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The Birthday Post…

…that came 18 days after the Birthday.

First of all,I would like to wish myself a Belated Happy Birthday on your behalf(you were going to wish me?).Well,if you are family or friend or acquaintance (via Facebook or other social networking site),you would know,that after seven years I spent my birthday away from my beloved Dilli.Phew,it scares the ba-jesus out of my to have conversations and recollect memories in decades now.The perks of growing old,eh?

Well,this isn’t what the post is about,ranting about the curses of growing old.Although,if its about growing old,let us compare ourselves to Wine And Scotch,now shall we? 😀

Keeping the trauma of growing ‘old’ aside,I always have and always shall be super-kicked about the biggest day of my life(and no impending wedding won’t match up to this day).Why,you ask?Well,THIS is the day I was privileged into this World,into my family with a warm welcome.There were dreams built around me even before I came into existence,this is the first time my parents held me,they blessed me,hugged me and kissed me.This was the first day of my adventure called life.So,I shall ALWAYS be super-kicked about my birthday.And the guilt-free indulgence and the gifts are just the perks (if you are friend/family:No,they are NOT,I better get a present and some cupcakes.Its the silent rule of Birthday, :D)

I know life throws innumerable hurdles in our path,almost every day,and there are days we curse,”why the hell was I put on this planet?” yada yada yada,and I do it more than often(leaning towards the pessimistic side perpetually).But,on this day I am always grateful,to God,to my parents,to my friends,to myself,to have survived so long,to have been priveleged with all the luxuries that I conveniently take for granted,to all the days I idly waste,to all the people who decided to stay in my life and stick by through thick and thin,and mostly to myself(it is MY birthday after all,now ain’t it): for having made it through another year.

The point of all this is not to bring to your scrutiny my quasi-narcissistic tendencies,it is to explain that it is essential that we learn to celebrate ourselves,appreciate ourselves and most importantly value ourselves.Over the years we start to take ourselves for granted and we forget the we possess the potential to obtain our wildest dreams,but we reluctantly succumb to the mundane and accept ourselves as ordinary,and gradually that is what we let ourselves become.

The point of this post is to believe in those dreams you dreamt when once you were a child,when you truly believed you could conquer the world.As we grow older,as we mature,we let forget to celebrate ourselves,to treat ourselves,to believe in ourselves,and that is precisely why I have decided that albeit I might succumb to the brutalities of life 364 days in a year,on July 12 every year I shall celebrate me and all the insanity that comes along with it.I buy myself a cake and a present and a bottle of fine Wine(well Vodka is my poison) and herald the year like it is going to be my last (or till the clock strikes 12).

Are you going to do the same?

I hope you do,




What If…

…You could never fail,what would you do?

When I saw this picture on one of my Facebook Pages,a gush of joy ran through my veins.I was jolted out of my perpetual pessimism.Was this even possible?

And with that question,the inevitable serpent of DOUBT coiled around me.

I am a fitness addict,if you’ve known me personally,I have struggled with weight loss and prefer healthier foods and a strict workout regime over lethargy,and with that ONE goal in mind I never look back,because giving up was never an option for me.

So,why not for goals in life?The tiny ones,the big ones,the ones that scare me the most,the ones which seem to only exist my cloud bubbles of dreams.If there was NO option to lose in those,IF I did not give myself an option to secede could I win it,achieve all my unattainable goals?

Maybe I can.Will you strive for yours?


‘Cause Perfection Is Overrated

Hello Hello!

It seems like eons have passed that I last penned something.And not that I was suffering from a writer’s block,not at all.The reason for the unforetold hiatus was first,ill health,and then,moronic internet issues.But,I really did miss writing all this while.It felt as if all these days were somehow not lived to their max. potential,and before I go on further in digressing from the topic at hand head into my predictable poetic trance(yet again),let’s first discuss,what amazing weather Delhi is blessed with these days.I’m basking in the glory while it lasts.Even with what seems like perpetual ill-health now,I am enjoying every moment of it.For it is just fleeting(and I get back to my poetic trance again!The weather does this to me,not that I am complaining.=D).


So,just the other day my friend and I were flipping through one of the many fashion magazines we end up hoarding each month,and were blatantly criticizing the ‘Perfectly-shaped models(READ:ghastly skinny),and so the conversation further reached a point where ‘Perfection’ became the subject of debate.In today’s times where every human being has access to social networking websites like facebook and twitter,clicking pictures and instantly uploading them has become a growing trend.Consequently,we have become more vain,more self-absorbed and frankly put,if not out-in-the-open,well then closet critiques of our own selves.I for one believe that if I don’t like something about me,I try to change it,but yes,critiquing has reached a whole new level with us being put under the microscope,and each part/aspect diligently dissected.The worst part of it all is we deliberately let ourselves endure such torments.Its all very hurtful.And we all succumb to this cycle,whether we accept it or not.

