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The Only Constant

A wise person once told me:“Change is the Only Constant”.

And I had an epiphany.We are not accustomed to change.We cling on tightly to our mundane routines,to the limited people we interact with:Family/Friends/Colleagues/Classmates et cetra.We try our best to stay in our comfort zones,and when involuntarily we are dragged out of our bubble,we grumble and moan.In today’s times of Loans and Insurances,everyman can secure even his Future from the unexpected complications.


What I am curious most about is when was the last time we junked our mundane routine to experiment something new?When was the last time we did something impromtu?Seized the Change?When was the last time we accepted and embraced Life with its changes and consequences?When we Learn to accept the changes that Life proposes,I suppose we shall hold the Key to the Door of A Happy Life.

Say what?

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