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Dearest Lovelies,

I hope the Winter season is treating all of you well. Winter has always been my most favorite season. I think it has primarily got to do with the fact that Winter is the harbinger of festive season. And as winter progresses, so do the festivities. So before I snuggle and hibernate under my cozy quilt, let me dig out some clothes to be donated for all those helpless, needy impoverished strata who have to involuntarily endure the bitter cold out in the open. And I earnestly request you to do the same. Just one old piece of woolen would suffice. Kindly do it, if you can.

The following poem I wrote at work, while I was dealing with a personal crisis.  It was quite a trying time for me. When work was at its peak, I was suffering on the emotional front. Most of it, I suppose, was my own doing. Why in the world should I relegate the blame, when it was mine to claim? But, with time it got better. I got better. The crisis subsided. And life in general got better. And after the much needed self-healing, I realized we wage these battles within ourselves for no reason at all. It is the purpose of our lives to constantly be throwing curve balls towards us. It simply depends on us, whether we let the ball knock us down or we hit it hard enough to claim our well-deserved home run of victory over these curve balls? We trap ourselves within our inhibitions, our fears and our insecurities, that we forget to truly be ourselves. We need to be stronger than our fears. We need to face them instead of running away from them. We need to get better. Better each day. Or so I think, I might be wrong, but that’s just me.

The following poem, was I suppose, a necessary quest for freedom from all such inhibitions, fears and insecurities. I hope you all like it. 🙂

We forget to breathe

and we forget to love.

For the soul is a carrier…

a vessel that contains

the enormity of conviction,

the burden of separation

and the gaiety of love.


The soul endures nothing,

for the soul is nothing at all.

It is the wind, you cannot see,

It is the water, you cannot contain,

It is the land, you cannot bound.

And it is the Universe itself

you cannot fathom.


Let the soul build its wings,

let it fly away.

Away from the losses

of this world.

Away from the joys as well.

Let it be as light

as the soul itself.

For one cannot cage the soul.

For it cannot be captured at all.

Let it not bleed,

for it is your blood, yes it is.


Just let it be,

just set it free.


I hope you liked it.

Just a few more days till Christmas. Let’s spread the merriment. Let’s vow to make at least one person smile today. 🙂

Also, Happy Monday you all.






If Only we Were Lanterns

Hello my Precious Lovelies,

I remember the days when even the most mundane objects or days could inspire me. Over the years I lost the light within me that constantly kept me inspired. I’m gradually getting it back, but that’s a topic for another post. I hope you like the following poem that I penned:

If I were a lantern, then the cruel fire burning me

would be my fuel rather than bestowing the burden

of mortality on me.

The cruel fire that burns down forests with its fury,

would be the only reason I could fly.

So why do I call this fire cruel, you say?

Because my entire life, my very existence depends on its existence.

So precious fire of Mine! Never burn out.

Never let my flight end.

For I was meant to fly.

Fly till I transcended beyond the ordinary.

And even if you dare extinguish, which you inevitably will,

let us take flight beyond this world,

so the world remembers us as immortals.

Having had conquered this mortal world.

Let us live our tiny bit if immortality before we extinguish.

Let you and I conquer the sky,

Let you and I brighten this world,

Let you and I leave the mortals gazing at us in awe,

Let you and I live our tiny bit of eternity in this mortal little world.

Forgetting You

Ahoy There!

So in pursuit of reviving my dormant blog,I would like too share a secret,would you like to know? I am a hardcore romantic.I remember writing sonnets and love stories back in school just for fun,well,I was a kid you see.I essentially have been a believer of love,mind you I don’t agree with the concept of ‘unconditional love’ cause according to me,that is just a myth,every relationship has some quantum of expectations attached to them so the concept is alien to me,anyhoo, I wrote this bored to death in class, I hope you like it. This is the first time I am posting a poem here,so I am tad bit nervous. 




We forget to cherish

the moment that was.

we forget that in that moment

we felt our hearts beat as one.


I saw you for a moment 

and then it passed.

And with each passing moment

I thought I would forget.


Yet the love just grew,

the memory grew deeper,

I can’t recall your face

or the words you mouthed.

But I can’t forget the moment

where my heart skipped a beat,

I can’t forget my insides crumble

when we bid goodbye.


It was but just a moment,

yet the heart grew fonder,

I can’t forget your face,

your voice harrowing me.


Yet…more than you,

more than us,

I yearn that moment,

the way my heart skipped a beat,

the way I was left devastated when we forget…

Because I can’t forget the moment,

though you may be forgotten.

The Diwali Post

So,like always,let me first begin with a BIG FAT apology.Why this time?The lack of imagination for the title.The brain nerves are busy serving the child in me who erupts just as when I fall ill.Okay.That was just a sad joke.

The following is a poem I had written some seven years back when I was in class ten(this reminds me,I feel terribly old when I reminisce from a timeline close to a decade or even five years for that matter.Boy!I can go on with the ranting!),yes,so this poem I had written when I had first fallen in “love”.I have to warn you,it is quite cheesy,pretty juvenile and well,quite 16 year old-ish.




When you wake up in the morning,

with the thought of somebody making you joyous,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When you see the bright sun

undo the curtains,

the sparkle makes you enraptured,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When through the course of the day

you dream and do nothing else,

you’ll know you’re in love.

