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AirLifted and Awed

Hello my Lovelies,

If you are an Indian, then you must have probably hashtag-ed or checked-in to have watched Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Airlift’ by now. And well, if I am indeed entertaining some videsi (Hindi word for foreign) fellow readers, then let me give you a brief introduction of the movie. Airlift is based on the real event of evacuation of almost 1.20 lakh Indians from the war-torn country of Kuwait when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. And if you have seen Argo, then imagine Tony Mendez aiding in evacuation of 1.20 lakh instead of 6 Indians. This evacuation has been the largest in the history of the world, and necessarily etching India’s name in the Guinness Book of World Record.

What truly enraptured me in the movie was the fictional character of Ranjit Katyal played by the Indian actor Akshay Kumar. Ranjit Katyal has been introduced as an astute negotiator, a cut-throat businessman subserving his own personal interest, lacking in affinity for his nationality or the nation he resides in. Katyal is an elitist who knows how to make money and love his family. He has been portrayed realistically to fret to hear of the news of the war. The first thought is to have his family in the custody of safety. He is what ANY Indian in his position would have done. However, as his wife in the middle of the narrative calls him, he suffers a “malfunction” and he develops a heart for all the Indian who come to his to seek refuge. He sets up a rescue camp for the Indians and aids in their evacuation as if his life depended on it. And well it did. Quite literally. After setting up the camp, he manages to have a fleet of 500 Indians sent through water, while having the rest travel across 1000 km through Iraq to Jordan single-handedly, with the aid of just one Indian Government karamchari (Hindi for Officer) who at the constant behest of Katyal manages to coax the lax Indian Government, rather to coax multiple Ministries to execute the successful evacuation of Indians in such a magnitude.

The movie will grip you and yes you will shed tears aplenty, by being proud of India and Her many bygone, untold feats. But Katyal takes the cake in this movie. And pardon me, if this post looks more like a movie review, well, it is not. Please go and watch the movie and you are more than welcome to decide for yourself.

What I have to say today is about one man stepping up when the world around his suddenly collapses. We are all humans. We all fail at the tests of life. We pose and pretend that we are strong. But when the world around us crumbles, whether we can withstand that, whether in times of our own personal calamity, whether we can weather a storm for the loved ones around us, is what matters. THIS is what Ranjit Katyal was to me. A fictional hero fabulously stitched into a real event of history. As per my research there were certain influential businessmen who played an instrumental role in the evacuation of the Indians back in 1990 as well. Ergo, he wasn’t that fictional after all. He was the mortal form of Hope. He was the flesh and blood of humanity. He is what I would like to believe the Hope that it only takes one man’s undying faith and effort to change the course of millions.

So pardon me if you think I am wrong, but I would like to believe in the reality of these fictional heroes. I Hope that they exist, I Hope I get to see them some day, I Hope I get to be them some day.


Till the next time. Have a hopeful one. 🙂


Matru Ki Bijli ka ManDollar

So I am not one to write movie reviews.Not exactly my forte.Nor have any Indian movies inspired me in the longest time.I cannot remember the last movie that made me proud of the fact that this is an Indian cinematic creation.

Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola was a movie I watched three weeks after its release.I was not expecting too much out of it either because of the bad reviews.I still went for it because everyone who watched it raved about Pankaj Kapoor’s acting.

I wouldn’t lie in admitting the movie bored me certain scenes,well um,quite a lot of them.Primarily the ones that did not include Pankaj Kapoor.But it was refreshing to have watched an Indian movie being completely shot in India.I mean all the Blockbuster movies are no-script ‘forren’ country tours with Big stars in the front up with their ridiculous shenanigans they call acting.Like I said,it was a pleasant surprise to see India as the foreground.

Well,if you have not watched the movie the protagonist played by Imran Khan is an educated lawyer who works as a chaffeur for the ‘Zamindar’ of a village named after him called Mandola played by none other than Pankaj Kapoor who has a daughter called Bijli (played by Anushka Sharma) and the love story between them chaffeur and the daughter of Zamindar is a sad portrayal of class distinction all thanks to their sad acting skills,sorry to say.

Well,then after ranting about how the movie bored me,you must be wondering why am I even talking/blogging about it?

