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Monthly Archives: November 2014

I Want to be a Somebody

Doesn’t everybody? I mean don’t we all want to leave back a mark in this world before we go? Want to be remembered. Be a Gandhi or an Obama or a young hip Cobain? We want the world to remember us. Well, at least I do. I want people to look me up in Google and that someone to write a Wikipedia page on me, describing my life and all of its glory. Frankly though I haven’t done any work worth glorifying or worth writing a wiki page about. But I want to. I want someone to point to my Dad and say “he is N’s father”. And I want my Papa to feel proud. But mostly before I leave I want people to love. To continue my legacy, whatever that is, whatever it shall be. Don’t we all? I think that goes on my Bucket List:
1. To have a legacy. To love more. Love everybody and anybody. No one in this world should be deprived of it. And I think I shall start that with smiling at strangers more often. Not to creep them out ( believe me some find it creepy. ) and to compliment people more often. Baby steps you call them? See, it doesn’t take much. 🙂
2. To do something substantial with my life. Do it with all of my heart. I’m currently jobless, having finished law school. To be the kind of lawyer everyone remembers, for the good I mean. Never to treat work like work. Because that’s what it essentially becomes then, work. A burden of sorts.
What is your Monday resolution? Will you think of me? My post?

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