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Cause its a Typical Monday

Boy oh boy, there are days I just feel like pulling all my hair out. Those insanely annoying days where you anyone who crosses your path shall be subjected to laser lightening if they dare to glimpse at you and dare to make eye contact. One of those days, where your response to a polite hello would be an angry “Go away”. One of those days, where everything seems to be going against you: your alarm clock doesn’t buzz, you manage to wake up early, yet be able to skip your morning workout, your routine coffee burns your tongue, your car not starting when you are already running late to work. One of those days when you can’t afford to ‘lose it’ but life is just constantly testing you, you sit in your car and weep alone kind of days. Yes, one of those extremely frustrating days.

I hate ranting on my page,where my primary focus of writing is to inspire others, but it is also important to remember, that we can’t always be and for that matter can’t always be expected to stay positive and calm. We are only human. We burn out. We need to vent it out. We can’t collect angst and anger and ameliorate it and ameliorate us every single time. We need to let it out. Otherwise we are storing all this toxicity within us. And this toxicity is extremely unhealthy for our mind and soul, and eventually this adversely effects our physical health.

So when you think you can’t take it no more. Talk it out. Talk it out with a friend, or someone from your family. Talk it out with someone who is willingly patient enough to listen to you. To just listen and not admonish you or correct your behavior at that very instant. And if due to some reason you are unable to vent it out to this well-wisher of yours, sit alone in your car and cry your heart out. Bang the steering wheel. Go join a shooting class. I would also like to recommend yoga here, because apparently it calms us down. Engage in a/any physical activity. Exercising releases endorphins, the ‘happy hormones’ as I like to call it. Just don’t store the anger within yourself for long. Let it out. Just do something that pacifies you and your raging nerves instead of storing it within your system and poisoning yourself.

Have one of these days. And don’t feel guilty about it.

Till the next time, have a happy Monday.

Seasons greetings to all of you.




Dearest Lovelies,

I hope the Winter season is treating all of you well. Winter has always been my most favorite season. I think it has primarily got to do with the fact that Winter is the harbinger of festive season. And as winter progresses, so do the festivities. So before I snuggle and hibernate under my cozy quilt, let me dig out some clothes to be donated for all those helpless, needy impoverished strata who have to involuntarily endure the bitter cold out in the open. And I earnestly request you to do the same. Just one old piece of woolen would suffice. Kindly do it, if you can.

The following poem I wrote at work, while I was dealing with a personal crisis.  It was quite a trying time for me. When work was at its peak, I was suffering on the emotional front. Most of it, I suppose, was my own doing. Why in the world should I relegate the blame, when it was mine to claim? But, with time it got better. I got better. The crisis subsided. And life in general got better. And after the much needed self-healing, I realized we wage these battles within ourselves for no reason at all. It is the purpose of our lives to constantly be throwing curve balls towards us. It simply depends on us, whether we let the ball knock us down or we hit it hard enough to claim our well-deserved home run of victory over these curve balls? We trap ourselves within our inhibitions, our fears and our insecurities, that we forget to truly be ourselves. We need to be stronger than our fears. We need to face them instead of running away from them. We need to get better. Better each day. Or so I think, I might be wrong, but that’s just me.

The following poem, was I suppose, a necessary quest for freedom from all such inhibitions, fears and insecurities. I hope you all like it. 🙂

We forget to breathe

and we forget to love.

For the soul is a carrier…

a vessel that contains

the enormity of conviction,

the burden of separation

and the gaiety of love.


The soul endures nothing,

for the soul is nothing at all.

It is the wind, you cannot see,

It is the water, you cannot contain,

It is the land, you cannot bound.

And it is the Universe itself

you cannot fathom.


Let the soul build its wings,

let it fly away.

Away from the losses

of this world.

Away from the joys as well.

Let it be as light

as the soul itself.

For one cannot cage the soul.

For it cannot be captured at all.

Let it not bleed,

for it is your blood, yes it is.


Just let it be,

just set it free.


I hope you liked it.

Just a few more days till Christmas. Let’s spread the merriment. Let’s vow to make at least one person smile today. 🙂

Also, Happy Monday you all.





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