Well,there is this one dialogue between Pankaj Kapoor and the Minister (who shall give him the tender of the land based on the contingency that he marries his daughter to her son) played by Shabana Azmi which speaks about the rising middle class.About this class’ consumerist tendencies.The newly erupted Mall Culture.How they provide us services by shelling out money from their own pocket,after encroaching,yes encroaching upon the poor farmers’ land in the form of centrally air-conditioned/heated Malls and Cinema Halls and then re-claim the spent Dollar in the shops and ticketing counters respectively.How they construct higher Housing Societies and charge escalated prices.The cycle completes a full cycle by providing and then taking it back.And this engine of greed created by these Corporations needs to constantly fed,needs to be enlarged by creating greed amongst this rising middle class.And to create and then consequently feed this engine of greed,to feed this burning desire,this OCD to constantly acquire more has become a deep-rooted motive in the class’ mind.The Indian ‘Sanskar’ (yet again sadly portrayal,at least Vishal Bhardwaj had the balls to point this character trait out) have taken a back seat and this class has become a perpetual consumer.Relationships are founded based on the other person’s pocket and luxury is a necessity,even at the cost of the ‘Aam Aadmi’,the ‘Mazdoor’,the ‘Kamzor’,the ‘voiceless‘,the ‘savage’,the ‘uneducated’,because well frankly who cares about them?

This mirroring image of the society was a harsh image to digest.Primarily because I am one of those consumers I mock.I possess the defining qualities of the OCD consumer.

All in all it was an amazing effort by Vishal Bhardwaj which fell short on applause on two accounts:

1.The movie was badly scripted,the burden carried by Pankaj Kapoor only,

2.People are unwilling to accept this tragic flaw.They never have they never will.Because the ‘poor’,the ‘Aam Aadmi’ is just a mere pawn in this mythical system of governance called Democracy of India.

Carpe Diem

Hello My Lovelies,

How art thou?I hope all goes well at your end.Me?I am just fine.Birthday month coming to an end.And the merry making as well.The birthday fat needs to be rid off come August.If only I could eat without so much as gaining a pound.Alas,the whimsical fancies of a girl.

Anyhoo,I believe all of you have watched ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.Well,if you have not,I suggest you should.It is a movie that inspires you,a movie you can connect with,a movie which shall make you laugh,and if you are the ‘senti-mantal’,yes,’senti-mantal’ like me,then it shall also make you cry.

I do not want to ruin it for all those who have not watched it yet,just leaving you with a thought,Carpe Diem.We as human beings,have big dreams we wish to achieve,and in the struggle to achieve these big dreams TOMORROW,we forget to live our today.So,now onwards,I am going to:”Live like there is no tomorrow.”Will you?=).

Hence,Bucket List coming verrrrry soon.I suggest you make one too.

Mucho love.

Paint It Red

Hola Senors/Senoritas,

Como Esta?Que Pasa?Mi?Muy bien,gracias!

I ought to stop flaunting my Spanish skills.=P.Okay,you caught me,this is ALL the Spanish I know.But why the sudden love for Espanol?Last night,when I was flipping through the channels on the television,I stumbled upon a music video,and quite intrigued by the concept I googled it.Only to find out that the song was from a yet to release movie called ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.’

The connection you ask?The music video is shot amidst the famous Spanish festival of ‘La Tomatina’ held every year on the last Wednesday of every August.Five friends on a trip thoroughly enjoying life and moreover each others’ company and living the moment.Sheer bliss I would like to call it.

How is the insanity of ‘tomato tossing’ relevant to the Mantra for my lovely readers?Well,the answer lies in the title of the movie:‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ .Even though I am a staunch believer of reincarnation,I am of the belief that is our ONE chance to life.At this one shot of life that we have,it is certain that we shall win some battles and lose the other,but whether or not we make the most of it,and live each moment as destiny proposes is what makes it worthwhile.

It took me a few years frankly,for this fact to sink in,but I am glad it eventually did.Probably that is the reason why I am insanely in love with this track from the same movie:’Der Lagi Lekin‘,which completely defines my current mental status.It is one of those songs which you think was penned just for you.=).

And well,I am saving every penny I can to attend next year’s ‘La Tomatina’.Even though it is too soon to ask,but would you like to join me?

Last night ‘Ik Junoon‘ was perpetually left on replay mode.So,if haven’t seen the video already or heard the track,do check it out.



I am DYING for the movie to release soon.I need all the respite I can get right now.

Till the next time,

This is N signing out.

The Longest Yard

Adam Sandler at his best.Are you a fan?I sure am.

Since childhood,I have a weird fixation for the idiot box.Not one day has past that I have lived without it.[Minus the Boarding School days,I ended up doing quite a chunk load of productive work as a consequence].

Yes,the movie is being viewed in tandem with this particular point.

I do recommend it if you have not already viewed it.

Back to the point,The Longest Yard,is a coming-of-age movie about an ex-N.F.L. Quarterback,who endures the physical and mental brutalities of prison only to learn familial bonding with his teammates in the cell.

Well,the lesson I derived from the flick is this:it is hardest mile to cross,is essentially the last one leading us to our Victory.So,however long the yard might be,if you have the will,Victory can be within our reach.=)


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