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Of Crushes Crumblin’

Hello My Dearies,

My sincere apologies,yet again,I was stuck up with the admission tamasha.Oh!by the way,three years down the line,I shall be a Law Graduate.And frankly,I did NOT see that one coming.’cause that was not part of ‘The Plan’.I am not quite sure that it has quite sunk in yet.

I never actually thought I would write about it,but I suppose,with the last post,I feel quite relieved when I share my personal experiences.Well,I ‘had’ a huge crush on this boy.And,eventually coagulated the courage to ask him out on a date,only to find out that he got back with his ex-girl friend.Yes!that left me devastated.If you did not know,I am excessively emotional.For all those who know me personally,know that I conceal it with the tough exterior,but inside just like a crab (FYI:I’m a Cancerian) I am supremely sentimental.It pained me so see the love in His eyes for someone else,my heart bled at each gesture of affection he bestowed upon Her.And it further hurt me to be feeling like this,for two human beings perfect for each other.

I am a juxtaposition,I know.

Even though it still hurts,I have not lost my faith in love.

It baffles and amazes me both at the same time,how is it that two people can fall in love with each other at the same time.Considering there are more than 6 Billion people in this world,it is sort of MIRACULOUS.Isn’t it?

Even though I still cry under my pillow each night,I still believe that this Miracle is waiting for me somewhere down the road.

Even though I am reluctant about giving it all,I still believe that I will do it one day,and do so happily.

Even though I am frightened,rather terrified to get hurt,I still believe without vulnerable,without risking it all,without losing some,without being left abashed,without getting hurt,I will never truly understand the true essence of LOVE.

Say what?

Till the next time,

This is N signing out,in her search for true LOVE.=).




Baby,I Love You!

Ah!I wish I could have patented February as the Love month.Alas!the hibernation ruined the entire plan.Anyhow.This post is dedicated to the One Soul in my Life who loves me unconditionally.

Even before I begin,let me briefly explain this theory of mine,I am not a believer of Unconditional Love.Because Love according to me is NEVER Unconditional.How?The condition to spend time together/to sacrifice/to be faithful et cetra,the fundamentals of a relationship thrive on conditions.So juxtaposing Unconditional against Conditional Love,practically speaking,Conditional will be my pick.

But this One,particularly,loves me unconditionally still.Every time I look into those puppy dog eyes,the naive and unconditional love spurring through them always bring a smile to my face.The One being who manages to cheer me up in the worst of time.Takes my tantrums and even loves me nonetheless.Never have I witnessed Him reciprocating the angst that I thrust upon Him so conveniently in many of my Bad Days.He welcomes the tired Me with a smile and a Hug.And only wants a smile in return.

And even though it has merely been three years with Him,the entire lifetime seems incomplete without Him.

I love you my Zookey.Just always be in my life.

I am attaching a few pictures from his childhood,don’t have too many from the present days,he is camera-shy and allergic to shutterbugs.(Or at least that is my excuse for Him breaking every camera that tries to immortalize him!)

First slumber at home

"All I Wanna Do is Sleep!Sleep!Sleep!"

"And Once I am Up,Eat,Drink and Play!"

He was Playing with the Bottle Here

15 Day Old Zuke=As Big as my Sister's petite hand.

Because I Am Not Well…

…So today I am simply going to leave you with a thought to ponder over,do you love yourselves completely?Don’t tell me,it’s for you.And if don’t,then question yourself?Why?Your flaws?If you don’t like something,work on it,and if it is irreparable,then accept it.

Remember,it is an amalgamation of these flaws and the virtues you possess that make the unique individual called you.=)

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