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Of Driving and Epiphanies

Don’t get me wrong,I have a tendency of deriving inspiration from the oddest of sources.Today,it was from driving.Driving towards a destination.Still puzzled?Let me elaborate.I had been planning to meet with a dear friend for ages,and for the past six months the impending plan was constantly being postponed.Jinxed were we?Maybe.So,when this friend finally decided to come visit me in my town,I was obviously ecstatic.However,with my luck,as it works,was not in my favor.A five minute drive from my house,and all the roads were jammed.

I took the shortest of route only to discern that I would be stuck there for hours on the go.Through some wrong cuts and much perseverance I managed to exit the hapless route.My second attempt using a different route was not of much aid either.Mid-way,all I could gather on the road was cars being turned around to go back to the earlier route.After feckless wastage of fuel and time,determined to meet my dear friend,I took the longest route possible.To my surprise,the road was not cluttered at all.Rather it was a smooth drive at 80km/hr.(Yes!I am a hopeless driver!)

After 45 minutes of lingering around the short-cuts I had an epiphany,that life is a drive in itself as well and a test to check how determined are we to reach our Destination.In today’s times of microwave society,to reach the desired Destination instantly,we blindly follow the fast-paced herd,without even so much as giving a thought that the short-cut will only so much aid for a certain while.Eventually,we would end up losing a great deal of ourselves,our Foundation,our Principles and even Ourselves.But as long as we take the righteous path(road),we may take time to reach our Destination,but we will reach it appeased,and not at the cost of immolating the essential values of our lives.

Moral of the day,righteous may seem like a detour,always stretching your limits,at the end of the day,this is what it does.Stretch our limits in order to procure a better path,or in the case of our lives,a better tomorrow,as well the self evolving as better human being.

My verdict:was the 1 hour drive to a 5 km. distance to meet a long-lost friend worth it?Totally!We talked,gossiped,laughed,reminisced and promise to meet more often.Life too,when choosing the right path,as Robert Frost says,may be the one less traveled,but “that has made all the difference.” Right?

So,till tomorrow,ponder over this one.

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