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Have Faith in Life


Imma live-in-my-shell sort of person,or that’s how I’ve become.=/.And NO I am not proud of it.Every time I sluggishly fill in the Blank space on the TITLE COLUMN and then junk the BLANK content in the draft section(currently I have seven of such blank pages with AWESOME titles!)I feel utterly uninspired.A.L.O.T.I need a change in routine,probably some live gigs/a good session of alcohol,some library time(the geek that I am,I have sincere fondness for libraries,especially the ones with books which are decades old,I told ya I’m a geek).It isn’t that I do not WANT to write,it is just that my writing lacks luster and eventually I end up on a sorely depressed note.=/


So instead of doing anything productive I sit in front of the idiot box and watch random sitcoms.I am a total sucker for my American sitcoms,my current favorite is Make it Or Break It.Based on a group of friends who endure grueling training at a tender age to qualify and attain their ONLY dream:to make the cut and win a gold at the Olympics.


I am not liking the third season,if you ask me,but last night’s episode left me with a lesson to learn.And it goes:we toil our entire lives to attain our ONE DREAM and when that dream shatters,we enter the abysmal limbo,winding inside an abject state of depression which becomes impossible to come out of.


It is rarely that we consider it this Life’s way to teach us to build new dreams.To step out of our comfort zones to see how beautiful life seems once we learn to pick ourselves up after falling.



’cause no one ever learnt anything from SUCCESS.It is from our falls we truly learn.

STRENGTH is an accomplishment,it is a feeling of satisfaction,it is the horizon where happy and sad merge.





STRENGTH is a journey.It is our limit and our SOLE SUCCESS.











In Today’s World of Brands…

I remember when I was a kid, a relative or a family friend coming from a foreign country was eagerly anticipated. This anxiety to meet the relative/family friend however for us kids (at the least ) was not for our love of them, but the huge Shopping bags they were expected to be ‘loaded’ with. Even a Walmart Barbie kit, would receive the naive first reaction, “Wooooooooow!(yes!with THAT many ‘o’s)this is THE best present ever.” Thus, the ‘Phoran-return’ uncle/aunty/didi/bhaiya became the Gods who would come bearing marvelous presents. And the frenzy never ceased.

Gradually when the 90s heralded Globalization, the local markets with the shops and ‘dukaans’ were now being replaced by ‘stores’ and ’boutiques’.

I STILL remember my first U.C.B. jersey back when I was 11 which my Mom bought for me from the ONLY U.C.B. store in the South Extension market of New Delhi.I was thrilled with joy.My first ‘international’-branded-jersey-bought-from-India.

And then came the era of the magnificent Monuments called the Malls. And I thought the whole ‘Amrrika'(Read:America) walked on its feet and came settled here. And, we became spoilt for choices. Then onwards, the Uncle/Aunty/Didi/Bhaiya lost their hype,and the elevated standard of Gods was reduced to that of N.R.I.s.Yes!the realization sunk in that they are nothing but ‘normal’ human beings,JUST like us.

And now when the every second that passes becomes history, we haven fallen prey to these Brands. Not you?Alright,’I’ blatantly confess I have.Its an addiction, frankly put. And in order to ‘acquire’ all the ‘branded’ stuff, people are maddeningly driving to earn more,to achieve a ‘Status’, to own the ‘It’ car, to live an ‘opulent’ life, to own brands ‘ONLY’.And in this maddening drive to earn and strive and hoard, we forget that the most ‘needed’ Brand is LOVE. No ‘status’ would provide any happiness without sharing it with someone, no ‘It’ car would be fun to drive alone, no brand would please if worn to be out alone.

So, when you sleep today, just notice, what do you yearn more, the ‘It’ bag you’re itching to purchase or a wish ‘good night’ from some one you love?

And no, my love for ‘Brands’ shall never cease to end,I’m just clarifying that my Favorite Label is L.O.V.E.


The Birthday Post

Hello My Lovelies,

For all those who do not know,it was my birthday day before.Being the youngest in the family,and frankly the most pampered,my Birthday connotes Diwali,Eid and Christmas all packed in one day.This time around,I wanted to conduct an experiment and put it forward for your perusal.What would that be you ask?The past year,when the year round I was sitting at home,I learnt to live with myself happily,and was quite content with it.I started going shopping alone(for all you girlies!you know it is impossible!),and even started watching movies alone,a typical American trend,but I am quite alright with it,thank you.The experiment however,was to ‘dine alone’.That for an insane person like me as well,is quite scary.So,I had been dodging my friends’ call from a week before my birthday.(And yes!they are quite angry still!).

