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My Matrimonial Advertisement

Namaste Auntyji,

“Pairi paunna! Kaisi hai aap? Nahi Aunty abhi shaadi ka koi vichaar nahi hai. I know I will not get the option of ‘pick and choose’ for the groom as I grow older. But thank you so much for your unconditional love and concern. Nahi Auntyji, mein inni soni kudi hone pe bhi apne liye koi ladka nahi dhoondh paayi. Please maafi de do?”

If you are an Indian girl aged in her 20s, you cannot deny that you have at the least not been hounded once by one of the Auntyjis who harrow you with the question of marriage and how we haven’t found one ‘suitable boy’ yet. You have, haven’t you? Well, first of all, all you Auntyjis out there, thank you so much for all of your love and concern for my marriage but I would highly appreciate it that you concentrate your energy on yourself rather than rubbing your bored nose in my personal business. It is just plain nosy. I am more than happy for you that your daughter recently got engaged to her boyfriend of 10 years, but that does  not necessarily mean that the hourglass has turned and time is ticking for me to get married. Thank you very much.

We all have one of these pesky Auntyji who refuse to poke their nose from our personal lives. We have had one throughout our lives. One who compared her children’s marks with ours in school, one who compared which degree we are pursuing in comparison to their own supremely talented kids, then came the comparison qua our pay package and now finally (now because, this is the stage of life I am at, I shall continue the saga  when Auntyji starts poking her nose to force me into pregnancy and so on) of the urgency to have us married. For the life of me, I cannot fathom, whether she considers me a burden on her or my parents, who cannot wait to get rid of me. I know this post sounds like an enraged spinster, very Bridget Jones going home for Christmas-y, but the blunt truth is, I am more than happy with where and who I am right now. And what ticks me off is when I am not remotely involved in your life, what is your concern as to where my life is heading?

Having said that, I am not opposed to marriage, and as the title of the post goes, this is more of a matrimonial advertisement than a rant. So continuing on that course, since I love to write, I thought I would be more expressive on my views on marriage on paper and present a more accurate picture, since the information is first hand and not edited at all.

So here goes…

I am a typical Indian, who has been brought up with Indian Sanskaar, but I think my parents defaulted a little in bringing me up as a human being in comparison to a girl. They should have taught me the difference between the two. And then they went on to commit the monumental sin of sending me to a boarding school where I learnt to be absolutely independent and a free-thinker. *tch tch*. Okay, I think, the rant is still continuing, so I shall try and behave myself a little.

The fact of the matter is, I am an extremely traditional girl when it comes to marriage. It is an absolutely sacrosanct relationship for me. And it is a life long decision, so I cannot fathom the urgency with which the parents or the Auntyjis of our lives want us to be married? I need to figure myself out first. I am starting a brand new chapter of my life where I want to at least finish a page (read: a year or two into my career) or two before I start the next chapter. So what is the rush? Is it the biology? That my time to reproduce is inversely proportionate to my physical growth in age? Or the fact I shall physically age? Or that I might have ‘needs’ which might taint my character? Or frankly, that I might have the option to ‘cherry pick’ the person I have to spend the rest of my life with?

Damn it! This nowhere comes close to a matrimonial advertisement.

Okay, let me try again.

“Dear Future Husband!

I hope I find you, if I am ever so lucky to find a person, with whom I am willing to spend the rest of my life, and you in return, are willing  to endure the absolute madness that I am, I think I would consider myself truly blessed.

I am very tempted to say that you would add meaning to my life, but I have been enormously blessed with a family and a handful of friends who have given my life meaning. (We just found each other, remember?!) . If we are getting married, then you know it is founded on love. I do not know WHEN we will meet each other, but you know by now, I was never the one to compromise. Love and respect are the only two grounds that this relationship holds any  value for me. (For you too, right!). I love you like mad, but you already know that. Because you know that’s how I love. You know I beam when you look at me and that I write letters to you in hand and shall continue to do so, because we shall cherish and nurture our love and it shall only grow with each passing day. Please know, even if we fight, and maybe for days or months together, our love shall be strong enough to withstand any kind of storm. You know I know how to cook, but I rarely do, but if you really want me to, I shall cook for you, mind you, occasionally.

Please know, till last year, I used to walk around with a checklist, searching for a man to fit that checklist. But today, I have grown a little wiser, and I do not love you for the money you have in your bank, the car you drive, the house you have or the way you look. If you have all of this, great, this is all the cherry and the icing of the cake. The actual cake is you and your heart and your soul. And the fact, that you love me a little more than I love you. Because that is all that I want from you. If you do not have any of it, we shall build a life together, and manage with whatever we have till the time we don’t have it. The fun is not in reaching the destination, but travelling the journey TOGETHER, side by side with each other. Please know, I do not want you to hide your struggles from me. I know you are a man and shall be tempted to be protective most of the times,but please know, we are in this together. There shall  be days when you are crumbling, please allow me to be a pillar of strength to you, because I know, when I fail and fall, you will do the same for me. We are partners in this, no?

