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Forgetting You

Ahoy There!

So in pursuit of reviving my dormant blog,I would like too share a secret,would you like to know? I am a hardcore romantic.I remember writing sonnets and love stories back in school just for fun,well,I was a kid you see.I essentially have been a believer of love,mind you I don’t agree with the concept of ‘unconditional love’ cause according to me,that is just a myth,every relationship has some quantum of expectations attached to them so the concept is alien to me,anyhoo, I wrote this bored to death in class, I hope you like it. This is the first time I am posting a poem here,so I am tad bit nervous. 




We forget to cherish

the moment that was.

we forget that in that moment

we felt our hearts beat as one.


I saw you for a moment 

and then it passed.

And with each passing moment

I thought I would forget.


Yet the love just grew,

the memory grew deeper,

I can’t recall your face

or the words you mouthed.

But I can’t forget the moment

where my heart skipped a beat,

I can’t forget my insides crumble

when we bid goodbye.


It was but just a moment,

yet the heart grew fonder,

I can’t forget your face,

your voice harrowing me.


Yet…more than you,

more than us,

I yearn that moment,

the way my heart skipped a beat,

the way I was left devastated when we forget…

Because I can’t forget the moment,

though you may be forgotten.


Why Did I Ever Start a Blog?

Ahoy There!

*wiping the dust of my old forgotten blog*

Hello to whoever decided to stay back and read my rambles and really THANK YOU.

I was watching Kaun Banega Crorepati the other day when Amitabh Bachchan happened to disclose how he hasn’t missed one of updating his blog in the last 4/5 years and I felt enormously guilty.

I remembered I had a blog,I remembered being excited when I had decided to start one two years back.I wanted to inspire and be constantly inspired.All through School and most part of College it was my writing that kept my mental fluids flowing. I drew inspiration from random objects and unknown people. But over time and with my mother’s demise there was a part of me that died,slowly corrupting and gradually decaying most parts of me.After two years, people come and tell me upfront that I have become very depressing and I exude negative vibes. See! See! I’m drowning you all in it with me. Well,the point of discussing something so personal on a public platform like this is that albeit I may be reeling under the trauma of it all still,yet each day I try harder to recover,to become better,to have my mental juices flowing again.So I promised myself to write more often,to be inspired more often and hopefully inspire too.

I have this amazing tale to tell,which I am saving for tomorrow.Let me know if you decide to hang in there with me.

Mucho love,



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