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Do We Matter To India?

1.We,the second sex,who are constantly dictated what to wear,where to go and what time to go back home at?or,

2.We who are unable to pay our taxes because of our impoverished state.We,who are fed poison for food,crushed and crippled by the Bourgeois and don’t even make it to the Police Records.We,who are constantly tormented,pushed and shoved around my people in authority.We,whose lives are taken on a day to day basis as if it is a normal every day event?

3.We who toil,protect and save Our Motherland each day from our enemies,at the borders and within the realms of the territory?

4.We,who diligently pay our taxes and see our money being laundered and stacked away in Swiss(unreachable) Banks?

5.We,who wish to pursue our fields,but we can’t because all our funds are transferred to more ‘popular’ sports?

6.We,who wish to make this country a better place,but we can’t because of our illiterate and criminal record-laden bosses?

7.We,who are treated as foreigners within our own country.

8.We,who are apparently the emblem of innocence are constantly abused,assaulted,manhandled and raped?

9.We,who are divided by our religion,caste,sex,creed,age et cetra.

“Do We Matter To India” was a headline I had come across in The Hindu a few days back,about a Tamilian lady in Sri Lanka asking us Indians this big question,but the bigger question that arose in my mind is,whether we,the current citizens of this country matter to India at all?Are we mere specks of dust in the eyes of this country that ought to be done away with?Because that is exactly how WE feel.The country has become a pandemonium of chaos.

So,the question that arises is,do we matter to India at all?



In Today’s World of Brands…

I remember when I was a kid, a relative or a family friend coming from a foreign country was eagerly anticipated. This anxiety to meet the relative/family friend however for us kids (at the least ) was not for our love of them, but the huge Shopping bags they were expected to be ‘loaded’ with. Even a Walmart Barbie kit, would receive the naive first reaction, “Wooooooooow!(yes!with THAT many ‘o’s)this is THE best present ever.” Thus, the ‘Phoran-return’ uncle/aunty/didi/bhaiya became the Gods who would come bearing marvelous presents. And the frenzy never ceased.

Gradually when the 90s heralded Globalization, the local markets with the shops and ‘dukaans’ were now being replaced by ‘stores’ and ’boutiques’.

I STILL remember my first U.C.B. jersey back when I was 11 which my Mom bought for me from the ONLY U.C.B. store in the South Extension market of New Delhi.I was thrilled with joy.My first ‘international’-branded-jersey-bought-from-India.

And then came the era of the magnificent Monuments called the Malls. And I thought the whole ‘Amrrika'(Read:America) walked on its feet and came settled here. And, we became spoilt for choices. Then onwards, the Uncle/Aunty/Didi/Bhaiya lost their hype,and the elevated standard of Gods was reduced to that of N.R.I.s.Yes!the realization sunk in that they are nothing but ‘normal’ human beings,JUST like us.

And now when the every second that passes becomes history, we haven fallen prey to these Brands. Not you?Alright,’I’ blatantly confess I have.Its an addiction, frankly put. And in order to ‘acquire’ all the ‘branded’ stuff, people are maddeningly driving to earn more,to achieve a ‘Status’, to own the ‘It’ car, to live an ‘opulent’ life, to own brands ‘ONLY’.And in this maddening drive to earn and strive and hoard, we forget that the most ‘needed’ Brand is LOVE. No ‘status’ would provide any happiness without sharing it with someone, no ‘It’ car would be fun to drive alone, no brand would please if worn to be out alone.

So, when you sleep today, just notice, what do you yearn more, the ‘It’ bag you’re itching to purchase or a wish ‘good night’ from some one you love?

And no, my love for ‘Brands’ shall never cease to end,I’m just clarifying that my Favorite Label is L.O.V.E.


“Please Don’t Pity Me”

Hello There,

Today’s post is based on the incident that took place last night.

The end result of my behavior at the said state of affairs left me completely abashed.And no I shall use no defenses to excuse myself from taking the blame for the deed done.

