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Matru Ki Bijli ka ManDollar

So I am not one to write movie reviews.Not exactly my forte.Nor have any Indian movies inspired me in the longest time.I cannot remember the last movie that made me proud of the fact that this is an Indian cinematic creation.

Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola was a movie I watched three weeks after its release.I was not expecting too much out of it either because of the bad reviews.I still went for it because everyone who watched it raved about Pankaj Kapoor’s acting.

I wouldn’t lie in admitting the movie bored me certain scenes,well um,quite a lot of them.Primarily the ones that did not include Pankaj Kapoor.But it was refreshing to have watched an Indian movie being completely shot in India.I mean all the Blockbuster movies are no-script ‘forren’ country tours with Big stars in the front up with their ridiculous shenanigans they call acting.Like I said,it was a pleasant surprise to see India as the foreground.

Well,if you have not watched the movie the protagonist played by Imran Khan is an educated lawyer who works as a chaffeur for the ‘Zamindar’ of a village named after him called Mandola played by none other than Pankaj Kapoor who has a daughter called Bijli (played by Anushka Sharma) and the love story between them chaffeur and the daughter of Zamindar is a sad portrayal of class distinction all thanks to their sad acting skills,sorry to say.

Well,then after ranting about how the movie bored me,you must be wondering why am I even talking/blogging about it?

Well,there is this one dialogue between Pankaj Kapoor and the Minister (who shall give him the tender of the land based on the contingency that he marries his daughter to her son) played by Shabana Azmi which speaks about the rising middle class.About this class’ consumerist tendencies.The newly erupted Mall Culture.How they provide us services by shelling out money from their own pocket,after encroaching,yes encroaching upon the poor farmers’ land in the form of centrally air-conditioned/heated Malls and Cinema Halls and then re-claim the spent Dollar in the shops and ticketing counters respectively.How they construct higher Housing Societies and charge escalated prices.The cycle completes a full cycle by providing and then taking it back.And this engine of greed created by these Corporations needs to constantly fed,needs to be enlarged by creating greed amongst this rising middle class.And to create and then consequently feed this engine of greed,to feed this burning desire,this OCD to constantly acquire more has become a deep-rooted motive in the class’ mind.The Indian ‘Sanskar’ (yet again sadly portrayal,at least Vishal Bhardwaj had the balls to point this character trait out) have taken a back seat and this class has become a perpetual consumer.Relationships are founded based on the other person’s pocket and luxury is a necessity,even at the cost of the ‘Aam Aadmi’,the ‘Mazdoor’,the ‘Kamzor’,the ‘voiceless‘,the ‘savage’,the ‘uneducated’,because well frankly who cares about them?

This mirroring image of the society was a harsh image to digest.Primarily because I am one of those consumers I mock.I possess the defining qualities of the OCD consumer.

All in all it was an amazing effort by Vishal Bhardwaj which fell short on applause on two accounts:

1.The movie was badly scripted,the burden carried by Pankaj Kapoor only,

2.People are unwilling to accept this tragic flaw.They never have they never will.Because the ‘poor’,the ‘Aam Aadmi’ is just a mere pawn in this mythical system of governance called Democracy of India.


Age of Innocence

This is probably a continuation of sort from the last post,where I wrote about children singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at the 83rd Academy Awards.

Hhmm!The other day,after a benevolent largesse from the Rain God,when I was coming back home in an  Auto Rickshaw (the Aam Aadmi’s-bank-balance-ripper),I saw two kids sitting on the backseat of a Scooter driven by their father.As the Scooter sputtered across the stockpile of water,I heard a shriek followed by a delectable laughter.I was not exactly happy,not really sad,feeling “nuetral” maybe.But that made my day,or at least the moment lasted for quite some time.

My Papa still thinks I am kid,but when I see these rugrats having fun and laughing and giggling at something so mundane it ignites the spirit in me to be the kid again.The carefree kid,whose biggest trouble would probably be picking a crayon to color,or making the Class Teacher fall in love with them(ha!ha!),I had quite the crush on my class teachers,my favorite being Bhawna Ma’am from class III-B.=P.

The Age of Innocence I call it.It saddens me however how the kids today are driven by competition and the constant need to excel.I blame not just the parents,but the entire system of Education,as well as the exploding population.I hope and pray the Indian Government comes up with a solution for the grave predicament soon enough.

My Mantra for the day,to relive ONE such experience that teleports us to our childhood,where we too are not driven by the mundane routine of our Lives and live ONE such experience that makes us feel like a Kid again.That makes up content again.That reminds of our innocent selves.


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