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The Birthday Post…

…that came 18 days after the Birthday.

First of all,I would like to wish myself a Belated Happy Birthday on your behalf(you were going to wish me?).Well,if you are family or friend or acquaintance (via Facebook or other social networking site),you would know,that after seven years I spent my birthday away from my beloved Dilli.Phew,it scares the ba-jesus out of my to have conversations and recollect memories in decades now.The perks of growing old,eh?

Well,this isn’t what the post is about,ranting about the curses of growing old.Although,if its about growing old,let us compare ourselves to Wine And Scotch,now shall we? 😀

Keeping the trauma of growing ‘old’ aside,I always have and always shall be super-kicked about the biggest day of my life(and no impending wedding won’t match up to this day).Why,you ask?Well,THIS is the day I was privileged into this World,into my family with a warm welcome.There were dreams built around me even before I came into existence,this is the first time my parents held me,they blessed me,hugged me and kissed me.This was the first day of my adventure called life.So,I shall ALWAYS be super-kicked about my birthday.And the guilt-free indulgence and the gifts are just the perks (if you are friend/family:No,they are NOT,I better get a present and some cupcakes.Its the silent rule of Birthday, :D)

I know life throws innumerable hurdles in our path,almost every day,and there are days we curse,”why the hell was I put on this planet?” yada yada yada,and I do it more than often(leaning towards the pessimistic side perpetually).But,on this day I am always grateful,to God,to my parents,to my friends,to myself,to have survived so long,to have been priveleged with all the luxuries that I conveniently take for granted,to all the days I idly waste,to all the people who decided to stay in my life and stick by through thick and thin,and mostly to myself(it is MY birthday after all,now ain’t it): for having made it through another year.

The point of all this is not to bring to your scrutiny my quasi-narcissistic tendencies,it is to explain that it is essential that we learn to celebrate ourselves,appreciate ourselves and most importantly value ourselves.Over the years we start to take ourselves for granted and we forget the we possess the potential to obtain our wildest dreams,but we reluctantly succumb to the mundane and accept ourselves as ordinary,and gradually that is what we let ourselves become.

The point of this post is to believe in those dreams you dreamt when once you were a child,when you truly believed you could conquer the world.As we grow older,as we mature,we let forget to celebrate ourselves,to treat ourselves,to believe in ourselves,and that is precisely why I have decided that albeit I might succumb to the brutalities of life 364 days in a year,on July 12 every year I shall celebrate me and all the insanity that comes along with it.I buy myself a cake and a present and a bottle of fine Wine(well Vodka is my poison) and herald the year like it is going to be my last (or till the clock strikes 12).

Are you going to do the same?

I hope you do,




Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Even before I attempt to begin,I must sincerely apologize for the sluggish attempts of updating my blog.It can duly be blamed on the ill-health.*PINKY SWEAR*,no lying.

I hope you stick around though.(Pretty please?)

The onset of the month of February signals the much awaited Valentine’s Day,and all I can see around is some precious l-u-h-v-i-n-g(Yes!that’s how I pronounce it).Ooh!its the most amazing time of the year,for the lovely couples,it is a day of celebrating,not just WITH each other,but celebrating EACH OTHER,and their presence in each others’ lives,for all the lovely Singles’ it is all about acknowledging themselves and hoping to meet the ONE.

I am an over the top corny,mushy,chick-lit/flick digger love junkie(Ask my friends,they shall vouch for the fact.=D).Ergo,Valentine’s is no less than a Diwali or a Christmas for me.Call me crazy but I firmly believe that LOVE makes our world go round.We might have all we ‘want’,but it is that one thing we truly ‘need’.It is that magical place where everything seems like a possibility.It is what makes you feel valued,that there is someone out there,looking out for you.

Love engulfs all pain and suffering.It makes the world a better place.It creates Hope.It is the soul of humanity.

So,how can I not love LOVE?

Even though I did have an extravagant V-Day(because of ill-health),I am glad there is a day to celebrate Love.Show the people who matter that you care,that you appreciate their presence in your life.Just a hug,or a call or a message would suffice.Let nothing hold you back.Believe me,it is totally worth it.=D.

I shall end the haphazardly written post with a quote I read on a fellow blogger’s page:

“When love is not madness, it is not love.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Have an absolutely loved year ahead.


