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Monthly Archives: November 2015

If Only we Were Lanterns

Hello my Precious Lovelies,

I remember the days when even the most mundane objects or days could inspire me. Over the years I lost the light within me that constantly kept me inspired. I’m gradually getting it back, but that’s a topic for another post. I hope you like the following poem that I penned:

If I were a lantern, then the cruel fire burning me

would be my fuel rather than bestowing the burden

of mortality on me.

The cruel fire that burns down forests with its fury,

would be the only reason I could fly.

So why do I call this fire cruel, you say?

Because my entire life, my very existence depends on its existence.

So precious fire of Mine! Never burn out.

Never let my flight end.

For I was meant to fly.

Fly till I transcended beyond the ordinary.

And even if you dare extinguish, which you inevitably will,

let us take flight beyond this world,

so the world remembers us as immortals.

Having had conquered this mortal world.

Let us live our tiny bit if immortality before we extinguish.

Let you and I conquer the sky,

Let you and I brighten this world,

Let you and I leave the mortals gazing at us in awe,

Let you and I live our tiny bit of eternity in this mortal little world.


The Rules of Expectation

Dearest Lovelies,

I must be apologising for the umteenth time for the constant hiatus I keep taking. I do sincerely apologise, if you have ardently been following my random musings. Also, I feel privileged that you do. :P. But as I promise always, this time again I shall endevaour to write more often. But the paucity of time is my excuse this time around, instead of my constant excuse of laziness.


Delhi is experiencing its onset of winter, battling its way out from the inundating levels of pollution. There is a nip of cold in the air. That means its ‘Shaadi (Wedding) season’ in ‘Saddi Dilli’ (Our Delhi). At one such wedding last night, I came across a chap and we got into the discussion of ‘expectations’, randomly. Yes. Randomly. Precisely, I go at wedding parties and talk of general human behavior et al with people, and then I wonder why in the world am I not dating anybody yet. (TIP for all you single ladies out there, keep the conversation light, if only I could practice what I preach!).

So while we got down to the discussion, I said that is better to not have any expectations, save you from quite a few heartbreaks, and not just heartbreaks per se. Even on a daily basis, if our trivial expectations from others are not met, our temper starts bubbling, we get frustrated, ultimately culminating into a negative attitude.

According to this fellow however, and rightly so, what is a life without expectations? Life loses its meaning without it. And that hit a chord, yes.

Yes, expectations might be broken, multiple times in a fraction of minutes, but when these expectations are met, or when we meet someone else’s expectation, the joy and elation we experience is priceless.

This notion of expectations is a two-sided coin, its tale shall only unfold once it lands on the ground.

How easy it is to close the heart to the world once it is wounded. How convenient it is to lock everyone and every emotion out on account of one instance whence it was scarred. I did it. For a very very very long time. I still do it on most days. But when on the rare occasions I do let people in, I do let them affect me, I ‘expect’ something out of them and my expectations are met, I feel belonged in this lonely world. That I matter.

Yes, it is essential to remember that we as living beings are fundamentally lonely creatures, especially in today’s times, but it feels good to have friends and family that we can bank upon. That bring shine in our mundane lives.

So, yes, it is much easier to lead a life of solitude, but life becomes worth living when you find your home in the crowd of loneliness. When you find people who matter to you and to whom you matter.

So, let’s expect a little more love and correspondingly give more love to this world. I think that’s what is lacking today. A little bit of magic called love.

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