Alas,the experiment has been postponed for some other occasion.Not that I didn’t have fun.My agenda for the day was such:

1.Go to Bangla Sahib,

2.Have Absinthe,

3.Eat lunch alone,

4.Buy myself a birthday present,

5.Dinner with Sis and her BFF.

Apart from 3 and 4 I manage to cross the rest,well Sis’s BFF could not join us,but the day turned out to be quite a good one.

Ah!Now the important section,this past year I thought had been quite the trying one.At the end of one year,I realize however that,it was a Lesson God intended to teach.I stumbled and fell,yes,indeed,but at the end of it all,I learnt to pick myself up as well.

Some of the most amazing things that happened to me this past year include:

1.I fell more in love with my BFF,A.,she is the most amazing thing to have happened to me,she gets me no one does,she is there when I need her,no questions asked,she forgives me easily,and with all my flaws she accepts me and loves for the way I am,I love you TOO much A,

2.I finally learnt to drive,and now I know for a fact HOW much I had missed out till now,well,like it’s said,BETTER LATE THAN NEVER,

3.I started blogging,it is relieving to yearn that we aren’t the only ones struggling with the kind of issues we have in life,the purpose of my blog to leave a Mantra for every one else,and yet it happens,I end up assimilating and inculcating valuable lessons from peoples’ blogs,

4.I lost most of my puppy fat,(mind you!MOST of it,not ALL of it,!).Yes!I know,I still have a long way to go,but it feels good to have finally embarked the journey after 21 years of my life span.People keep asking me how I managed to do it,whether I joined a Diet Course,worked out,did something ‘special'(yes!they use this specific word!),so in this regard I can only say,THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS TO SUCCESS,if something is worth achieving,there is just one way,hard work.And trust me it pays off,

5.I patched things up with S,she through out school had been my Soul Sister,and I managed to ruin it all.We literally grew up together.Went through the ‘wannabe-ish’ phase together,grew out of it together,learnt of fashion and other unmentionable subjects too together.She understood me like no one did,or still does may be,and for all these reasons and infinite more,I love her,and I am glad we patched it all,

6.I shall start College again,after exactly one year,I am quite excited and nervous,and well Law School,who would have thought I would end up pursuing Law,but yes,it indeed feels great,

7.I became much closer to Ronny and A.J,it is sad how people lose touch and forget that they had spent quite an amazing time just a few years back.I did too lose touch with most of my friends,I tend to go into my shell quite often,but thanks to technological advancements and in my case,my lovely Blackberry,I got back in touch with Ronny and A.J..Ronny was my roommate in school,and much more.She is one of the most kindest and generous souls I have come across in my life,she has stuck by and motivated me through some of the trying times and done so with a smile,I just wish she wasn’t as far away as she is,’cause waking up every morning and knowing that there is someone to look out for you is the most blissful feeling,ah well!we have our ‘what’sapp’.And about A.J.,I have always admired her for the person that she is,unfortunately we weren’t as close friends in school as we are now,sadly,she is miles away too.I am glad that this person,whom I dearly admired is finally a close friend.

8.My ‘newest’ and most ‘awesomest’ friend,J.T.It is rare that one comes across individuals with a heart of gold like his.Even though I have known him for barely three or four months,I feel blessed to have him in my life.It is a general perception that people are losing faith in mankind and there is a gradual decay of humanity,but coming across individuals like him reignites my faith.Yes,I agree,I barely know him,but I am going to make sure that I am not letting him go out of my life.That is why it is called Best Friend Forever,=),

9.I finally learnt to fall in love with myself.We are our biggest critics and it is quite upsetting how we expect people to accept us the way we are,when truly put even WE don’t accept ourselves.But this past year,I made a deliberate attempt to appreciate myself with all my flaws.

Yes,this last year has been quite the trying one,however I decided to concentrate on the ‘Blessings’ Good Lord showered me with.

There is a gigantic list of ‘TO-DOs’ for this coming year.Gradually as I keep crossing it off,I shall share the experiences with you.

Till the next time this is N signing out.

Of Crushes Crumblin’

Hello My Dearies,

My sincere apologies,yet again,I was stuck up with the admission tamasha.Oh!by the way,three years down the line,I shall be a Law Graduate.And frankly,I did NOT see that one coming.’cause that was not part of ‘The Plan’.I am not quite sure that it has quite sunk in yet.

I never actually thought I would write about it,but I suppose,with the last post,I feel quite relieved when I share my personal experiences.Well,I ‘had’ a huge crush on this boy.And,eventually coagulated the courage to ask him out on a date,only to find out that he got back with his ex-girl friend.Yes!that left me devastated.If you did not know,I am excessively emotional.For all those who know me personally,know that I conceal it with the tough exterior,but inside just like a crab (FYI:I’m a Cancerian) I am supremely sentimental.It pained me so see the love in His eyes for someone else,my heart bled at each gesture of affection he bestowed upon Her.And it further hurt me to be feeling like this,for two human beings perfect for each other.

