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…Till We Stop Trying…

Hello My Lovelies,

Been long eh?Are you still mad at me?Well you ought to be.I had been out of the circuit for quite a long duration.Haven’t I?Will examinations suffice a good excuse?No!you say?Hhmm,in that case,the burden and pressure of results?No to that as well?Well,ill health?Are you melting?Well,I really have not been keeping too well.’Photodermititis’,in humanly terms it is the inflammation of skin due to excessive exposure to the sun.Excessive not so much in my case,exposure yes.And for three weeks,my skin burnt like that of a vampire’s.So,please excuse me?I do solemnly pledge to be more regular.Now that the exam shenanigan is done with,I am absolutely free.Here for you all,24*7.=).

Well,the past two months have been quite trying.The burden of the books and my pea-sized brain are not exactly the perfect match.The torment my poor brain underwent this past two months is unexplainable in words.Because my brain is literally incapable of remembering any word (since it is already overloaded with excessive information).I know,I can go on and on with my rants.Anyhow,getting back to the point,even though these past two months have been quite burdensome,the valuable lesson that is taught was this that:“defeat does not occur,till we succumb to defeat itself”.It is only when we stop pushing ourselves that extra mile that we lose.It is not the moment when we lose,but the moment we stop trying,is where we lose the actual battle in life.

So,even though,for the past two months,you must have noticed me cribbing and ranting(yes!you have been quite supportive,much grateful!),I did not cease the effort.

So,as the day before the dreaded result shall be declared,I just wanted to take out time,and leave a Mantra for all my readers.One that is bound to procure success.

Please pray for me?And that I score well?

Till the next time(quite soon to be precise).

This is N signing out.


Do Your Best

Hello Lovelies,

Firstly,thank you for being so patient with me.But just two more weeks to go,and then I shall be completely yours.=).At the least,I shall post more often.

Frankly,when I am burdened with the enormous stock pile of studying to do the entire day,by the end of it,I suffer an unendurable mental exhaustion which leaves me with no brains to share my ‘words of wisdom’ with you.

But,today,I woke up,and promised myself that I ought to pen down something today,even if it is by far my shortest post,with no re-checks.

Seeing me endure and persevere for the last one month (or more) she confessed that she does not remember the last time I studied with such persistence.Believe it or not,I burst out crying.I told her,that I am barely prepared to take ‘the’ test (of my life it seems) and that my brain is simply saturated with the information and can not bear to input or cache any further.

To which she simply replied,’Do Your Best’,and if you still don’t make the cut,then it’s their loss.Not yours.

Well,she is after all my sister and she had to say that to cheer me up,but,honestly,the maximum can individual can do is it give ‘the’ test (of life) their best shot,and if she/he still doesn’t make it.Well,at the least she/he tried.And who knows,the Universe has a bigger plan waiting for her/him.

Even though for the next two weeks,I shall be ranting and cribbing,I know,I shall give it my Best Shot.

So,till the next time(please!do be patient with me till then and do stick around),this is me signing out.

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