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The Gypsy

Amidst the dream that awakens

the dreary image of a traveller,

She braves the lessons that life proposes.


The wings that were borne

flew to lands far far away,

Bringing back the spirit of home.


The sands and the soil

seem to tell a tale,

that have been lost

somewhere in this eternal spasm.
Travelling across lands unknown


this is the time.


With the baggage of the lessons

to yearn,

With the memories

that time erodes,

With the love

to flesh and blood,

to live Her Ounce of Eternity.




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  1. hi neha, this chondamma from
    glad you liked the blog 🙂 do send us your pic and also do you have a personal email id? u can mail me:

  2. neha! this is simply brilliant ! this poem totally captures the paradox!
    ok! i know THIS will be totally lame, but shakira should get a new lyricist 🙂

  3. Great composition Neha!


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