What happened you ask?

On my way back from a ritzy Delhi Market,there were cardinal red lights,and like my luck always works,I had to halt at almost all such intervals.For all my precious Delhi folk know about this,I hope,and for those who don’t,halting at a Crossing implies not merely waiting for the annoying Red Light to switch to Green,but also destitute children importuning the slightest act of generosity they can be bequeathed with.Yesterday,instead of the incessant begging this particular kid with an amputated arm was selling Gajra (a.k.a.flower garland).No one paid heed to the poor chap,so out of ‘sympathy’ I decided to give him a Rs.10 note.As I handed him the note,he immediately took out one strand of Gajra from the stack in order to hand it over to me,which I blatantly refused (please know I have extremely short hair and Gajra-s are usually meant for the hair!).The kid-with-the-amputated-arm did not appreciate my ‘gesture’.Admonishing me politely he said,“Ma’am!I don’t want your pity,I want a hard day’s pay.I might not have one arm,but I most definitely have the Will Power as its replacement.”

The half an hour long drive back home,was probably the longest I have ever traversed.It made me ponder as to why we ‘pity’?Probably because an amputated arm/leg is a cue to our superiority?We ‘pity’ people because it makes us stand at a better stance than them.We as human beings in order to feel good about ourselves confuse pity with generosity.We tend to ‘pity’ people below our own financial standing,we ‘the taller’,’the thinner’,’the fairer’ folk tend to ‘pity’ the ones who do not possess these physical attributes of ‘beauty.’

The lesson I derived from the hour-long introspection yesterday was the one of Acceptance.We need to start accepting these so-called man-made ‘flaws’.We as human beings are all flawed,physically and/or mentally.No body is perfect.The least we can do is give every one a chance to prove their mettle,and if people are in genuine need of alms,then do it out of love and not pity.Do it for the sake of ’empathy’ and not ‘sympathy’.

So,I shall end the post here.

Do,pardon the stream-of-consciousness write-up,I ought not to pen a post with The Blackberry by my side.The incessant BBMs really do spoil the chain of thought.=/

Please do give this one a thought.

Till the next time,

This is N signing out.

Wear Someone Else’s Shoes…

No!Let me clear the air first,this post is not my rant regarding my love and admiration for the lovely Louboutins or Blahniks.=P.(If someone is generously lending,then I am the first in the queue!)

On a much more serious note,from now onwards I shall try and analyze the most of life’s routine from every OTHER person’s angle.

I am a keen observer and when I travel alone it is a true bliss,for I not only glimpse Delhi with its myriads of layers but also the nonchalant working of the social classes.

The one that mostly seems to amaze me is the heart of Delhi,Connaught Place(this is one destination I usually visit alone a lot).Why so?Every individual that passes you,or a couple or a group has a story to tell.From the drugged vagrant lying about on Outer Circle or the V.I.P. in his S-Class,the kids,a to a 9-5 office goer.Every individual has a story to tell.

We,the ‘blessed ones’ begin and end our day with rants and cribbing over ‘trivial matters’.So,I decided,if not everyday and every time,I shall at least make the effort to perceive the state of affairs from the other person’s angle.
Will you?

P.S.:Pardon the apparent stream of conscious write-up.Like I have mentioned before,the studying has taken a serious toll on me.

United We Stand

What amazes me about India is its invincible strength to stand together.

It is a general opinion amongst the masses that only Cricket unites the nation and no such affair can ever fill its shoes.This last decade however,India decided to prove that ours is essentially still a democracy and no one challenge it.Neither the Government of India nor the Judiciary.

