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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Some Days Are Harder Than The Others

I am unexceptionally not a big fan of Monday.It is the onset of a treacherous web of enduring the same routine for another set of six days.=/.And driving in Delhi has crossed the saturation point to test my mental capacity to endure the torture.However I am used to the charade.I HAVE lived Mondays for 23 years now,haven’t I?

So,something sad happened in my life today.And I was left heartbroken.LITERALLY.On the surface I seem like a tough cookie,but it is the people who know me well are aware of the fact,I am just excessively emotional.And so when IT happened today,I was devastated(I am usually hyperbolic with my   expressions,but that is THE most apt word the state I was in).And then I had to drive down for some work.Instead with swollen eye balls,I decided to head to a friend’s house.No,I don’t/can’t cry in front of people,so I did not exactly annoy my friend with the teary eyed me,however,she was kind enough to hear me out.To explain to me “what I already know”.And to cheer me up.

At her place I read somewhere,the road to a friend’s house is never too long.And I am not saying that it lessens the pain,not at all.She makes me believe albeit today is harder than yesterday,tomorrow won’t be as tough,and even if it would,she would stick around.

After my mom,it has been extremely hard for me to open up to people.I prefer enduring it alone,but today,reaching to her and asking for help,and letting myself receive it,made me realize:life isn’t too hard if we let people in.If we let them help us.’cause we are not alone in this.Some days are harder than the other..but the song goes:”We’ll get by with a little help from my friends”.

And this is for you R:I know I don’t express it as much as I should/want to,but I love you.You truly are one of the most amazing things to have happened in my life.Just please ALWAYS be by my side.I love you.TRULY.


Have Faith in Life


Imma live-in-my-shell sort of person,or that’s how I’ve become.=/.And NO I am not proud of it.Every time I sluggishly fill in the Blank space on the TITLE COLUMN and then junk the BLANK content in the draft section(currently I have seven of such blank pages with AWESOME titles!)I feel utterly uninspired.A.L.O.T.I need a change in routine,probably some live gigs/a good session of alcohol,some library time(the geek that I am,I have sincere fondness for libraries,especially the ones with books which are decades old,I told ya I’m a geek).It isn’t that I do not WANT to write,it is just that my writing lacks luster and eventually I end up on a sorely depressed note.=/


So instead of doing anything productive I sit in front of the idiot box and watch random sitcoms.I am a total sucker for my American sitcoms,my current favorite is Make it Or Break It.Based on a group of friends who endure grueling training at a tender age to qualify and attain their ONLY dream:to make the cut and win a gold at the Olympics.


I am not liking the third season,if you ask me,but last night’s episode left me with a lesson to learn.And it goes:we toil our entire lives to attain our ONE DREAM and when that dream shatters,we enter the abysmal limbo,winding inside an abject state of depression which becomes impossible to come out of.


It is rarely that we consider it this Life’s way to teach us to build new dreams.To step out of our comfort zones to see how beautiful life seems once we learn to pick ourselves up after falling.



’cause no one ever learnt anything from SUCCESS.It is from our falls we truly learn.

STRENGTH is an accomplishment,it is a feeling of satisfaction,it is the horizon where happy and sad merge.





STRENGTH is a journey.It is our limit and our SOLE SUCCESS.










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