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“We Are the Change That We Seek”…

Yes!I admit it.I am a Barack Obama fan.Be it Twitter/Facebook/Wikipedia,I keep myself updated with his inspiring speeches and Official Agreements.Oh!How I pined to meet him when he was in town last year.

Anyhoo,keeping my obsession with Mr.Obama aside,and getting back to the famous quote,I would like to ask myself (and you all may proceed with the same):how many times do we blame the political system for the repugnant sociopolitical circumstances prevalent in today’s times?Or,perhaps,how often do we blame the external circumstances for the problem that has recently erupted?How often do blame The Family/Friends/Beau/Pet/Time et cetra for a misdeed that is ours to blame?
I do not know much about you,but honestly,I do it quite often.Most of the times,it is poor Pet that suffers.

Whenever in doubt,I Google “Barack Obama quotes” and instantly find myself rejuvenated.

And the following is my all time favorite:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. “

We cannot keep blaming the entire world for the teeny-tiny problems of our lives/nations.If we want a Change,We/I must ensure that We/I put a Dent in the Universe to prove our/my point in order to bring about the change that we/I seek.I completely agree that it is easier said than done,so I devised a plan of my own.

Start small.

If you have a Problem with your Professor,bend YOUR attitude to adjust to his.If you have a problem with your Parent/Friend/Beau,you can either voice your opinion and take the thunder or like I said before,bend a little.If (like me) you have a problem with the Political Scenario of the Country,VOICE YOUR OPINION,there are newspapers/journals/magazines thriving on people’s opinion.Start small like I said.With the rise of New and Free Media,utilize the opportunity to its greatest potential.Make YOUR VOICE COUNT.
It is the little things that sum up to become the BIG things right?

So,if you have a problem,you can either blame it on me?[I’d take it graciously!=) ].Or work it out,because if you believe in yourself hard enough,you shall know that YOU & ME,collectively,are the CHANGE THAT WE SEEK.

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