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The Birthday Post…

…that came 18 days after the Birthday.

First of all,I would like to wish myself a Belated Happy Birthday on your behalf(you were going to wish me?).Well,if you are family or friend or acquaintance (via Facebook or other social networking site),you would know,that after seven years I spent my birthday away from my beloved Dilli.Phew,it scares the ba-jesus out of my to have conversations and recollect memories in decades now.The perks of growing old,eh?

Well,this isn’t what the post is about,ranting about the curses of growing old.Although,if its about growing old,let us compare ourselves to Wine And Scotch,now shall we? 😀

Keeping the trauma of growing ‘old’ aside,I always have and always shall be super-kicked about the biggest day of my life(and no impending wedding won’t match up to this day).Why,you ask?Well,THIS is the day I was privileged into this World,into my family with a warm welcome.There were dreams built around me even before I came into existence,this is the first time my parents held me,they blessed me,hugged me and kissed me.This was the first day of my adventure called life.So,I shall ALWAYS be super-kicked about my birthday.And the guilt-free indulgence and the gifts are just the perks (if you are friend/family:No,they are NOT,I better get a present and some cupcakes.Its the silent rule of Birthday, :D)

I know life throws innumerable hurdles in our path,almost every day,and there are days we curse,”why the hell was I put on this planet?” yada yada yada,and I do it more than often(leaning towards the pessimistic side perpetually).But,on this day I am always grateful,to God,to my parents,to my friends,to myself,to have survived so long,to have been priveleged with all the luxuries that I conveniently take for granted,to all the days I idly waste,to all the people who decided to stay in my life and stick by through thick and thin,and mostly to myself(it is MY birthday after all,now ain’t it): for having made it through another year.

The point of all this is not to bring to your scrutiny my quasi-narcissistic tendencies,it is to explain that it is essential that we learn to celebrate ourselves,appreciate ourselves and most importantly value ourselves.Over the years we start to take ourselves for granted and we forget the we possess the potential to obtain our wildest dreams,but we reluctantly succumb to the mundane and accept ourselves as ordinary,and gradually that is what we let ourselves become.

The point of this post is to believe in those dreams you dreamt when once you were a child,when you truly believed you could conquer the world.As we grow older,as we mature,we let forget to celebrate ourselves,to treat ourselves,to believe in ourselves,and that is precisely why I have decided that albeit I might succumb to the brutalities of life 364 days in a year,on July 12 every year I shall celebrate me and all the insanity that comes along with it.I buy myself a cake and a present and a bottle of fine Wine(well Vodka is my poison) and herald the year like it is going to be my last (or till the clock strikes 12).

Are you going to do the same?

I hope you do,




A Different Kind of Ending

I always have and always shall dread the Summers,here in India at the least.Never been the biggest fan of the season,not when I was in school,where we had a Common Cooler for the dormitory till we were 16 nor back at home,in Delhi,where everyday pollution of the metropolis aggravates the heat.So,as my exams came to an end on May 31st,I decided to bask in the sublimity of nothingness.I wanted it to last a week,but succumbing to what my peers termed it ‘last set of summer holidays ever’,I let it prolong the entire month.

I was supposed to finish some books over the month,and lose a little(make that a lot now) weight in these holidays and mostly,write a lot.Write on my blog,write poetry,and do some writing for myself.That didn’t happen either.I lacked inspiration,I was constantly explaining to myself to the sole reason transpiring as a consequence of my writer’s block.I’m going to be honest with whatever handful of readers I have left,and mostly me,that I was simply being lazy.Evading the process.And I sincerely apologise for that.

In one of bleak moments of lethargy where was my mind was caught up in dealing with multiple thoughts in tandem with each other,I wondered,why do I watch my favorite sitcom or a sad RomCom again,I know that how the drama-licious sitcom shall terminate and that in my fav RomCom,the couple are either to reunite and end the movie with a kiss,or if its Nicholas Sparks,one of the protagonist is bound to die,leaving with nothing but blinkers saturated with tears and with the thought that love,in today’s times too can unadulterated and divine.

I wondered,I probably hope,I might have watched ‘A Walk To Remember’ in desperate hope that Jamie survives her Cancer and that Landon and Jamie live happily,for the rest of their lives.But every god-forsaken time I watch that movie I end up feeling remorse for the hapless lovers arduously fighting to keep each other alive (physically for Jamie,and mentally for Landon in this context).

Of the countless times I have watched this movie ever since I was a teen,I have hoped for a different ending,each time.This led me to thinking,do we wish to change the ending of such sad stories because we believe we can change our stories too?Do we wish to re-write our past,or maybe scribble a little,which would probably make our present a little more amiable.I have always wondered that,if I could make the slightest alteration in my past,maybe my present would have turned out to be different( good different,mind you).That boy I should never have broken up with in school,or maybe chosen a different career,or would have fought to go and study abroad.All these choices baffle me sometimes.But then I think my past was once my present.My present which is now,I CHOOSE to do what I do with it.Maybe,I can’t rewrite my past,but I learnt from it.Learnt lessons to make good, better choices for my present.I would call myself foolish if I repeat the same mistakes again,but today is a clean slate and I think now I know why I always pine for a different ending.

So I’m just going to leave you with a thought,and hope we all coagulate the courage to fight for the choices we wish to makes,

Laziness is a bliss,till the devil decides to set his workshop.

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