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Hope is a Thing With Feathers…

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune–without the words,
And never stops at all,”

One of the most neurotic woman of her times,she was infamous for her aberrant behavior.Years after her demise,her sister found the treasure which would immortalize the closet-poetess Emily Dickinson.With her uncanny metaphors and fluid language enthused with layers of meaning,she is one of my Most Fav.Poetess of all times.

This post is probably a continuation of the post from DAY BEFORE.

As per my mundane routine of reading the news paper early in the morning saturated with news of corruption,Wiki leaking,and the N-Catastrophe in Japan,I flipped for my healthy dose of Editorials,where a particular write-up struck my eye entitled “Tragic Triumph”.The sub-heading read,“Can there be a silver lining to Japan’s dark cloud of devastation?”

And as I mentioned before,there is.A silver lining that is.

Japan might be juggling with the cataclysmic circumstances,the World stands like a spinal-cord in order to aid Her brother in need.From prayers to alms,from twitter to facebook,the World is on its look out to do its bit.

Hope is not merely a reconciliatory force,it is/it ought to be a drive for the fallen to rise from the fall again.The light at the end of a tunnel.It is the dawn after a dark night.The greatest disaster I read,would be one where all Hope is lost.

Unfavorable circumstances are an incumbent part of life which every living being has to endure.And there are two simple methods of facing them:

a)you simply succumb to the problem,and

b)you brave the adversity to the best of your abilities.

And if nothing works pray and Hope for the best.For it is a simple cure to the problem pervading your life.=)

I must end this post with the inspirational lines from the write-up by Mr.Jug Suraiya:

“Today,Japan is once again a deeply wounded victim of malign forces.Will it once again overturn disaster into remarkable victory?It can and it will,because it must.Not just for its own sake,but for the sake of the single fragile and yet indestructible bond that links humankind together:a bond and a lifeline called hope.”


The Week That Was…

The second week of March 2011 shall always be remembered.For all the wrong reasons.

The week began with a high fever.And then there was “Happy International Womens’ Day”(I shall deliberate a post tomorrow on this particular subject) marked by Radhika Tanwar’s murder.And then the atrocities Japan had to suffer in the name of earthquake and tsunamis and now nuclear emergencies.As the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan describes it as “the biggest crisis Japan has encountered in the 65 years since the end of World War II.”

The second week of March 2011 shall always be remembered.For the killer of Radhika Tanwar is behind bars.And the whole wide world has joined hands to pray,contribute and aid to the best of their capacity to help Japan in this hour of need.The twitterati that I am,seeing the President of the most powerful country in the world extend alms also proves that the world is one big family.And that even though mankind spends billions of dollars every year to procure cutting-edge weaponry,at the time of need,mankind is not far behind to extend its aid.Even though all that we can do right now is Hope and Pray,the silver lining lies in the simple fact in the dramatic exercise of Trust,Japan does not fall flat on its face,the rest of the world has her arms open to catch Japan.

R.I.P. Radhika,

Prayers for Japan.

P.S.:The moral of the day,have faith,the silver lining is exists in our perception.

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