The Buried Life

After much deliberation I deduced the conclusion that ‘The Buried Life’ would be the most appropriate choice as the title of this post.I have been a huge fan of their show and most importantly their ideology,to live life like it was your last day.Ignoring the hoo-ha of the world-coming-to-an-end theory of the Mayans,I intend to live 2012 up to the fullest.2012 shall ergo be the year of Adventure and I am going to be trying some of the adventure sports I haven’t had the opportunity to try:



3.Bunjee Jump,

4.Save money and go on a trip alone,

I’ve been dying to learn to play (5.)soccer so that goes on the To-Do list for 2012 as well.And like ‘The Buried Life’ goes,every item I cross on the list,I shall help someone cross theirs.

My list of Adventures shall continue increasing through the course of the year,but more importantly,not leaving any stone unturned to take advantage of the adventure called Life.

Happy New Year to all my precious readers.

May God bless you this new year.


P.S.:Do not drink and drive,call a cab if you want to enjoy your NYE.

P.S.2:I shall also be making a few changes in my write-ups this new year,hope you are excited about as much as I am.=D.

The Diwali Post

So,like always,let me first begin with a BIG FAT apology.Why this time?The lack of imagination for the title.The brain nerves are busy serving the child in me who erupts just as when I fall ill.Okay.That was just a sad joke.

The following is a poem I had written some seven years back when I was in class ten(this reminds me,I feel terribly old when I reminisce from a timeline close to a decade or even five years for that matter.Boy!I can go on with the ranting!),yes,so this poem I had written when I had first fallen in “love”.I have to warn you,it is quite cheesy,pretty juvenile and well,quite 16 year old-ish.




When you wake up in the morning,

with the thought of somebody making you joyous,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When you see the bright sun

undo the curtains,

the sparkle makes you enraptured,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When through the course of the day

you dream and do nothing else,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When you tuck yourself to bed,

you’ll think of somebody to wish good-night

with all your heart,

you’ll know you’re in love.

This was just a brief,

but the best part lies ahead,

when you gape at the stars

in search of a dazzling face,

see the brightest star close to the moon,

when you are part of the crowd

that’s busy in its own commotion,

and you are dreaming of a face,

thinking of  a memory,

and laughing with your own self,feeling supple.

When flower shops and greetings 

are your frequent haunts,

When from 12 in night till the morning light

you talk,and not want to stop.

These gestures are small,

you need to fall for them,

fall in the pool of love,

and you will realise

you are madly in love.

When you’ll realize you’re in love,

you’ll see the pretty face

and feel two hearts simultaneously beating within you.

You’ll feel the completeness,

you’ll know you’re in love.

On the day these signs are scrutinized by you,

your soul would engulf love,

and that day come to me,

and tell me that you’ve finally fallen in love with me.

See,I warned you that it is quite juvenile.Yes!I was a kid back then.

Anyhoo,so if you haven’t already left (because of the lame poem),I bet you must be wondering what does a ‘po-yam’ like this be significant to the Diwali Post?

Well,this is also a special Post Out(Read:Shout Out) for my dear friend,R. who is going through a tough time.And the comparison drawn shall be clear by the following:

I had an epiphany last week,that on this auspicious day of Diwali,it is also so that it is a Moonless night,and we Indians light ‘diyas’ in celebration of Lord Rama’s return from fourteen year long exile.

Life like the day,rather the method of celebrating Diwali are quite similar.Even in the worst of times we need to light our diyas of Hope because life isn’t perfect.What makes it worthwhile is to look beyond imperfections and learn to live happily nonetheless.

So,I hope you had a safe Diwali.Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead.

And a special hug for R.I love you,and I am ALWAYS here for you.I hope you liked the surprise.




The Birthday Post

Hello My Lovelies,

For all those who do not know,it was my birthday day before.Being the youngest in the family,and frankly the most pampered,my Birthday connotes Diwali,Eid and Christmas all packed in one day.This time around,I wanted to conduct an experiment and put it forward for your perusal.What would that be you ask?The past year,when the year round I was sitting at home,I learnt to live with myself happily,and was quite content with it.I started going shopping alone(for all you girlies!you know it is impossible!),and even started watching movies alone,a typical American trend,but I am quite alright with it,thank you.The experiment however,was to ‘dine alone’.That for an insane person like me as well,is quite scary.So,I had been dodging my friends’ call from a week before my birthday.(And yes!they are quite angry still!).

Alas,the experiment has been postponed for some other occasion.Not that I didn’t have fun.My agenda for the day was such:

1.Go to Bangla Sahib,

2.Have Absinthe,

3.Eat lunch alone,

4.Buy myself a birthday present,

5.Dinner with Sis and her BFF.