And so I found  the answer to this ever-growing entangled web of predicament was when I watching GLEE the other day,when Rachel spoke of getting a nose-job done,because she was quite displeased with its natural structure and shares it with the rest of the club,their Teacher-in-charge Will Schuester clearly points it out,that these so-called ‘imperfections’ of ours are the qualities that make us unique,individuals,they make us special and different from everyone else.And let’s not restrict it to a shallow outward appearance.As individuals living in a social system,we have a constant need to be accepted,we thus succumb to various pressures in order to conform to different groups.We surrender so much of ourselves to be part of these cliques,simply forgetting,we are giving up on the person that we are.I remember my ‘wannabe’ phase in school,where being a rebel and doing everything restricted was sooo ‘cool’,and I genuinely laugh at myself when I reminisce about those days.Because it just wasn’t me.

Anyhoo,so the point remains,that when we stand in front of the mirror scrutinizing our flaws,we forget,that these flaws of life is what keeps our life so interesting.Perfection,if seen from a perspective can be sooo boring,don’t you think?

So,be proud of who you are.You truly are unique,and that is why you are so beautiful.=).

Motivationally Challenged(Of Sort)

With examinations just around the corner,my primary predicament is not the actual examination but the lethargy that disables me from studying.And lethargy devices a plan with my biggest fiend,Procrastination which further prevents me from studying.

Facebook and Twitter possess this the reckless addictive nature,so they don’t exactly fit the bill for the Best Webpages at this time of the year.

So,instead of logging onto the Social Networking sites I am going to judiciously use my internet services to procure knowledge and not the latest goss.

Even though,I am motivationally challenged,I shall try to study today.

Please,I need all the best wishes I could get right now.And remedies would be welcome too.=)


The Longest Yard

Adam Sandler at his best.Are you a fan?I sure am.

Since childhood,I have a weird fixation for the idiot box.Not one day has past that I have lived without it.[Minus the Boarding School days,I ended up doing quite a chunk load of productive work as a consequence].

Yes,the movie is being viewed in tandem with this particular point.

I do recommend it if you have not already viewed it.

Back to the point,The Longest Yard,is a coming-of-age movie about an ex-N.F.L. Quarterback,who endures the physical and mental brutalities of prison only to learn familial bonding with his teammates in the cell.

Well,the lesson I derived from the flick is this:it is hardest mile to cross,is essentially the last one leading us to our Victory.So,however long the yard might be,if you have the will,Victory can be within our reach.=)


Befriend Criticism

Even before you stereotype my new friend as a pejorative one,I must ask,do you usually accept  the supposed “derisive comments” commensurate with the supposed “compliments” you receive?Honestly speaking,most of the times I don’t.

Criticism for me can put simply so:the first shot of tequila,where the throat burns benumbing the brain.In case of Criticism however,the burning does not limit itself to the throat,it stretches will to the bottom-most pit of the stomach,the lurching is merely a knee jerk reaction signifying my abashment.Oh!And did I mention the boiling pot called the Brain?It most definitely is reacting to the criticism in its shell without mouthing the curses.

Like my daily dose of epiphanies,I gradually learnt that we have much to learn Criticism than Compliment.Criticism provides oneself with the facets of scope to improve oneself.Criticism is like the sharpener,which utilized correctly can trash out the junk leaving the pencil with a pointed tip to reap the maximum from the mere pencil.(Please do excuse my lousy examples!).

So,my Mantra for today is simple so:scrutinize the critical remarks and opinions and work on them,endure the pain to procure a Better Human Being.In my own way,I call it Befriending Criticism.

Of Failure and Learning…

Just last week I wrote a post regarding,Failure,and fear of failure.And how this fear hinders a Person’s growth majorly.Today,however,I shall share with you Failure from an all together different perspective.

Failure I have always believed is the essence of Success.Success has no value without it.Just like a Hero no stature without the abhorrent and repugnant Villian,similarly Success would simply have to meaning without Failure.

The key here however is,whether or not we learn from our Failure or not.Do we simply keep on committing the same mistake again and again?And end up whining because we failed to procure the desired result?Every bump on the road has a lesson.In order to equip ourselves with Happiness,we must first and foremost learn from our mistakes and implement the corrections as well.

Also,I read in the Speaking Tree(Courtesy:Times of India),that Failure must be welcome with Open Arms,as we welcome Success.Failure is inapt Guru.It has lessons that Success can never teach.And if we start accepting Failure equally as Success,then we will be able to live a life with unadulterated joy too.=)

Failure also is a sign that further hard work is required for our goal.And if we are dedicated enough the Goal is not merely a distant dream,I believe,it is OURS.And even if it not,in our Hearts we are satisfied that we did the Best we could.
Till tomorrow,

Don’t be disheartened,failure is not an obstacle,but a Guide on this journey called Life.=)

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