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Of Procrastination…

Dear Me/My Mind/My Heart/My Will(Whatever it is that controls it),

Do you not understand,that when I finally sleep at night?I am disappointed with myself,for putting off what I could have accomplished today.

I do sincerely understand,that you are acing it et al.But there are bazillion tasks that are left mid-way,unfinished,unresolved.And yes,you too do not like it.

So,from tomorrow,eerr,I mean today,NOW,do start cooperating with me and lets just be completely glad at sleep time that the day was fully lived.

Thank you,

Much love,




Baby,I Love You!

Ah!I wish I could have patented February as the Love month.Alas!the hibernation ruined the entire plan.Anyhow.This post is dedicated to the One Soul in my Life who loves me unconditionally.

Even before I begin,let me briefly explain this theory of mine,I am not a believer of Unconditional Love.Because Love according to me is NEVER Unconditional.How?The condition to spend time together/to sacrifice/to be faithful et cetra,the fundamentals of a relationship thrive on conditions.So juxtaposing Unconditional against Conditional Love,practically speaking,Conditional will be my pick.

But this One,particularly,loves me unconditionally still.Every time I look into those puppy dog eyes,the naive and unconditional love spurring through them always bring a smile to my face.The One being who manages to cheer me up in the worst of time.Takes my tantrums and even loves me nonetheless.Never have I witnessed Him reciprocating the angst that I thrust upon Him so conveniently in many of my Bad Days.He welcomes the tired Me with a smile and a Hug.And only wants a smile in return.

And even though it has merely been three years with Him,the entire lifetime seems incomplete without Him.

I love you my Zookey.Just always be in my life.

I am attaching a few pictures from his childhood,don’t have too many from the present days,he is camera-shy and allergic to shutterbugs.(Or at least that is my excuse for Him breaking every camera that tries to immortalize him!)

First slumber at home

"All I Wanna Do is Sleep!Sleep!Sleep!"

"And Once I am Up,Eat,Drink and Play!"

He was Playing with the Bottle Here

15 Day Old Zuke=As Big as my Sister's petite hand.

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