly points it out,that these so-called ‘imperfections’ of ours are the qualities that make us unique,individuals,they make us special and different from everyone else.And let’s not restrict it to a shallow outward appearance.As individuals living in a social system,we have a constant need to be accepted,we thus succumb to various pressures in order to conform to different groups.We surrender so much of ourselves to be part of these cliques,simply forgetting,we are giving up on the person that we are.I remember my ‘wannabe’ phase in school,where being a rebel and doing everything restricted was sooo ‘cool’,and I genuinely laugh at myself when I reminisce about those days.Because it just wasn’t me.

Anyhoo,so the point remains,that when we stand in front of the mirror scrutinizing our flaws,we forget,that these flaws of life is what keeps our life so interesting.Perfection,if seen from a perspective can be sooo boring,don’t you think?

So,be proud of who you are.You truly are unique,and that is why you are so beautiful.=).

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