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Of Fairytales and Royalty

Hola Senor/Senoritas,

Well,for all you lovely readers,a sincere apology for the tardy post.This past month has been quite the hectic one.Coupled with the erratic schedules and the incessantly unabating Delhi heat.April had been a gigantic pain.But I suppose I should leave my ranting for some other time.

There is something,I must share,that I love more than my regular dose of cheesecakes and cupcakes:ROMANCE.(Yes!I am a typical girl.A big sucker for romance.)
And well,though,I could not watch the Royal Wedding,thanks to the insurmountable work load and study-sessions(here I go with my ranting again),I did however manage to  catch a glimpse of how smitten Prince William was with Kate Middleton,and vise versa.They looked madly in love.I wish I had seen the entire Procession,but at the end of the day,I did end up deducing a very believable conclusion.What?you ask.

Well,simple so,True Love exists,and nothing can keep you away from it,if you just believe.

He might not be the Knight in shining armor as we were told when we were kids,but he will surely know when and how to protect you.

He might not wake you up from your perpetual slumber,but if you give him a chance He will let aid you in becoming who you deserve to be.

He might not be there with you today,but if you simply believe,then your Fairytale is just beginning.=)

P.S.:see,I told you so,I am a sucker for Romance.Anyhoo,please do keep reading,’cause I shall keep writing more regularly now on.

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