Please know, I want you to be my home. And that I want me to be your home. A home is a place where you feel the safest. I want our hugs to be like that. And that we should hug each day, even if we are fighting or not talking to each other or not even in the same city! Home is where one feels most at peace. Let us build our own little haven over the years? Say what?

Please know, the only other thing I want from you is that you love my parents as your own. I just have a father and an older left for me. And I would you to at the least value them. And I shall do the same. I shall love your parents as my own. Your family is my family. As I was wisely told in my teens, marriage is not a union of two individuals, it is a marriage of two families. Can we please continue mutual love for each others’ families and take care of them as our own?

I think I have yapped enough, but one last thing, I want us to have kids. And not just human kids, I want pets. Preferably dogs. And our kids, both human and animal, shall be our legacy that we leave back.

Oh wait! I have some more. I feel utter joy while typing this. Because albeit  I have not met you yet, I know I am not willing to settle for anything less than you and if I do find you, I shall marry you in a jiffy, because I know I have found the ONLY person I was ever looking for. 🙂 Hopefully, the same applies to me.

I shall support you in building your career and I hope you will support me in building mine. I know we shall have to make several compromises along the way, for ourselves, our careers, our kids, but let’s not the circumstances of life, affect our love for each other in any way. Because, relationships are much more valuable to me than an x number of notes lying in my bank. No,  I do not mean that my career isn’t important to me, but let’s build each other along the way as individuals in tandem with building ourselves as a unit, because we have been brought up to be independent individuals, and let’s face it, we shall be sick of spending TOO much time together and we need to retain our individuality as well. No? Can we give each other that much space? Please?

I think, I shall end it here, by saying, you know, I haven’t been privy to any happy marriage and that I am afraid even though I haven’t even found you yet. Please allay my fears. I am giving you a precious part of me, my heart. It can be easily broken. Please don’t break it when I am old and wrinkly or when I throw an unnecessary tantrum. Through all of the ups and downs in life, all the celebratory moments and the upheavals, let just two things remain constant: our love and us.

Forever yours,

Complete Madness,

Your Wife”


I had no other way to pen down my Matrimonial Advertisement than to be absolutely honest about my opinion on it. I apologize to all my lovely Auntyjis and would like to tell them all that I am extremely traditional about the concept of marriage and value it is an absolutely pious and sacrosanct relationship, precisely why I am unwilling to ‘settle’ for someone who I do not believe to be worthy of a partner and haven’t found one yet. Hopefully, I will find someone like that, but till then, now you know who am I looking for, and who I am not. Kindly, share my matrimonial advertisement if you are keen on finding me a suitable ‘candidate’.





Without You My Friend

Dear All,

I stand in no position to apologize for the continuous hiatus I keep taking from blogging. I blame my laziness through and through. Lack of inspiration would simply be an excuse. But today’s post is more of a confession. A cathartic confession. I have all my life, yes, ALL.MY.LIFE. been a romantic. Lovers also awed me, the concept of two people falling in love amongst billions of human beings at the same time fascinated me, it still fascinates me. It’s what they say, “the Universe conspires”..a web for them. A cocoon, a solace. To me it seems. Being a girl, I am a hardcore Chick-flick, chick-lit aficionado. The pseudo-intellect in me loves me my intellectual movies and books to read, but deep within I know I enjoy me some love and playful banter tad bit more. I ENJOY it, being the expression to stress on. Simply put, I LOVE LOVE. I just love it. With all my heart and soul. I’ve written teeny bopper-ish love poems all through High School. Still do. They are random and funny and with exaggerated expectations, but that’s just me. Loving love. I have not however had a boyfriend for almost 8 years now. Don’t get me wrong, SOME boys did like me, and I liked some, I was audacious enough to ask out boys, 3 to be precise and all of them turned me down. Yes, my heart did break into million pieces each time. But I still LOVE love, albeit not bold enough anymore to coagulate the courage to make another reckless and heart-wrenching proposal.

