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Do We Matter To India?

1.We,the second sex,who are constantly dictated what to wear,where to go and what time to go back home at?or,

2.We who are unable to pay our taxes because of our impoverished state.We,who are fed poison for food,crushed and crippled by the Bourgeois and don’t even make it to the Police Records.We,who are constantly tormented,pushed and shoved around my people in authority.We,whose lives are taken on a day to day basis as if it is a normal every day event?

3.We who toil,protect and save Our Motherland each day from our enemies,at the borders and within the realms of the territory?

4.We,who diligently pay our taxes and see our money being laundered and stacked away in Swiss(unreachable) Banks?

5.We,who wish to pursue our fields,but we can’t because all our funds are transferred to more ‘popular’ sports?

6.We,who wish to make this country a better place,but we can’t because of our illiterate and criminal record-laden bosses?

7.We,who are treated as foreigners within our own country.

8.We,who are apparently the emblem of innocence are constantly abused,assaulted,manhandled and raped?

9.We,who are divided by our religion,caste,sex,creed,age et cetra.

“Do We Matter To India” was a headline I had come across in The Hindu a few days back,about a Tamilian lady in Sri Lanka asking us Indians this big question,but the bigger question that arose in my mind is,whether we,the current citizens of this country matter to India at all?Are we mere specks of dust in the eyes of this country that ought to be done away with?Because that is exactly how WE feel.The country has become a pandemonium of chaos.

So,the question that arises is,do we matter to India at all?



And So We Bled Blue…


This is one of those glorious days,where NOTHING,and I mean NOTHING could go wrong.And fortunately,no BUTS succeed this  sentence.=D.

Congratulations to all you Indians!The Men in Blue did it.They did not repeat history,no Sir!they brought bountiful glory on their motherland.Hitherto undone.

No Home country has ever won the World Cup.No country follows a religion called Cricket.You matter what your faith/religion/belief may be,I bet today if you were not at Wamkhede Stadium,Mumbai,India,then by all faith,you were glued to the Idiot Box to watch the final match.No faith/religion/belief unites India the way Cricket does.Cricket transcends not just boundaries,but all the evil/cynicism and all the negativity that goes with it.(READ:the Political tamasha that has been going on for a while).

So,yes,the Men in Blue restored my faith in the country,I sometimes forget I am immensely proud of.=).

So,my Mantra for the day,is simple,just when you think you have lost faith (in life) there is usually a Shining Light is around the corner to remind you that Faith and Hope are the essential core of our lives.

Oh!And if you are reading this(’cause I hope too much),I love you Mr.Sachin Tendulkar.I hope it was worth the wait.

And Congratulations!Men In Blue,you truly made us proud!

*Jai Bharat*

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