Apart from 3 and 4 I manage to cross the rest,well Sis’s BFF could not join us,but the day turned out to be quite a good one.

Ah!Now the important section,this past year I thought had been quite the trying one.At the end of one year,I realize however that,it was a Lesson God intended to teach.I stumbled and fell,yes,indeed,but at the end of it all,I learnt to pick myself up as well.

Some of the most amazing things that happened to me this past year include:

1.I fell more in love with my BFF,A.,she is the most amazing thing to have happened to me,she gets me no one does,she is there when I need her,no questions asked,she forgives me easily,and with all my flaws she accepts me and loves for the way I am,I love you TOO much A,

2.I finally learnt to drive,and now I know for a fact HOW much I had missed out till now,well,like it’s said,BETTER LATE THAN NEVER,

3.I started blogging,it is relieving to yearn that we aren’t the only ones struggling with the kind of issues we have in life,the purpose of my blog to leave a Mantra for every one else,and yet it happens,I end up assimilating and inculcating valuable lessons from peoples’ blogs,

4.I lost most of my puppy fat,(mind you!MOST of it,not ALL of it,!).Yes!I know,I still have a long way to go,but it feels good to have finally embarked the journey after 21 years of my life span.People keep asking me how I managed to do it,whether I joined a Diet Course,worked out,did something ‘special'(yes!they use this specific word!),so in this regard I can only say,THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS TO SUCCESS,if something is worth achieving,there is just one way,hard work.And trust me it pays off,

5.I patched things up with S,she through out school had been my Soul Sister,and I managed to ruin it all.We literally grew up together.Went through the ‘wannabe-ish’ phase together,grew out of it together,learnt of fashion and other unmentionable subjects too together.She understood me like no one did,or still does may be,and for all these reasons and infinite more,I love her,and I am glad we patched it all,

6.I shall start College again,after exactly one year,I am quite excited and nervous,and well Law School,who would have thought I would end up pursuing Law,but yes,it indeed feels great,

7.I became much closer to Ronny and A.J,it is sad how people lose touch and forget that they had spent quite an amazing time just a few years back.I did too lose touch with most of my friends,I tend to go into my shell quite often,but thanks to technological advancements and in my case,my lovely Blackberry,I got back in touch with Ronny and A.J..Ronny was my roommate in school,and much more.She is one of the most kindest and generous souls I have come across in my life,she has stuck by and motivated me through some of the trying times and done so with a smile,I just wish she wasn’t as far away as she is,’cause waking up every morning and knowing that there is someone to look out for you is the most blissful feeling,ah well!we have our ‘what’sapp’.And about A.J.,I have always admired her for the person that she is,unfortunately we weren’t as close friends in school as we are now,sadly,she is miles away too.I am glad that this person,whom I dearly admired is finally a close friend.

8.My ‘newest’ and most ‘awesomest’ friend,J.T.It is rare that one comes across individuals with a heart of gold like his.Even though I have known him for barely three or four months,I feel blessed to have him in my life.It is a general perception that people are losing faith in mankind and there is a gradual decay of humanity,but coming across individuals like him reignites my faith.Yes,I agree,I barely know him,but I am going to make sure that I am not letting him go out of my life.That is why it is called Best Friend Forever,=),

9.I finally learnt to fall in love with myself.We are our biggest critics and it is quite upsetting how we expect people to accept us the way we are,when truly put even WE don’t accept ourselves.But this past year,I made a deliberate attempt to appreciate myself with all my flaws.

Yes,this last year has been quite the trying one,however I decided to concentrate on the ‘Blessings’ Good Lord showered me with.

There is a gigantic list of ‘TO-DOs’ for this coming year.Gradually as I keep crossing it off,I shall share the experiences with you.

Till the next time this is N signing out.

Happy New Month!

Why the glee?

Well.I am a HUGE fan of Novelty.And if we can herald a New Year aspiring and hoping for a better year filled with promises then why not a New Month?

Each month,each week,each day is a blessing.And we must cherish it and utilize it to its utmost potential.

And well,it also provides a reason to party.=D.

I usually make a List of To-dos to accomplish in the coming month,March did not do me much good,so I am pining on April to do so.(Please pray for me?Will you?I hope you will?)

And with Gossip Girl and 90210 commencing again,I hope more reasons to love April,than not.

Ergo,till tomorrow,this is Me wishing you,Happy New Month,wishing you bountiful joy and 30 days worth of  opportunities to yield.


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