I feel that somehow I am incomplete, a part of my inside is empty, waiting, waiting, impatiently, and yet sometimes surprisingly patiently, to be complete. That one day, someday, I shall be loved, in a way no one has loved me before. an exquisite sensation deep within my core. That the rising sun each morning would finally give me a purpose to smile and let me burn deep into the night. No, no, this seems queazy but I am not particularly talking about sex, I am talking about falling in love. I want to feel wanted. I want to feel needed. To be the reason someone smiles everyday and return the gesture. To see and experience poetry in each and every breath I take. To see poetry in everything. Maddening love. Passionate love. Deep and drown-in-love kind of love. Hyperbolic much I can be, right? I just love love. This is one of my deepest, darkest fantasy. Till a point in my life I thought this feeling goes against my fundamental principle of feminism. Maybe a part of me is still in a fix. Still trying to negate these deep, dark desires. Or perhaps I am deliberately trying to suppress them, because I have not found what they call “THE ONE”. Maybe both.Can’t dwell and elaborate much on the latter option, but I thought to myself one day, regarding the former, that being a feminist does not necessarily imply you can’t hope and want and need to fall deep in love. This is a primal instinct. A primal need. We aren’t exactly incomplete. But we need love in our lives. We all do. It makes life worth living. It gives meaning and purpose to our life. Love. Yes it does. Be it love for a partner, a friend, a hobby or a job for that matter. It transcends a life from surviving each day to living each day. Love gives us Hope. Love is Hope in one of its many variant forms.

So, as I wait for my Dark Knight in shining armor, waiting to carry me with him so that we may both wage the battle together, I would just like to ask you, do you love love? The concept of love? Do you have someone in your life like that. One person you can truly count on, warts and all? If you do, then value them, appreciate them every single day, because not everybody gets that in one lifetime. And if you don’t then be that person for yourself. Fall in love with yourself each day. Be your own reason to smile. Go out there, cease this world, just envelope yourself in your thoughts and fall madly in love with yourself. Because what is life, if not lived with love.

Also, people, please pray for Nepal, and please do whatever tad bit you can for that shaken country.

Much love.

I Want to be a Somebody

Doesn’t everybody? I mean don’t we all want to leave back a mark in this world before we go? Want to be remembered. Be a Gandhi or an Obama or a young hip Cobain? We want the world to remember us. Well, at least I do. I want people to look me up in Google and that someone to write a Wikipedia page on me, describing my life and all of its glory. Frankly though I haven’t done any work worth glorifying or worth writing a wiki page about. But I want to. I want someone to point to my Dad and say “he is N’s father”. And I want my Papa to feel proud. But mostly before I leave I want people to love. To continue my legacy, whatever that is, whatever it shall be. Don’t we all? I think that goes on my Bucket List:
1. To have a legacy. To love more. Love everybody and anybody. No one in this world should be deprived of it. And I think I shall start that with smiling at strangers more often. Not to creep them out ( believe me some find it creepy. ) and to compliment people more often. Baby steps you call them? See, it doesn’t take much. 🙂
2. To do something substantial with my life. Do it with all of my heart. I’m currently jobless, having finished law school. To be the kind of lawyer everyone remembers, for the good I mean. Never to treat work like work. Because that’s what it essentially becomes then, work. A burden of sorts.
What is your Monday resolution? Will you think of me? My post?

Look At The Stars

The night is but young
He said,
Let’s walk another mile.
It is almost dawn yes,
But do stay for a while.

There is much to live,
Much to drink,
Many more memories to create,
In my memory to sink.

It is but the end,
But another mile isn’t too far.
Yes, we part ways soon,
But let not this moment mar.

I take away a part of you,
It becomes a part of me.
The Sun about to shine
Albeit to you it does beseech,

Stay, stay for but a while,
Just walk with me just another mile,
Cause look at the stars,
They shall tell our tale ‘morrow.

Love! Let not the heart be of sorrow,
We shall not last till the morn’
But look at the stars my love,
They take away a part of you, a part of me, and a part of us.

Forgetting You

Ahoy There!

So in pursuit of reviving my dormant blog,I would like too share a secret,would you like to know? I am a hardcore romantic.I remember writing sonnets and love stories back in school just for fun,well,I was a kid you see.I essentially have been a believer of love,mind you I don’t agree with the concept of ‘unconditional love’ cause according to me,that is just a myth,every relationship has some quantum of expectations attached to them so the concept is alien to me,anyhoo, I wrote this bored to death in class, I hope you like it. This is the first time I am posting a poem here,so I am tad bit nervous. 




We forget to cherish

the moment that was.

we forget that in that moment

we felt our hearts beat as one.


I saw you for a moment 

and then it passed.

And with each passing moment

I thought I would forget.


Yet the love just grew,

the memory grew deeper,

I can’t recall your face

or the words you mouthed.

But I can’t forget the moment

where my heart skipped a beat,

I can’t forget my insides crumble

when we bid goodbye.


It was but just a moment,

yet the heart grew fonder,

I can’t forget your face,

your voice harrowing me.


Yet…more than you,

more than us,

I yearn that moment,

the way my heart skipped a beat,

the way I was left devastated when we forget…

Because I can’t forget the moment,

though you may be forgotten.

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