When you tuck yourself to bed,

you’ll think of somebody to wish good-night

with all your heart,

you’ll know you’re in love.

This was just a brief,

but the best part lies ahead,

when you gape at the stars

in search of a dazzling face,

see the brightest star close to the moon,

when you are part of the crowd

that’s busy in its own commotion,

and you are dreaming of a face,

thinking of  a memory,

and laughing with your own self,feeling supple.

When flower shops and greetings 

are your frequent haunts,

When from 12 in night till the morning light

you talk,and not want to stop.

These gestures are small,

you need to fall for them,

fall in the pool of love,

and you will realise

you are madly in love.

When you’ll realize you’re in love,

you’ll see the pretty face

and feel two hearts simultaneously beating within you.

You’ll feel the completeness,

you’ll know you’re in love.

On the day these signs are scrutinized by you,

your soul would engulf love,

and that day come to me,

and tell me that you’ve finally fallen in love with me.

See,I warned you that it is quite juvenile.Yes!I was a kid back then.

Anyhoo,so if you haven’t already left (because of the lame poem),I bet you must be wondering what does a ‘po-yam’ like this be significant to the Diwali Post?

Well,this is also a special Post Out(Read:Shout Out) for my dear friend,R. who is going through a tough time.And the comparison drawn shall be clear by the following:

I had an epiphany last week,that on this auspicious day of Diwali,it is also so that it is a Moonless night,and we Indians light ‘diyas’ in celebration of Lord Rama’s return from fourteen year long exile.

Life like the day,rather the method of celebrating Diwali are quite similar.Even in the worst of times we need to light our diyas of Hope because life isn’t perfect.What makes it worthwhile is to look beyond imperfections and learn to live happily nonetheless.

So,I hope you had a safe Diwali.Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead.

And a special hug for R.I love you,and I am ALWAYS here for you.I hope you liked the surprise.




Of Crushes Crumblin’

Hello My Dearies,

My sincere apologies,yet again,I was stuck up with the admission tamasha.Oh!by the way,three years down the line,I shall be a Law Graduate.And frankly,I did NOT see that one coming.’cause that was not part of ‘The Plan’.I am not quite sure that it has quite sunk in yet.

I never actually thought I would write about it,but I suppose,with the last post,I feel quite relieved when I share my personal experiences.Well,I ‘had’ a huge crush on this boy.And,eventually coagulated the courage to ask him out on a date,only to find out that he got back with his ex-girl friend.Yes!that left me devastated.If you did not know,I am excessively emotional.For all those who know me personally,know that I conceal it with the tough exterior,but inside just like a crab (FYI:I’m a Cancerian) I am supremely sentimental.It pained me so see the love in His eyes for someone else,my heart bled at each gesture of affection he bestowed upon Her.And it further hurt me to be feeling like this,for two human beings perfect for each other.

I am a juxtaposition,I know.

Even though it still hurts,I have not lost my faith in love.

It baffles and amazes me both at the same time,how is it that two people can fall in love with each other at the same time.Considering there are more than 6 Billion people in this world,it is sort of MIRACULOUS.Isn’t it?

Even though I still cry under my pillow each night,I still believe that this Miracle is waiting for me somewhere down the road.

Even though I am reluctant about giving it all,I still believe that I will do it one day,and do so happily.

Even though I am frightened,rather terrified to get hurt,I still believe without vulnerable,without risking it all,without losing some,without being left abashed,without getting hurt,I will never truly understand the true essence of LOVE.

Say what?

Till the next time,

This is N signing out,in her search for true LOVE.=).





Yes!I intended to pen down this post on Valentines,but my inertness is well,overpowering.(trying to lessen it though!).Anyhow,back to the point.


May it be the heart-shaped candy boxes to red roses,perfect Valentines Day present,or a simple dinner with your spouse,this time around everyone pines on making their loved ones feel special.For me,it is a celebration of love itself.From family to friends to the beau,for me it is about appreciating the loved ones,who love me regardless of my flaws.Those who stuck by through thick and thin.And Valentines is yet another reason to express my bountiful love for them.=).

The title is a catalog of the languages I can translate the English love to.Why?Ah!The lesson beckons.

Amidst the chaos engulfing the political fronts,let us take time to realize that love expressed in all languages has a similar intention.It is a beguile feeling,that engulfs all pain and hurt.It simply expresses the joy one feels in the presence of the other(may it be your spouse/family/friends/pet et cetra).Moreover love exudes a language of its own,it yields patience,forgiveness,trust,faith,courage and hope.Love transcends over the man-made boundaries and provides for the believers a reason for a Better Place,a Happier Residence without the restrictions of boundaries,castes,creed,color,gender.Utopia you call it?

Well,I derive my Hope from Love.And to all,I wish,A Very Loved Life.=)

Because I Am Not Well…

…So today I am simply going to leave you with a thought to ponder over,do you love yourselves completely?Don’t tell me,it’s for you.And if don’t,then question yourself?Why?Your flaws?If you don’t like something,work on it,and if it is irreparable,then accept it.

Remember,it is an amalgamation of these flaws and the virtues you possess that make the unique individual called you.=)

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