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Smile,It Costs Nothing…

Hola Chiquitas/Chiquitos,

How goes the perpetuating merriment of the Victory that the Indian Cricket team conferred upon the entire nation?

Goes well you say?I am glad to know.=).

While coming back from an enormously tiring journey in the Delhi Metro with the Women’s Section,which scarcely provided space to breath.I had had enough.And the frustration probably was clearly visible on the face.Due to which,an octogenarian generously smiled,and well,I smiled back.A simple smile did not evidently ebb away the frustration but it certainly lessened it.And consequently,soothed me.I have no clue why?Shed some light on it may be,if you can comprehend?

What I learnt however was,a simple smile usually is the cure to the most annoying predicaments one may experience.And when it comes from a stranger,it signals that the Universe is looking out for me.=).

And well,it costs nothing.

So,I intend to smile more often,no matter how moronic I might seem to be seen,as long as it brings a smile on someone else’s face,then it will be worth it.=)


And So We Bled Blue…


This is one of those glorious days,where NOTHING,and I mean NOTHING could go wrong.And fortunately,no BUTS succeed this  sentence.=D.

Congratulations to all you Indians!The Men in Blue did it.They did not repeat history,no Sir!they brought bountiful glory on their motherland.Hitherto undone.

No Home country has ever won the World Cup.No country follows a religion called Cricket.You matter what your faith/religion/belief may be,I bet today if you were not at Wamkhede Stadium,Mumbai,India,then by all faith,you were glued to the Idiot Box to watch the final match.No faith/religion/belief unites India the way Cricket does.Cricket transcends not just boundaries,but all the evil/cynicism and all the negativity that goes with it.(READ:the Political tamasha that has been going on for a while).

So,yes,the Men in Blue restored my faith in the country,I sometimes forget I am immensely proud of.=).

So,my Mantra for the day,is simple,just when you think you have lost faith (in life) there is usually a Shining Light is around the corner to remind you that Faith and Hope are the essential core of our lives.

Oh!And if you are reading this(’cause I hope too much),I love you Mr.Sachin Tendulkar.I hope it was worth the wait.

And Congratulations!Men In Blue,you truly made us proud!

*Jai Bharat*

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