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Good morning to all my lovely readers,

The first week of April has just begun,and well frankly,I have been procrastinating to a point that even ‘I’ am annoyed by my abject compliance to procrastination.

So,before I began writing this post,I chalked out a Plan of Action for this week.I mean,I can’t expect miraculous changes,but yes,week by week progress implies that my resolutions for this year are at play.

So,cross your fingers,I have an agenda to achieve.

I hope you have not given up on your Resolutions or yourself anymore.If you have,well,better late than never.=).

Till tomorrow,have a fruitful day ahead.



Of Procrastination…

Dear Me/My Mind/My Heart/My Will(Whatever it is that controls it),

Do you not understand,that when I finally sleep at night?I am disappointed with myself,for putting off what I could have accomplished today.

I do sincerely understand,that you are acing it et al.But there are bazillion tasks that are left mid-way,unfinished,unresolved.And yes,you too do not like it.

So,from tomorrow,eerr,I mean today,NOW,do start cooperating with me and lets just be completely glad at sleep time that the day was fully lived.

Thank you,

Much love,



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