I am a juxtaposition,I know.

Even though it still hurts,I have not lost my faith in love.

It baffles and amazes me both at the same time,how is it that two people can fall in love with each other at the same time.Considering there are more than 6 Billion people in this world,it is sort of MIRACULOUS.Isn’t it?

Even though I still cry under my pillow each night,I still believe that this Miracle is waiting for me somewhere down the road.

Even though I am reluctant about giving it all,I still believe that I will do it one day,and do so happily.

Even though I am frightened,rather terrified to get hurt,I still believe without vulnerable,without risking it all,without losing some,without being left abashed,without getting hurt,I will never truly understand the true essence of LOVE.

Say what?

Till the next time,

This is N signing out,in her search for true LOVE.=).



…Till We Stop Trying…

Hello My Lovelies,

Been long eh?Are you still mad at me?Well you ought to be.I had been out of the circuit for quite a long duration.Haven’t I?Will examinations suffice a good excuse?No!you say?Hhmm,in that case,the burden and pressure of results?No to that as well?Well,ill health?Are you melting?Well,I really have not been keeping too well.’Photodermititis’,in humanly terms it is the inflammation of skin due to excessive exposure to the sun.Excessive not so much in my case,exposure yes.And for three weeks,my skin burnt like that of a vampire’s.So,please excuse me?I do solemnly pledge to be more regular.Now that the exam shenanigan is done with,I am absolutely free.Here for you all,24*7.=).

Well,the past two months have been quite trying.The burden of the books and my pea-sized brain are not exactly the perfect match.The torment my poor brain underwent this past two months is unexplainable in words.Because my brain is literally incapable of remembering any word (since it is already overloaded with excessive information).I know,I can go on and on with my rants.Anyhow,getting back to the point,even though these past two months have been quite burdensome,the valuable lesson that is taught was this that:“defeat does not occur,till we succumb to defeat itself”.It is only when we stop pushing ourselves that extra mile that we lose.It is not the moment when we lose,but the moment we stop trying,is where we lose the actual battle in life.

So,even though,for the past two months,you must have noticed me cribbing and ranting(yes!you have been quite supportive,much grateful!),I did not cease the effort.

So,as the day before the dreaded result shall be declared,I just wanted to take out time,and leave a Mantra for all my readers.One that is bound to procure success.

Please pray for me?And that I score well?

Till the next time(quite soon to be precise).

This is N signing out.

Of Fairytales and Royalty

Hola Senor/Senoritas,

Well,for all you lovely readers,a sincere apology for the tardy post.This past month has been quite the hectic one.Coupled with the erratic schedules and the incessantly unabating Delhi heat.April had been a gigantic pain.But I suppose I should leave my ranting for some other time.

There is something,I must share,that I love more than my regular dose of cheesecakes and cupcakes:ROMANCE.(Yes!I am a typical girl.A big sucker for romance.)
And well,though,I could not watch the Royal Wedding,thanks to the insurmountable work load and study-sessions(here I go with my ranting again),I did however manage to  catch a glimpse of how smitten Prince William was with Kate Middleton,and vise versa.They looked madly in love.I wish I had seen the entire Procession,but at the end of the day,I did end up deducing a very believable conclusion.What?you ask.

Well,simple so,True Love exists,and nothing can keep you away from it,if you just believe.

He might not be the Knight in shining armor as we were told when we were kids,but he will surely know when and how to protect you.

He might not wake you up from your perpetual slumber,but if you give him a chance He will let aid you in becoming who you deserve to be.

He might not be there with you today,but if you simply believe,then your Fairytale is just beginning.=)

P.S.:see,I told you so,I am a sucker for Romance.Anyhoo,please do keep reading,’cause I shall keep writing more regularly now on.

Motivationally Challenged(Of Sort)

With examinations just around the corner,my primary predicament is not the actual examination but the lethargy that disables me from studying.And lethargy devices a plan with my biggest fiend,Procrastination which further prevents me from studying.

Facebook and Twitter possess this the reckless addictive nature,so they don’t exactly fit the bill for the Best Webpages at this time of the year.

So,instead of logging onto the Social Networking sites I am going to judiciously use my internet services to procure knowledge and not the latest goss.

Even though,I am motivationally challenged,I shall try to study today.

Please,I need all the best wishes I could get right now.And remedies would be welcome too.=)


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