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Have You Ever Felt Sad?

I was just rummaging some previous posts and realized how terribly depressing I have become.And the whole point of this digital diary was to aid moi-self and the likes of me through the rainy days.Cutting myself some slack,I have witnessed a few setbacks this past year.But golly!gee,losing Hope altogether,spiraling into a limbo of abject abyss,that’s just scary.Quite an irony then I must say for today’s post is just about that:Being Sad.

It has been probably a real long span of time,(can’t even date it back.=/),when I had had a reckless amount of fun(yes!that is my definition of being insanely happy),and yesterday was just the pits.I maybe cried my eyeballs out yesterday.Why you ask?I was sad.Why?I just can’t explain why.

Have you ever felt lonely,even with friends/family around?

Have you ever felt abashed,albeit everyone assumes you are the Confidence King/Queen?

Have you ever felt sad,just ’cause?

(This scenario reminds me of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’.On the surface the song seems quite juvenile,but it is sometimes my go-to song.A secret I can ONLY share here.)

Anyhoo,cutting to the chase,has there been an instance where you have felt like no one understands you,like admitting to what you feel would only cause more pain(or in my case hurt my ego),like instead of moving forward you’re stuck in a constant flux or every step automatically leads you backward?

Have you ever felt sad and no one to talk to/guide you/aid you,most importantly stick out for you,or simply hug you and say,”Regardless,I am here for you”.

I have,countless number of times.

I feel sad ALOT,not ’cause I a pessimist perceiving the glass half empty,but ’cause I am human,and I cannot be void of feelings.

Yesterday,I felt sad,VERY sad.I missed my BFF and couldn’t speak with him.I needed a hug and didn’t get one.I needed to move forward,but couldn’t.And no,with my rouse from the slumber today did not change any of that,yet,my sharing my sadness with YOU,HERE makes me feel a little better.(Also Fix You’ by Coldplay and ‘Shake it Out’ by Florence and the Machine).Not every time you feel sad,you shall have someone to need(Be clear NOT WANT,NEED),but you will have yourself,be your own best friend.

And if like me,you feel sad ALOT LOT,don’t count yourself a pessimist,just be equally happy,when you truly are happy(Balance it out/negate it!).And isn’t it quite amazing,that you have people who understand you,are there for you,to be there,to hug you,to let you know you are not alone?To me it sure is:a true blessing.

So,if you ever feel sad and have no one to talk to,I’m here for you.ALWAYS.Like y’ll are there for me.=)


Success Story

“It does not matter how slow you go,so long as you do not stop”-Confucius

Of all the success stories that I have read there is one common factor that binds them all:their “Unconquerable Will”(Yes!Milton made me fall in love with Satan with his Paradise Lost)

A middle-class man becoming a big shot industrialist or an ordinary man changing the methodologies of governance of nations and many more such instances.

I remember reading a story in my Hindi class as a kid where a poet,I think Kalidas(not too sure here) was pronounced a dim wit by all his teachers in school.One fine day,while walking uphill,dejected and in utterly abject state of mind he halted mid-course.There he saw that a nearby waterfall had surfaced the massive rock and had streaked the solid mass of rock with its frail,shapeless features.How he thought was that even possible?And the answer to his own question was right in front of him.The epiphany he had changed his life forever.He became one of the brightest students of his class and a world-renowned poet.

It is very easy to give up when the wind is against you,and come up with foolish excuses for your actions later on.But those who endure the pain and the pressure are the ones who succeeded.No one ever said anything worth having comes easy.You have to toil,endure,sometimes you may not even see any progression in ratio to your hard work,sometimes you might have to take a few steps back,sometimes you might even feel like giving up,and that exactly is the moment when you ought to remember WHY did you begin this herculean task in the first place.Yes,you will suffer defeat,yes!the world is going to mock you,yes!no one believes in you TILL you achieve it.Believe in yourself,have faith and be passionate.

More than anyone else this post is for myself.We all have those dreams we think of we ought to conquer before we bid this world goodbye,and then these dreams are over-shadowed with a convenient veil called reality.Well,I for one am giving up,not yet.So if you have something you always wanted to achieve,wanted to accomplish,I say GO FOR IT.If no one else I believe in you.And if you want I am here to help you whenever you want.=).

I want to read all your success stories.I want you all to know that this is just the beginning and we only have one way to go:UP THE HILL,TO CONQUER MANY MORE.

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