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The Coin Called Happiness

Yello to all my lovelies,

Seasons Greetings to all. While everyone else is either working,prepping for an upcoming wedding or simply enjoying the onset of winter,I am stuck with my books for the coming Semester exams. :/. And I just can’t get myself to doing it. The weather discourages me from studying. He wants me to stay cooped up in a blanket and only get out for  a cup of jo. 😛

Anyhow,so this time around I have a tonne of questions that need answering, not just for me you don’t, you also need to answer them for yourself.

So, essentially what is happiness? How do you define it? What criteria or how do I measure happiness?

Every time I stand waiting at a crossing and a child comes begging or an anorexic man comes and stand in front of the car begging me to purchase a book or a  charger,whatever he is selling that day, I say “Thank God” I wasn’t born impoverished. But of late I have started to wonder, if he is happy still? If he is content with what he has and gets a good night sleep after the laborious day that he has had?

Truth be told, after my Mother passed on, happiness is just a temporary state which extinguishes soon after the joke is over. With her, a part of my heart, a part of the child in me, a part of my happiness died.

So I end up comparing myself to him, considering I was born in a home where money was not as big an issue as it is for them.

These days around,every one I meet including myself are very money-centric. Retail therapy ring a bell? We find spending money therapeutic or so we tell ourselves. But in the last two years I have not found solace in my greed. I have truly cherished all the tangible gifts and blessings I have been showered with, but that does not define my happiness.

Then I wonder, there are those who have all the riches in the world but they endure and are not satisfied. It is sadness that drives them to exist and not happiness.

My father used to tell me a story when I was a child, that the richest man in the world could not eat well, sleep well, live well, merely out of the fear that someone shall try and kill him. He could not like the pauper in his kingdom sleep in peace under the tree. He was not free. His supposed wealth had tied him down and his freedom.

I even hear relationships are measured by the tablespoon of money.

But if money is such an essential component of happiness, why aren’t the people with fat bank balances as happy as their balances?

These days I think that man I pity is probably happier than I am. Albeit, money is important, it is not the sole, not even the primary component of happiness.

Ah! but this post was supposed to be about questions and not conclusions, so here it goes…

What is happiness?

Does having more money mean more happiness?

Isn’t the consumerist tendency driving us to a stage of slavery, ultimately destroying our happiness altogether?

Are we happy with what we have?

Would having more make us happier?

Are relationships not based on quid pro quo?

I thought love conquers all. But like it is said “PAISA PRADHAAN HAI” (Money is the Boss).

Let me know what you think.




Its All About the Money,Honey!NOT.


So,I was simply scrolling down the ‘Draft’ section of the ‘Dashboard’ on my wordpress account when I stumbled upon this title-laden/content-less post.And it struck me WHY I had left it there:to set it as a reminder when I’m experiencing what they call ‘writer’s block’,or what I call:’uninspired’.

So,if you’re an Indian,you all know the drill.”Competition is stiff beta!/It’s a rat race,and you NEED to outrace them all/you won’t make it if you don’t work hard”.And then the drive to achieve our DREAM is put on a back bench in our minds and we race,yes,we all do,competing with each other,to acquire the ‘naam’,so that our parents can have an ‘ooncha naak'(be proud) and boast the fact that ‘humara lal'(beloved child) is a “doctor/engineer/lawyer” and earning a “handsome” salary.Years and years have the generations meekly quashed their dreams to conform to their parents’ dream.I have seen some succumbing to the pattern to such an extent that the drive to live life is at its bleakest hour.

In the last decade or so,however,there has been a silent revolution in our country,where kids have relinquished the ‘safe choice’ of a ‘secure future’ with a ‘secure profession’.They have not given a damn about whether their dreams leave them impoverished,they have taken the plunge and gone out to seek what they were truly passionate about.Music,art,cinema and the en vogue photography,radio-jockeying,make-up artists,mass media and the endless list of professions I can’t think of right now.It took a while for the parents to let go and I bet one helluva of a struggle for these newbees to set up professions in India which the orthodox community affirmed would “stand no chance”(add the perfect little I-told-so-grin with it).

Not to offend them at all but:YOU WERE WRONG.
I agree the path that your heart and soul are set on may not be the easiest way around,but the passion and drive is what shall make the chase worthwhile.Money is necessary for the essentials I agree,but that solely shall not be the driving force and the centre of your life.You don’t want to end up resenting yourself,giving up on the one person who could help you achieve your dream:YOU.


Today,the entire world may revolve around M.O.N.E.Y. but true happiness is not based on how fat your wallet,it is based on what you are truly passionate about,and whether you are willing to chase your dream or not.


And well frankly,what fun would life be if it didn’t have a few twists and turns eh?



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