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The Buried Life

After much deliberation I deduced the conclusion that ‘The Buried Life’ would be the most appropriate choice as the title of this post.I have been a huge fan of their show and most importantly their ideology,to live life like it was your last day.Ignoring the hoo-ha of the world-coming-to-an-end theory of the Mayans,I intend to live 2012 up to the fullest.2012 shall ergo be the year of Adventure and I am going to be trying some of the adventure sports I haven’t had the opportunity to try:



3.Bunjee Jump,

4.Save money and go on a trip alone,

I’ve been dying to learn to play (5.)soccer so that goes on the To-Do list for 2012 as well.And like ‘The Buried Life’ goes,every item I cross on the list,I shall help someone cross theirs.

My list of Adventures shall continue increasing through the course of the year,but more importantly,not leaving any stone unturned to take advantage of the adventure called Life.

Happy New Year to all my precious readers.

May God bless you this new year.


P.S.:Do not drink and drive,call a cab if you want to enjoy your NYE.

P.S.2:I shall also be making a few changes in my write-ups this new year,hope you are excited about as much as I am.=D.


Happy New Month!

Why the glee?

Well.I am a HUGE fan of Novelty.And if we can herald a New Year aspiring and hoping for a better year filled with promises then why not a New Month?

Each month,each week,each day is a blessing.And we must cherish it and utilize it to its utmost potential.

And well,it also provides a reason to party.=D.

I usually make a List of To-dos to accomplish in the coming month,March did not do me much good,so I am pining on April to do so.(Please pray for me?Will you?I hope you will?)

And with Gossip Girl and 90210 commencing again,I hope more reasons to love April,than not.

Ergo,till tomorrow,this is Me wishing you,Happy New Month,wishing you bountiful joy and 30 days worth of  opportunities to yield.


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