The notorious murder cases of the 90s including the Jessica Lal Murder case,the Priyadarshani Mattoo case and even the S.S.P.Rathore case,whose judgements were were not accepted by the Aam Aadmi,were proclaimed in order to change the unacceptable judgement.The 22nd century heralded an era where the Aam Aadmi decided not to sit back and suffer beneath the Mighty Autocrats in the guise of Beaurocrats,Government Officials and even the Plutocrats.The Aam Aadmi since the day of the Independence has been constantly tested and when He was saturated of the angst,He decided to simply remind these Autocrats their function in the system.

Anna Hazare is just another Aam Aadmi who wants India to be rid of the Corruption that has erupted recently.Whether or not his methods ought to be accepted is a personal stance that we are permitted to take.What is essentially more significant however is the cause he is supporting.It not only displays one man’s fight against Corruption,it exhibits India as a collective identity beyond the diversity that is usually under scrutiny,and its strength and capacity to stand together for a cause beyond Cricket.

I firmly believe that the political parties should change their political agenda ’cause We Stand United and diversity can’t break us anymore.


Hope is a Thing With Feathers…

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune–without the words,
And never stops at all,”

One of the most neurotic woman of her times,she was infamous for her aberrant behavior.Years after her demise,her sister found the treasure which would immortalize the closet-poetess Emily Dickinson.With her uncanny metaphors and fluid language enthused with layers of meaning,she is one of my Most Fav.Poetess of all times.

This post is probably a continuation of the post from DAY BEFORE.

As per my mundane routine of reading the news paper early in the morning saturated with news of corruption,Wiki leaking,and the N-Catastrophe in Japan,I flipped for my healthy dose of Editorials,where a particular write-up struck my eye entitled “Tragic Triumph”.The sub-heading read,“Can there be a silver lining to Japan’s dark cloud of devastation?”

And as I mentioned before,there is.A silver lining that is.

Japan might be juggling with the cataclysmic circumstances,the World stands like a spinal-cord in order to aid Her brother in need.From prayers to alms,from twitter to facebook,the World is on its look out to do its bit.

Hope is not merely a reconciliatory force,it is/it ought to be a drive for the fallen to rise from the fall again.The light at the end of a tunnel.It is the dawn after a dark night.The greatest disaster I read,would be one where all Hope is lost.

Unfavorable circumstances are an incumbent part of life which every living being has to endure.And there are two simple methods of facing them:

a)you simply succumb to the problem,and

b)you brave the adversity to the best of your abilities.

And if nothing works pray and Hope for the best.For it is a simple cure to the problem pervading your life.=)

I must end this post with the inspirational lines from the write-up by Mr.Jug Suraiya:

“Today,Japan is once again a deeply wounded victim of malign forces.Will it once again overturn disaster into remarkable victory?It can and it will,because it must.Not just for its own sake,but for the sake of the single fragile and yet indestructible bond that links humankind together:a bond and a lifeline called hope.”

The Week That Was…

The second week of March 2011 shall always be remembered.For all the wrong reasons.

The week began with a high fever.And then there was “Happy International Womens’ Day”(I shall deliberate a post tomorrow on this particular subject) marked by Radhika Tanwar’s murder.And then the atrocities Japan had to suffer in the name of earthquake and tsunamis and now nuclear emergencies.As the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan describes it as “the biggest crisis Japan has encountered in the 65 years since the end of World War II.”

The second week of March 2011 shall always be remembered.For the killer of Radhika Tanwar is behind bars.And the whole wide world has joined hands to pray,contribute and aid to the best of their capacity to help Japan in this hour of need.The twitterati that I am,seeing the President of the most powerful country in the world extend alms also proves that the world is one big family.And that even though mankind spends billions of dollars every year to procure cutting-edge weaponry,at the time of need,mankind is not far behind to extend its aid.Even though all that we can do right now is Hope and Pray,the silver lining lies in the simple fact in the dramatic exercise of Trust,Japan does not fall flat on its face,the rest of the world has her arms open to catch Japan.

R.I.P. Radhika,

Prayers for Japan.

P.S.:The moral of the day,have faith,the silver lining is exists in our perception.

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