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Be The Banyan Tree

When on a Highway,I always tend to notice the tall tree,and how they are incapable of providing the most basic aid to any living form.They bear no fruits,the wood is of low quality,their incapacity to provide shade and provide shelter to animals.While on the other Hand,the under the Banyan Tree is the resting haven of living being of all sorts.It does not attain the inept height that the Taller Trees boast proudly of,but it renders to all folks,provision of food to birds,aids in developing Ayurvedic medicines and properties that wield cures for many diseases.And if I am not wrong,it is under the shade of the Banyan Tree that Lord Buddha attained Nirvana.


Standing tall at times means standing alone,the one who is the snob,the one with the ego,may stand tall for quite some time,but consequently loses the essential meaning of life.No one wishes to be with a person with an insurmountable pride.While on the other hand,a good-natured,flexible natured person attracts not merely people but opportunities alike.She/He is pleasing to be with,and goes a long way in terms of leading a happy and supple life.


So,who would you rather be?


I’d be the Banyan Tree.

[oooh!that rhymes.=D]


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