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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Even before I attempt to begin,I must sincerely apologize for the sluggish attempts of updating my blog.It can duly be blamed on the ill-health.*PINKY SWEAR*,no lying.

I hope you stick around though.(Pretty please?)

The onset of the month of February signals the much awaited Valentine’s Day,and all I can see around is some precious l-u-h-v-i-n-g(Yes!that’s how I pronounce it).Ooh!its the most amazing time of the year,for the lovely couples,it is a day of celebrating,not just WITH each other,but celebrating EACH OTHER,and their presence in each others’ lives,for all the lovely Singles’ it is all about acknowledging themselves and hoping to meet the ONE.

I am an over the top corny,mushy,chick-lit/flick digger love junkie(Ask my friends,they shall vouch for the fact.=D).Ergo,Valentine’s is no less than a Diwali or a Christmas for me.Call me crazy but I firmly believe that LOVE makes our world go round.We might have all we ‘want’,but it is that one thing we truly ‘need’.It is that magical place where everything seems like a possibility.It is what makes you feel valued,that there is someone out there,looking out for you.

Love engulfs all pain and suffering.It makes the world a better place.It creates Hope.It is the soul of humanity.

So,how can I not love LOVE?

Even though I did have an extravagant V-Day(because of ill-health),I am glad there is a day to celebrate Love.Show the people who matter that you care,that you appreciate their presence in your life.Just a hug,or a call or a message would suffice.Let nothing hold you back.Believe me,it is totally worth it.=D.

I shall end the haphazardly written post with a quote I read on a fellow blogger’s page:

“When love is not madness, it is not love.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Have an absolutely loved year ahead.



About theresolutionprojectblog

In this eternal spasm of timeline,we barely devote time to ourselves.My voice seems to possess multitudinous opinions which get buried under the passing time.Captivated with the immense flow of relevations that life proposes in our path.I'm merely a learner who is transitting at every phase,grasping the lesson that life proposes.While life reveals my fate,I am Neha Sarna,just living my ounce of life.

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