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Dream a Little Dream…

Oh Louis Armstrong!You make me fall in Love every time I listen to this song.=)

Due to the varying time zones,the deranged self woke up at 6 a.m. to gape at the 83rd Academy Awards.With half-shut weary eyeballs I managed to screen the Ceremony which ended with The King’s Speech winning the Oscar for the Best Picture.(Bummer!No!I cheered on for Inception,

a)I am Christopher Nolan buff,and the entire concept of the movie seems to exude transcendental movie making,

b)Because I have not watched The King’s Speech yet).

What I liked most about the Ceremony was the introduction of younger actors hosting the show.That was probably the primary reason that I watched the Live telecast in the first place.Novelty it appears is revolutionizing even the traditionally devoted Academy Awards.Just like the entrants this year including Inception,Black Swan,Alice in Wonderland and even Toy Story-III for that matter.Novel ideas coupled with a tinge of realism seem to offer the perfect recipe for an Oscar Nominee.

But what relevance do the Academy Awards have to my today’s post,well the last segment where the children sang Judy Garland’s famous “Somewhere over the Rainbow”,it struck me that as we grow up we let the Power of our dreams die.Gradually the Dreams that we dream are replaced by reality,and eventually we start laughing at the naivete whims.Looking at those children exuding innocence and eyes full of dreams as they sang,I felt like pursuing my childish dreams again.Maybe I may not succeed in achieving them all but at least I would be content that I gave it a shot.=)

So,Dream a Little Dream and dare to achieve them.=)


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